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X Company

X Company poster
Air weekdate: Wednesday
Genre: Drama, War, Espionage
Channel: CBC
Status: Ended
8.1/10(335 votes)
Connor Price Connor Price as Harry James
Dustin Milligan Dustin Milligan as Tom Cummings
Evelyne Brochu Evelyne Brochu as Aurora Luft
Evelyne Brochu Evelyne Brochu as Aurora Luft
Evelyne Brochu Evelyne Brochu as Aurora Luft
Hugh Dillon Hugh Dillon as Duncan Sinclair
Jack Laskey Jack Laskey as Alfred Graves
Lara Jean Chorostecki Lara Jean Chorostecki as Krystina Breeland
Livia Matthes Livia Matthes as Sabine Faber
Torben Liebrecht Torben Liebrecht as Franz Faber

Five highly skilled young recruits – Canadian, American and British are torn from their ordinary lives to train as agents in an ultra-secret facility on the shores of Lake Ontario. These agents parachute behind enemy lines, where they're fair game for torture and execution. From elegant hotels to hellholes in the field, it's one risky operation after another.

X Company season 1

X Company season 1 poster

This new nail-biting series is about the horrible years of the Second World War. We’ll see the story of five young men from Canada, United States and Great Britain, who being torn from their level lives are recruited in capacity of agents for exceptionally undercover operation in the territory of Germany. With this end in view they receive a thorough training in a secret camp that is situated in the immediate vicinity of the Lake Ontario. Here the recruits learn the ropes of new science, gain information in the enemy's rear at all hazards, parachute behind enemy lines and so on. Each of five selected agents is one-of-a-kind. For instance, among the recruits we may notice Alfred Graves affected with synaesthesia. This Alfred’s unique capacity for perception and memorization of information of any extent makes him a main arm of military commanders of Camp X in their struggle with Nazis. From luxury hotels to holes in the field we’ll follow one risky operation after another in X Company series.

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X Company season 2

X Company season 2 poster

Canada although not a frequent visitor among the successful TV series can still compete with the United States is a leader in the production of a variety of taste and color TV series often really good. The first season managed to conquer the hearts of many viewers revealed the story of five young people which were members of a special secret X Company during the Second World War. Selected, passed special training required to participate in a top-secret mission against the German fascists. In preparation for one of the participants revealed a unique ability to store large amounts of information and to see the world in an unusual format for all. This person saw the main weapon of X Company and the main hope for the successful implementation of an undercover operation against the German fascists. The new season opens new intrigue a fascinating story and the emergence of new faces. Of course, the five participants last season is featured story link. X Company operates within the framework of established principles placing hope for these heroes. The struggle becomes more severe because the Germans find a way to revenge the famous X Company. The second season also will not do without the realities of war charismatic characters and intriguing new stories. You will learn fail the upcoming season to the denouement of events or not.

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