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Yellowstone: 1883 season 1

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1883. Distant relatives of the great powerful Dutton family ventured into a risky act - to collect things to go on a dizzying journey in search of a better peaceful life. A young, determined generation, led by John and Margaret, along with the rest of the numerous settlers, will begin their unpredictable path from the gigantic plains located in the United States of America, which in fact were considered unconquered. Naturally, not every adventurer will be able to cope with such a laborious task. Not everyone will survive this crazy trip. Some travelers will fall prey to terrible, incurable diseases that have plagued the human race for centuries. The second part of the close-knit friendly team will meet a lead bullet from armed pursuers who sought to stop the strangers. The daredevils who survived will have to overcome the picturesque expanses of Montana, where they will begin a new existence. In addition, the guys dreamed of improving their unfavorable financial situation. The family will build a solid foundation for a promising business. None of them understood what consequences their descendants would have to face.

Yellowstone: 1883 season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: 1883 (air date: 2021-12-19)

The Dutton family embarks on a journey west through the last bastion of untamed America. James arrives in Texas, where he and his family prepare to make their way through The Great Plains in search of a new home and the promise of opportunity.

Episode #2: Behind Us, A Cliff (air date: 2021-12-19)

Thomas and Shea recruit James and some local cowboys to corral a herd of cattle. As they begin their journey, the caravan is confronted with some of the many dangers they will face along the way.

Episode #3: River (air date: 2021-12-26)

James butts heads with Shea and Thomas about an important decision. Tensions rise in camp when an accusation is made. Elsa begins a flirtation with a cowboy.

Episode #4: The Crossing (air date: 2022-01-09)

The group faces the harrowing task of crossing the river with their wagons and supplies. Thomas and Noemi grow closer.

Episode #5: TBA (air date: 2022-01-16)
Coming soon:
Episode #6 2022-01-23 TBA
Episode #7 2022-01-30 TBA
Episode #8 2022-02-06 TBA
Episode #9 2022-02-13 TBA
Episode #10 2022-02-20 TBA

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