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Wicked City

Wicked City poster
Air weekdate: Tuesday
Genre: Drama, Suspense, Thriller
Channel: ABC (US)
Status: Ended
4.8/10(5 votes)
Anne Winters Anne Winters as Vicki Roth
Ed Westwick Ed Westwick as Kent Grainger
Erika Christensen Erika Christensen as Betty Beaumontaine
Evan Ross Evan Ross as Diver Hawkes
Gabriel Luna Gabriel Luna as Paco Contreras
Jaime Ray Newman Jaime Ray Newman as Allison Roth
Jeremy Sisto Jeremy Sisto as Jack Roth
Jeremy Sisto Jeremy Sisto as Jack Roth
Karolina Wydra Karolina Wydra as Dianne Kubek
Taissa Farmiga Taissa Farmiga as Karen McClaren

Alliances are formed between detectives, reporters, drug dealers and club-goers to solve a serial murder case on the Sunset Strip.

Wicked City season 1

Wicked City season 1 poster

Events originate in Los Angeles in 1982. The atmosphere of a rock 'n' roll and drugs covered the entire city. Cry all you want it would be a wish! All this chaos has attracted the attention of cruel and tricky maniac Kent Granger who wants to have fun with all the heart and introducing fear and terror in the hearts of the residents. The killer chooses his victims and luring them into the car. Secluded wasteland becomes a place of violence. Defenseless women unable to resist cruel even an animal treated. But maniac wants to be sure his work seen so he delivers the corpses in a prominent place to the police started the investigation. After a few kills it is clear that the killer has his own special style. As it turned out his plan also tricky. Turning on the radio he orders a song thus alluding to the next victim. Each new day brings new victims. The police can not enter the trail of the killer. Los Angeles becomes the evil city stamped in the puddles of blood of its people. Some journalists and detectives questioned patrons and drug clubs to find the slightest clue. At this time, Kent cracked down with his next victim. However, this crime was for him except as the victim single mother Betty Beaumont made him sympathy. From that moment on their relationship acquired a strange character. After a while, Miss Beaumont becomes an accomplice of the brutal actions of Granger.

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