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Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks season 8

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Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks season 8 episodes list:

Episode #1: Danger Lurks (air date: 2021-07-18)

Opening day of winter blue fin tuna season in the Outer Banks brings together seven Southern boats to brave the harsh winter weather of the Outer Banks, otherwise known as the graveyard of the Atlantic. To earn a living here, these fishermen navigate shipwrecks, shifting sands and water so cold you'll freeze quicker than you can say ‘man overboard'. Earning a living here is a matter of life and death, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

Episode #2: Beat the Storm (air date: 2021-07-25)

With storms on the horizon, the Outer Banks fleet battles an angry ocean and short weather windows to find bluefin tuna. Meanwhile, after being sidelined by mechanical issues, Captain Nick Gowtizka of the Little Shell adjusts his tried-and-true fishing method and pushes the limits to make his mark on the competition.

Episode #3: Hot Water, Big Tuna (air date: 2021-08-01)

The big fish have arrived, and the hunt is on. In the face of dangerous sea conditions, the captains put their will to the test and give everything they've got to find their jumbo. But as the bad weather grows worse, underdog Rasta Rocket struggles to keep up on their small boat and must look to their friends for some help. With big waves and even bigger fish, this season proves to be the toughest yet.

Episode #4: Doghouse Domination (air date: 2021-08-08)

It's the toughest season in Outer Banks history. New crews and veteran crews alike battle it out in an effort to catch Blue Gold. The Doghouse proves that they may be the ace crew in the Outer Banks, despite it being their first year as a team, while a mishap on the Reel E' Bugging shows that time on a boat together, isn't everything.

Episode #5: Herd is the Word (air date: 2021-08-15)

The herds have arrived and for every fisherman in the OBX, this means it's about to be mayhem. A big body of fish brings lower bluefin demand, so it's a race to see who can get a fish before prices dwindle. There is good news for the fleet as a quota extension is announced, which means despite the larger sized fish caught so far this season, the fleet will have more time to make paychecks before the season ends.

Episode #6: Cost to be the Boss (air date: 2021-08-22)

A short weather window puts pressure on the fleet to catch more Bluefin before the storm.

Episode #7: Fog of War (air date: 2021-09-05)

Intense weather keeps most of the boats tied up, but one captain goes AWOL to score big.

Episode #8: Hog Tied (air date: 2021-09-12)

Hog Wild has struggled to make its mark all season - halfway through the competition, it's now or never if the new boat wants to stay in the game.

Episode #9: Triple Trouble (air date: 2021-09-19)

The captains help each other catch blue gold at the halfway point of blue fin season.

Episode #10: Risky Business (air date: 2021-09-26)
Episode #11: Pressure Point (air date: 2021-10-03)
Episode #12: Tried and True (air date: 2021-10-10)
Episode #13: Goldrush (air date: 2021-10-17)
Episode #14: Down to the Dollar (air date: 2021-10-24)
Episode #15: The Big One (air date: 2021-10-31)
Episode #16: Red Seas (air date: 2021-11-07)
Episode #17: Drama on Deck (air date: 2021-11-07)
Episode #18: Break Point (air date: 2021-11-14)
Episode #19: One Last Fish (air date: 2021-11-21)
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