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Versailles (2015) season 1

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Versailles (2015) season 1 poster
10 episodes (6711 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:George Blagden, Alexander Vlahos, Anna Brewster, Noémie Schmidt, Evan Williams, Catherine Walker, Jessica Clark, Sarah Winter, Maddison Jaizani, Amira Casar, Elisa Lasowski, Tygh Runyan, Stuart Bowman Genre:Drama Channel:Canal+ Status:Ended

7.9 (14 votes)

We are sure many of you have heard about King Louis XIV, who was also known as Louis the Great. If you are familiar with the history of life of the ruler is very good. However, we still recommend you see this wonderful series called Versailles, the plot of which revolves is precisely around the powerful ruler Louis XIV. It is possible that you will discover for yourself some new and interesting facts about this person. The history of the reign of Louis started from the time when he stayed at an early age. Due to the fact that the boy was only four years old and he was not actually ready for management, the question of power do the French ministers. There have been many attempts to change the power but each of them was unsuccessful. When Louis's mother was about to die, the boy went from Versailles to the village, where he spent many years of his life. Soon, the time has come when Louis had come to power. He understood the fact that he needs to develop his policies and find support in order to be a worthy ruler. The protagonist will do everything to get this important status and promotion his country to global heights. Despite the difficult situation that has arisen in those days, he always found the strength to achieve new successes.

Versailles (2015) season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Episode 1 (air date: 2015-11-16)

In 1667 in France, Louis XIV is a young king who wants to impose his power whereas he is traumatized by the Fronde (the revolt of nobility during Louis XIII's reign) and despite the attacks of conspirators. Then, Louis XIV decides to establish the seat of the power out of Paris, in Versailles. At that time, Versailles is just a hunting lodge but Louis XIV radically wants to transform this castle.

360p (avi 562.2 MB)
Episode #2: Episode 2 (air date: 2015-11-16)

The Queen gave birth to the first royal baby and it triggers some rumors. Besides, Louis XIV's counselors advice him to go to war in order to impose his power. Furthermore, Louis XIV's brother Philippe dreams of glory and want to be on the field of the future battles.

360p (avi 490.3 MB)
Episode #3: Episode 3 (air date: 2015-11-23)

Louis has one thing in mind: Versailles. For the nobles to come to Versailles, the king demanded the representatives of high society bring him their noble titles, only guarantors of their privileges. First to be stripped of his title, Montcourt seeking the support of the Duke of Cassel, one of the North's most powerful nobles, who bears the king in high esteem. Louis asks the queen to leave the mourning to welcome his guest: Prince of Assini, able to open his trade routes in West Africa.

360p (avi 537.2 MB)
Episode #4: Episode 4 (air date: 2015-11-23)

Louis was furious on hearing the exploits of his brother Philip on the battlefield; some see it as the most valiant fighters of the army of His Majesty. Louis is furious to learn that the Parthenay family was assassinated on the road to Versailles, a powerful family of South nobles, who came to assure him of their support. If the roads leading to Versailles are not safe, no noble will venturer it. If Versailles is isolated, then the king should give up his plan. Inconceivable for the monarch who sends Fabien Marchal, the head of security, conduct the investigation into the murder of Parthenay and bring the head of the murderers.

360p (avi 570.5 MB)
Episode #5: Episode 5 (air date: 2015-11-30)

Hero of the battlefield, Philippe returns from the front transformed. The French soldiers admire the Duke of Orleans, all wreathed in glory. This recognition begins to overshadow Louis. The roads are still not safe just outside Versailles and convoys of attacks are increasing. To celebrate the peace treaty he just signed with the Spanish, the King decides to invite the biggest noble families in Versailles for great entertainment. He invites the Duke of Cassel.

360p (avi 517.6 MB)
Episode #6: Episode 6 (air date: 2015-11-30)

After the war, the soldiers were requisitioned to carry out the work on the palace of Versailles. But worn by the hardness of their task, their lives and broken promises, they revolt. Two thousand of them lay down their tools. Convinced by Madame de Montespan, the Duke of Cassel went to Versailles to attend the festivities. The king has just decreed that nobles that locate in the area will be relieved of their debts. No castle or land, the Duke of Cassel must resolve to stay.

360p (avi 449.2 MB)
Episode #7: Episode 7 (air date: 2015-12-07)
360p (avi 435.9 MB)
Episode #8: Episode 8 (air date: 2015-12-07)
360p (avi 479.5 MB)
Episode #9: Episode 9 (air date: 2015-12-14)
360p (avi 457.1 MB)
Episode #10: Episode 10 (air date: 2015-12-14)
360p (avi 429.2 MB)
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