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Winners and Losers season 2

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Winners and Losers season 2 poster
22 episodes (320 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Michala Banas, Sarah Grace, Jack Pearson, Francis Greenslade, Denise Scott, Stephen Phillips, Damien Bodie, Tom Wren, Blair McDonough, Melanie Vallejo, Zoe Tuckwell-Smith, Virginia Gay, Melissa Bergland Genre:Comedy, Drama Channel:Seven Network Status:Continuing

7.8 (5 votes)

Winners and Losers season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Happy Ever After Thing (air date: 2012-06-26)

Three months after Bec and Matt's wedding, they are dealing with Bec's pregnancy and the paternity of the child. Jenny starts her teaching course at university, while Frances and Zach continue parenting Jasmine. Sophie and Doug are happy, but their relationship is put to the test when Doug learns he is the father of Bec's baby.

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Episode #2: Grape Expectations (air date: 2012-07-03)

The couples are loved-up and looking forward to Jenny's big weekend away but things don't go to plan. There's the issue of Jenny being broke and the bigger issue that she hasn't told the girls. Bec worries about the Matt and Doug dynamic in the confined spaces of a holiday house. Frances' going away plans are snagged before she's even left when Jasmine is nearly arrested. Sophie wants to celebrate becoming a doctor and enjoy her last days of freedom before the grown-up medical world descends. Meanwhile, the Gross's first weekend alone in a long time goes from bad to worse with the arrival of Jasmine, then Bridget and Wes and finally, Nana Dot.

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Episode #3: Welcome to the Family (air date: 2012-07-10)

Anxious to make a good impression at her orientation week, Jenny tries desperately to fit in, but her first day dredges up ghosts of high school past and sees her return to her comfort zone — the girls toilets. Bec is horrified by the thought that her Mum and Dad might be dating again, but her dad has a different surprise in store when he introduces his new fiancee, twenty-eight-year-old Brandi. Sophie's excitement for the first day of her medical placement is quickly dishevelled when she's relegated to menial tasks, but when Sophie is faced with a medical emergency, she decides to use her initiative. Meanwhile, Zach's wife Claire turns up on Frances' doorstep to apologise for her past behaviour, but Frances has a feeling that's not all she's there for.

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Episode #4: Juggling's Not Just a Party Trick (air date: 2012-07-17)

Sophie is keen to take her mind off her upcoming hearing with the hospital board, but in doing so, makes a bad situation worse and must face some uncomfortable truths about her own behaviour. Bec is attempting to do it all, but something has to give and her decision about what to let go shocks those closest to her. When Jenny finds out that her Dad has been made redundant, it magnifies her guilt about spending all the lottery money and she decides to take on a new job managing Lachie's band, but will spending even more time with Lachie impact on her relationship with Callum?

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Episode #5: A Day in the Life (air date: 2012-07-24)

Jenny's commitment to the band and her uni sees her immersed into a new world, with little time for Callum or the girls. After she lands a meeting with a record company, her focus on the band ramps up, and with it comes a surprising admission from Lachie. With Sophie and Matt unable to attend the birthing class, Bec and Doug are reminded of the close bond they shared in the past and the strength of their friendship. Confronted by their intimacy, Matt's reservations about how much more he needs to deal with come to the fore. Meanwhile, Sophie is determined to redeem herself at work and it seems it's all going to plan. That is, until Spencer learns of her relationship with Doug. He offers her a gentle warning, but can he be trusted?

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Episode #6: Twists of Fete (air date: 2012-07-31)

It's the annual hospital fete fundraiser, but the fun and games are tainted for Sophie when rival student Spencer accuses her of receiving biased treatment because of her relationship with Doug and also of having bought her way back into medicine. Sophie refutes the claim but faces serious trouble when stolen hospital drugs are discovered in her bag. Bec, Matt, and Doug find themselves debating over the idea of a home birth. Meanwhile, the awkwardness between Jenny and Lachie since their kiss has become unbearable, and Jenny tries to block it out by focusing on the band's first big gig and overcompensating with Callum; however, a psychic reading at the fete puts her on shaky ground. Could Lachie be the one after all?

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Episode #7: What Lies Beneath (air date: 2012-08-07)

Lives and futures are on the line as Jenny, Frances and Sophie grapple with choices that could tear their worlds apart. In the wake of prescription drugs being found in her locker, Sophie is determined to make Spencer pay. Frances is struggling with Zach moving out of the apartment and Jasmine failing at school. Bec is finding pregnant life hard going and matters are further complicated when fate sends her into past enemy Tiffany Turner's path. Meanwhile, Jenny is in guilt hell after sleeping with Lachie and is tempted to join him when he asks her to go with him on tour. But the old world beckons when Callum reveals his dream for their future. Does Jenny share his dream, or will she walk away?

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Episode #8: Letters and Lies (air date: 2012-08-14)

Tormented by the guilt she's carrying at having cheated on Callum, Jenny's relieved when Rhys makes a reappearance and she's able to get her secret off her chest. Cat makes a surprise reappearance in Sophie and Doug's world. She's the life of the party, and Sophie instantly finds solace in her presence. But Sophie would not be having fun if she knew the secret Cat was keeping.

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Episode #9: Stalled (air date: 2012-08-21)

Jenny struggles to come to terms with the hurt she's caused everyone — especially Bec, who now can't face her best friend. In an attempt to broker the peace, Frances and Sophie force Jenny and Bec to face the issue head on. But Bec is unable to see a way through the rift. Seduced by adventurous Cat, Sophie considers life outside of Melbourne. But when she raises the topic with Doug, it's clear his ideas for the future are firmly grounded in his obligations with the baby. For a woman whose life has been career orientated for as long as she can remember, Frances struggles with life after Compose. Confronted with making the final handover to Zach official, it's distraction Frances seeks.

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Episode #10: Moving On (air date: 2012-08-21)

Bec and Sophie learn the truth about Tiffany's arrangement with Tom, after her latest injuries are revealed. Sophie, after talking to Bec about her pregnancy and seeing the sacrifices Tiffany's making for her children, tells Doug she's not ready to have her own kids any time soon. Frances reluctantly joins Cat at a speed-dating session. When Frances struggles to define herself and what she does to her various speed-dating partners, Cat gives her some simple advice — lie! Jenny spends the day procrastinating, putting off study for her upcoming teaching exam. Mr Gross, who is still unemployed and struggling to find work, implores her not to waste this opportunity. Why is she procrastinating? Jenny avoids the question, but Rhys later learns the truth. After the incident with Callum, Jenny feels as though she is a horrible person and thus, not a good role model for students.

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Episode #11: Future Tense (air date: 2012-08-28)

When Tiffany learns that her ex-husband, Craig, is planning to move their kids overseas, she makes a snap decision that could completely jeopardise her custody case. Jenny is planning the ultimate combined baby shower for Bec and Bridget, and her nerves are hot knowing she has to face Callum's mum for the first time since cheating on him. Jenny's decision not to worry about what other people think has a ripple effect at the party when it convinces Rhys to cast off the fear of public affection that has put Jonathan offside. Meanwhile, when Sophie contemplates applying for a six-month internship in Kenya, she and Doug must face the possibility of an extended separation - and what it will mean for their relationship

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Episode #12: Maybe Baby (air date: 2012-09-04)

Sophie is on edge as she grapples with her impending stepmum role, but when Bec's water suddenly breaks, Sophie is confronted with more than impending parenthood as she is left to deliver the baby.

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Episode #13: A Problem Shared (air date: 2012-09-11)

Jenny is a ball of stress about starting her teaching rounds at Renwood, and visions of Tiffany are doing little to ease her angst. Dot tells her, if in doubt, try a dose of tough love - but when Jenny tries this approach, it only makes the situation worse. Bec tells her to ignore the troublemakers, but this doesn't work either. Finally, inspired by a chat with Bridget, she decides that the best course of action is to become mates with her students.

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Episode #14: The Right Time (air date: 2012-09-18)

Bec realises how much effort Matt is putting in to look after her and Harrison and worries he needs a break. But in keeping Matt away, old wounds open, and Matt worries he's becoming a second-class dad.

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Episode #15: Footprints (air date: 2012-10-02)

In Jenny's last week of her teaching placement at Renwood, she discovers the extent to which one of her students is bullying a student.

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Episode #16: A Whole New World (air date: 2012-10-09)

When Jonathan and Rhys are the victims of a brutal assault, Frances goes on a crusade to obtain justice. In the process Flynn becomes aware of Frances' passion and skill as a lawyer.

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Episode #17: Matters of the Heart (air date: 2012-10-16)

Frances' surprise that it will be just her and Flynn in the law practice is soon overtaken by Tiffany's request that Frances take over as her lawyer in the custody hearing; the case starts tomorrow. Despite immense reservations, Frances agrees to help out. Matt and Bec's relationship continues to crumble as Matt emotionally disengages from the marriage. When an egregious claim is made in the courtroom that Matt is having an affair with Tiffany, Bec's doubts surface, and she wonders if there may be any truth to the allegation. Meanwhile, Sophie's declaration that she never wants to get married throws Doug and causes him to wonder if he's wasting time in a relationship that's ultimately going nowhere.

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Episode #18: Eyes Wide Open (air date: 2012-10-23)

During preparations for her and Doug's engagement party, Sophie begins to feel a growing sense of dread. It builds until Sophie finds herself in the grips of a panic attack. It would appear that Matt and Bec have moved through their recent difficulties and into a loving phase of their relationship. When Bec discovers a forgotten sketchbook, which holds plans and designs for their ideal home, she feels it's the perfect time to finally get their dream house under way. But there is a secret that threatens to shatter Bec's dreams irrevocably.

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Episode #19: To Have and To Hold (air date: 2012-10-30)

Jenny feels uncomfortable about asking Glenn to attend the naming day, not wanting to upset Bec and Carolyn. Patrick remains suspicious about Jen's new man, but after a frosty dinner confrontation, he promises to make an effort - and urges Jenny to bring Glenn to the big day. Meanwhile, Frances faces a parenting dilemma when Jasmine asks her permission for Ollie to sleep over. Although confronting and uncomfortable for Frances, she learns that she has every right to be proud of her influence in Jasmine's life.

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Episode #20: The Whole Truth (air date: 2012-11-06)

As Matt and Bec embark on their search for a block of land on which to build their dream home, Bec discovers money is missing from her bank account, and she's devastated when it comes to light who is behind it.

360p (mp4 504.2 MB)
Episode #21: Perfect Match (air date: 2012-11-13)

As Jenny renews contact with Callum, Bec and Matt fight for their dream block of land. Bridget is growing increasingly suspicious of Dot's cagey behaviour, especially regarding the bar girl, Sam. Bridget gets to the bottom of the 'truth', but lucky for Dot, she grabs the wrong end of the stick. Meanwhile, Sophie and Frances face unexpected obstacles in their relationships as each of the girls learn the truth about their perfect match. Three couples stand strong at the end of the day, but it may not be who you think.

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Episode #22: This Is Our Last Goodbye (air date: 2012-11-27)

The girls take 'Saturn return' to a whole new level as their year ends in an astonishing revelation, heartache and a horrific death. After her break-up with Doug, Sophie is handed the perfect distraction when Flynn tells her rebuilding is about to start on the Kenyan medical clinic. He thinks they should go over and be part of it, but Sophie is worried about Doug's reaction. Jenny, blissed out after reconciling with Callum, is further buoyed by news that she's a shoo-in for a part-time teaching position. Life seems too good to be true. It is. Bec and Matt, having just bought a block of land, are seemingly in a great place. But as Bec becomes increasingly concerned about Doug's state of mind, Matt decides that he can't keep his betrayal a secret any longer.

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