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Unsealed: Alien Files season 3

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Unsealed: Alien Files season 3 poster
20 episodes (624 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:No information about actors Genre:Documentary, Science-Fiction Channel:Syndicated Status:Continuing

6.8 (5 votes)

Unsealed: Alien Files season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Alien Origins (air date: 2014-02-10)

What are UFOs? Are they spacecraft? Or vessels of a different kind, from a place beyond imagination? Do they travel vast distances to reach planet Earth?And do they come in peace-- or to conquer? From mysterious planets at the edge of the Solar System, to epic journeys beyond the boundaries of time and space — Join us as the secret origins of alien visitors are UNSEALED. * Ufologists discuss what UFOs may be, where they may originate and what may be their agenda

360p (mp4 130.2 MB)
Episode #2: Human Harvest (air date: 2014-02-10)

Nearly three hundred million people worldwide claim to have been abducted by aliens. Many report being subjected to torturous medical experiments.Others return with unwelcome reminders of their ordeal. Are aliens creating human hybrids? Or are we becoming a kind of domesticated animal, bred for a sinister alien purpose? Join us, as the shocking secrets behind the immanent human harvest—are UNSEALED *Abductees report torturous medical experiments involving removal of human biological samples; aliens may be creating human hybrids.

360p (mp4 126.3 MB)
Episode #3: Astronaut Encounters (air date: 2014-02-21)

*In the 1960s we too our first steps into a vast new realm—bound for the Moon. But NASA astronauts would soon find they weren't the only ones out there.To this day, NASA denies all UFO accounts and has taken measures to prevent its astronauts from telling their stories. Join us as the shocking truth of astronaut alien encounters is UNSEALED. * NASA denies UFO accounts and takes measures to prevent astronauts from telling their stories.

360p (mp4 119.5 MB)
Episode #4: Atmospheric Anomalies (air date: 2014-02-21)

* Some believe that extraterrestrials cause atmospheric light-shows and question whether they pose an imminent threat to humanity. * From Foo Fighters to life forms from outer space, join us as the alien secrets behind atmospheric anomalies are—UNSEALED.

360p (mp4 120.8 MB)
Episode #5: Alien Apocalypse (air date: 2014-02-28)

* Millions of people believe extraterrestrial live on Earth. Are the aliens here to enlighten us or destroy us? * What if the worst-case scenario happened? What would aliens do? And how would they do it? Join us as we examine the possibility of a doomsday scenario orchestrated by an alien enemy.

360p (mp4 138.5 MB)
Episode #6: Top 10 Military Encounters (air date: 2014-05-05)

They're our first line of defense in the darkest of times. And they're often the first responders to threats from another world. Over the past 70 years the world's military forces have come face to face with thousands of unidentified objects. Yet the details of these encounters remain classified. But some of these armed showdowns have proven too big or too explosive to contain. Join us as we count down the Top Ten military encounters between Earth's armed forces and UFOs—on UNSEALED:Alien Files.

360p (mp4 127.5 MB)
Episode #7: Alien Skies (air date: 2014-05-05)

Every day, millions take to the sky in commercial flights all over the world. But decades of evidence have revealed we may not be the world's only frequent flyers. Are we in danger of losing control of our skies to beings from another world? From mid-air abductions to near-disasters caused by unseen enemies, join us as the terrifying truth about Earth's alien skies is—UNSEALED.

360p (mp4 116.0 MB)
Episode #8: The Next Wave (air date: 2014-05-12)

It's the stuff of nightmares. Emergency lines are flooded with calls as UFOs appear in the sky faster than authorities can track them. Mounting evidence has revealed that UFO waves are able to penetrate the world's most closely guarded airspace at will. From the dawn of the Atomic Age to fantastic voyages through invisible dimensions, join us as the shocking secrets of UFO waves are—UNSEALED.

360p (mp4 123.3 MB)
Episode #9: Signs of Abduction (air date: 2014-05-12)

It's the ultimate close encounter. There have been thousands of reported cases all over the world. But these claims are almost invariably dismissed by authorities with little or no investigation. Mounting evidence has revealed there may in fact be millions of victims—virtually all unaware they have been taken. What are the telltale signs of abduction? And why do aliens appear determined to keep their activities secret? From of lost time and recovered memories to terrifying accounts of alien surgery, join us as we reveal the hidden signs of alien abduction—on UNSEALED: ALIEN FILES.

360p (mp4 118.2 MB)
Episode #10: Antigravity UFOs (air date: 2014-06-23)

They can fly at blinding speed. Or hover effortlessly just a few feet above the ground. And they can do it all without making a sound. But how is this possible? Many experts believe the answer is anti-gravity propulsion—advanced technology capable of controlling one of the most powerful forces in the universe. And some believe this gift is no longer exclusive to extraterrestrials. Is it true? Do we now secretly possess advanced anti-gravity technology? If so, how did it happen? And what are the implications for the human race? From secret alien treaties to the hidden labs of Area 51 join us as the mysteries of anti-gravity propulsion are—UNSEALED.

360p (mp4 118.6 MB)
Episode #11: UFO Metals (air date: 2015-06-23)

Nations all over the world are rumored to have recovered metal debris from UFO crashes. And some experts believe these fragments may contain secrets beyond the imagination. How much do we really know about these mystery metals? Have they already found their way into our daily lives without us even knowing? And do they pose a great danger we have yet to understand? From self-healing hulls, to sinister Alien implants. Join us as the secrets of UFO Metals are —UNSEALED.

360p (avi 346.5 MB)
Episode #12: Triangle Terror (air date: 2015-06-23)

The Flying-Saucer: for decades it has been synonymous with UFO terror. But millions of reported encounters in fact tell a different story. Slowly but surely, saucer sightings have been on decline, fear has taken a new shape. Black Triangles. Reports say they can penetrate the world's highest security airspace with ease. And our most power weapons have proven powerless against them. What are Black Triangles? Who is at the controls? Is a new Alien species lurking in our skies? And most importantly, why are they here? Join us as we track the rise of the Black Triangles on —UNSEALED.

360p (mp4 110.6 MB)
Episode #13: Earth Portals (air date: 2015-06-30)

Experts have long believed the universe to be riddled with mysterious portals - shortcuts through space that allow travelers to span vast distances in the blink of an eye. From mighty volcanoes to secret underground civilizations.

360p (mp4 121.6 MB)
Episode #14: Solar System UFOs (air date: 2015-06-30)

A look at secrets from alien civilizations in Earth's solar system.

360p (mp4 116.6 MB)
Episode #15: Nazi UFOs (air date: 2015-07-07)

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis may have used alien technology to transform their army into a strike force of unprecedented power.

360p (mp4 143.6 MB)
Episode #16: Alien Bodies (air date: 2015-07-07)

Alien remains are the focus.

360p (mp4 141.1 MB)
Episode #17: UFO Zones (air date: 2015-07-14)

A few locations are notorious for strange physical and paranormal phenomena related to extraterrestrial activity.

360p (mp4 110.9 MB)
Episode #18: Top Ten Civilian Encounters (air date: 2015-07-14)

Individuals all over the world report close-encounter incidents with alarming increase.

360p (mp4 118.7 MB)
Episode #19: Countdown to Disclosure (air date: 2015-07-21)

Researchers demand that the government reveal what is known about UFOs.

360p (mp4 113.6 MB)
Episode #20: Alien Achilles Heel (air date: 2015-07-21)

The terrifying capabilities of alien weapons; how humanity can fight back in the final battle for planet Earth.

360p (mp4 134.0 MB)
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