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Wire In The Blood season 1

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Wire In The Blood season 1 poster
6 episodes (365 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Robson Green, Hermione Norris, Simone Lahbib, Emma Handy, Mark Letheren, Alan Stocks, Doreene Blackstock, Philip Whitchurch, Tom Chadbon Genre:Crime, Drama Channel:ITV Status:Ended

9 (22 votes)

Wire In The Blood season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Mermaids Singing (1) (air date: 2002-11-14)

Gruesome murders with an apparent sexual bent strike fear into a community. Instruments of torture are being used - and the victims are getting closer to home. Two men have been found mutilated and tortured. Fear grips a city, no man feels safe. Detective Inspector Carol Jordan seeks out Dr Tony Hill to help police track down the brutal killer in the Northern town of Bradfield. Carol hopes his skill as a profiler will crack the case, but Tony's off-beat methods cause others to dismiss him. Until now, the only serial killers Tony has encountered are safely behind bars. He's a clinical psychologist, who has devoted his career to helping jailed killers find peace, and in so doing, find the final facts that can help the victim's families find closure. But this case is different - this killer's on the loose. Carol Jordan is desperate for his help to persuade her colleagues that the killings part of a serial pattern, not three isolated killings. The rest of Bradfield police force are less convinced by Tony because as far as they're concerned, he can't tell them anything they don't already know. But when there's another murder things change - this time the victim is a cop, who has suffered the most unspeakable torture at somebody's hands...

360p (avi 396.2 MB)
Episode #2: The Mermaids Singing (2) (air date: 2002-11-21)

The police focus on the gay scene while Tony thinks the killer is sending a message on the body of his victim. Carol builds a strong relationship with Tony and uses all her police skill to produce as much evidence as possible, and then Tony analyses every detail putting himself in the killer's shoes until he can almost sense the killings themselves. As Tony nears the solution, having discovered the ultimate profile of the killer they're pursuing, he becomes the unsuspecting target of the killer himself. Now the close relationship he's built up with Carol over this case won't just be about catching the killer - Tony now depends on her for his very life. This case is a battle of wits and wills in which Tony and Carol have to use every ounce of their professional skill and personal nerve to survive.

360p (avi 396.6 MB)
Episode #3: Shadows Rising (1) (air date: 2002-11-28)

Tony Hill is brought onto a case by Assistant Chief Commissioner Brandon, without Carol's consent, leaving them both slightly compromised. The body of a young girl has been found in a Northumberland tarn, and due to her injuries must have been killed forcefully. But the police have nothing to go on, and unfortunately for Tony, he has nothing to go on either. Much to Carol's chagrin she has to leave Tony effectively in charge of this murder enquiry to try and hunt the stalker of celebrity couple Jack and Amanda Vance, who fear they are being stalked. As the dead girls are identified as suspected runaways, the attacks on the Vance's escalate dramatically...

360p (avi 397.9 MB)
Episode #4: Shadows Rising (2) (air date: 2002-12-05)

Hate mail is followed by a break-in at the home of Jack and Amanda Vance, and then the murder of their pet dog. Carol and Tony find their relationship challenged by running parallel investigations rather than working on the same one, and by Tony's experience in their last case together. Another body, or at least the bones of one, is found in the tarn - Tony knows they are looking for a multiple killer. Then a link is discovered between the celebrity stalker and the body in the tarn. The plot thickens. If the killer is the stalker, will Amanda or Jack be next on the list?

360p (avi 399.0 MB)
Episode #5: Justice Painted Blind (1) (air date: 2002-12-12)

The abduction of an 11 year old girl and the strangulation of a young woman bring back memories of the murder of young Trudy Hibbert three years earlier. Known paedophile Paul Gregory was acquitted but police and locals fear he is killing again. Dr Tony Hill is convinced the attacks bear the hallmarks of a different killer - until a bizarre link suggests more deaths will follow. But Tony is puzzled - the victims don't fit an established psychological type. The more victims there are, the more diverse those victims become. Old and young, black and white, the motive or mission of the killer seems indistinct...

360p (avi 396.9 MB)
Episode #6: Justice Painted Blind (2) (air date: 2002-12-19)

This is the case that pervades every part of Tony and Carol's soul - in tracking down this killer they discover that the killer thinks he's providing justice whilst they also have to solve two unsolved paedophile crimes, which prove enough to turn even the crime-hardened pairs' stomachs. Their quest is further complicated by Carol's new boyfriend, Spencer, a lawyer who has his own opinions of who might be behind the killings.

360p (avi 398.0 MB)
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