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Wentworth season 4

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Wentworth season 4 poster
12 episodes (4834 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Danielle Cormack, Nicole da Silva, Kate Jenkinson, Socratis Otto, Katrina Milosevic, Bernard Curry, Kate Jenkinson, Pia Miranda, Tammy McIntosh, Georgia Chara, Libby Tanner, Sigrid Thornton, Pamela Rabe, Shareena Clanton, Celia Ireland, Kris McQuade, Kate Atkinson, Catherine McClements, Robbie Magasiva, Leeanna Walsman, Aaron Jeffery, Alexandra Fowler, Benne Harrison, Bessie Holland, Charli Tjoe, Daniielle Alexis, Edwina Samuels, Georgia Flood, Jacqueline Brennan, Kasia Kaczmarek, Katherine Grinlaw, Kathryn Beck, Luke McKenzie, Madeleine Jevic, Maggie Naouri, Martin Sacks, Ra Chapman, Reef Ireland, Sally-Anne Upton, Sarah Howett, Socratis Otto, Sophia Katos, Tony Nikolakopoulos Genre:Drama Channel:Showcase (AU) Status:Continuing

9.1 (23 votes)

Several years ago the heroine Bea Smith decided to change her lives by getting rid of the tyranny of her husband's sadistic. But things did not go as she planned. The woman was charged with attempted murder so that hit the woman's prison Wentworth. Many years spent in this top-secret prison forever changed her life. On the territory of the correctional institution establishes certain orders and judgments the distinction between prisoners and officials completely erased there is only one law of survival. Local women differ in their desperation, cockiness, crushed, fright, ruthlessness and humanity. Each character has his personal history and way of redemption. One day, Bea knew what is the essence of the work in prison. From this point she is no longer thought of her retirement. At this time, the situation in Wentworth fleeting changes. Prisoners do not neglect the drug trade, weaving intrigue, murder, because they are by definition there is nothing more to lose. In the new season Bea will continue her way to the office, "leader of the pack." After a fire swept through a prison protagonists appear in the arena again. For them it's time to make important decisions. What is interesting Bea will be a new competitor a meddler in place of "leader." With regard to the former queen Frankie prison life in freedom will help her to become a decent human of society.

Wentworth season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: First Blood (air date: 2016-05-10)

The women of H Block return to Wentworth after the rebuild to find a new dynamic in play - Vera is Governor, Will is deputy and Kaz Proctor has established a power base. Bea questions whether she has the stamina or desire to be Top Dog for the next forty years of her sentence.

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Episode #2: Poking Spiders (air date: 2016-05-17)

Feeling betrayed, Vera takes steps to have Bridget dismissed and expose her relationship with Franky, but is forced to backtrack and enlist Bridget s help instead, when Ferguson makes a bid to be released into the general prison population. The three unlikely allies devise a plan in which Bridget attempts to entrap Ferguson into exposing her psychopathy. Kaz stages a protest with the women in the yard in an attempt to force Vera s hand on the conjugal visits program.

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Episode #3: Prisoner (air date: 2016-05-24)

Against Vera's wishes, Ferguson is released into general. The women are out for blood but Vera confines Ferguson to her cell for safety reasons. When Ferguson challenges Vera's decision, she's left bewildered and wondering whether Ferguson has a death-wish. As always, Ferguson has an endgame but will she live to accomplish it?

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Episode #4: Screw Lover (air date: 2016-05-31)

Ferguson, having found protection in Kaz s crew, cunningly blames Will for her brutal ganging, a move which only strengthens Kaz's support for her. When Bea defends Will, it backfires dramatically. She is painted as a screw-lover , and rapidly begins to lose the support of the women. The first ever conjugal visit takes place at the prison, and Boomer shamelessly attempts to impregnate herself to her deadbeat ex-boyfriend, Daz. Meanwhile, Maxine is diagnosed with breast cancer and can t bring herself to tell the other women.

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Episode #5: Love and Hate (air date: 2016-06-07)

With Bea in the slot, Ferguson intensifies her manipulation of Kaz. Seizing on the recent death of her father that sends Kaz into an inexplicable spiral Ferguson realises that Kaz was a victim of abuse at his hands. Ferguson uses her own troubled relationship with her father as a means of form a closer bond with Kaz. When new Indigenous inmate, Tasha, is put under Doreen s care, Ferguson sees an opportunity to force Kaz into action against Bea. With Maxine as acting Top Dog, Ferguson places Tasha in Lucy's orbit and when Tasha breaks the rules by protecting herself from Lucy's molestation, Maxine appears to have no choice but to punish Tasha. Ferguson urges Kaz to stand up to Maxine and save the innocent girl from abuse at the hands of a man , thereby tapping into Kaz's past trauma. Bea and Ally's bond is cemented when they are slotted in adjoining cells and spend hours talking.

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Episode #6: Divide and Conquer (air date: 2016-06-14)

Bea is released from the slot and is immediately confronted by Lucy if Bea doesn't punish Tasha for her break in prison rules, Lucy and her crew will be forced to. Doreen shocks everyone by turning her back on Bea and Liz is assigned to look after a new inmate.

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Episode #7: Panic Button (air date: 2016-06-21)

Ferguson is rattled when she discovers that Bea will be supporting Jesper s evidence in court. Meanwhile, Bea seems to be losing control of the women so she forces a prison-wide vote to end the debate.

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Episode #8: Plan Bea (air date: 2016-06-28)

As Bea and Allie take their illicit affair further, Bea finds herself uncharacteristically tentative and vulnerable. Neither is aware that Ferguson is tracking them carefully. Meanwhile, Maxine leaves the prison to undergo a double mastectomy leaving Boomer distraught.

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Episode #9: Afterlife (air date: 2016-07-05)

Bea struggles to recover in the wake of her attack. Ferguson returns from the burns unit and is placed in a medical hold under the supervision of Jake. Maxine is back after surgery and finds herself in the crossfire of huge tension between Boomer, Liz and Sonia.

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Episode #10: Smitten (air date: 2016-07-12)

When Bea discovers Allie has fallen back into drug addiction, Bea decides to remove Allie from Kaz's control once and for all. Meanwhile, Franky pursues Shayne in the hope of exposing Ferguson's plan to undermine her trial and secure her release from Wentworth.

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Episode #11: Eleventh Hour (air date: 2016-07-19)

With Bea and Allie finally out as a couple, Kaz forms an alliance with Tina's Asian crew to help take Bea down. But when Jake smuggles a new batch of drugs into the prison for Tina, Bea gets wind of the stash and orders Tina to flush the gear. Tina refuses, citing Bea's weakening power-base, and her alliance with the RRH.

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Episode #12: Seeing Red (air date: 2016-07-26)

Bea awakes blissfully happy after a night with Allie but it is the eve of Ferguson's trial and the Freak has been relentless in putting the final touches to her scheme for freedom and exoneration. Liz becomes convinced of Sonia's innocence and then Don puts an offer to Liz which could change her life. Maxine is committed to the chemotherapy and her prison family rallies around her.

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