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Tracy Beaker Returns season 3

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Tracy Beaker Returns season 3 poster
13 episodes (776 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:No information about actors Genre:Children Channel:CBBC Status:Ended

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Tracy Beaker Returns season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Visitors (air date: 2012-01-06)

When a fire breaks out in Burnywood, four young children and their mysterious care worker, Dennis Stockle, arrive at the Dumping Ground. Carmen recognises one of the children as a boy called Tyler who nicked all her stuff at Burnywood and the person who bashed her. Since Sapphire has moved out, Rick and Tyler sleeps in Sapphire's room and Kitty sleeps in Toby's since he got fostered. Carmen finds out that someone has used all her shampoo and put glue in her hair while Tracy tries to help Kitty settle in. Later, Johnny's money is stolen and he thinks Lizanne has stolen it because she was the only one who saw it. Dennis searches everywhere, but the money can't be found. But things have gone worse when Tracy falls down the stairs and Dennis sees an opportunity to take over the running of the Dumping Ground.

Episode #2: Firestarter (air date: 2012-01-06)

Dennis Stockle has taken over the Dumping Ground, and there are notices everywhere banning everything allowed before "By Order of Dennis Stockle". A fire breaks out in the attic. Dennis thinks Harry is responsible because he was playing with joss sticks, but it wasn't. Gus's notebooks have been burnt and Dennis locks the attic. Tracy and Gus start an investigation into the fire and enter the attic, but Gus falls through the floor and lands on Lily's bed. Dennis fires Tracy, and subsequently tries to frame Lizanne for the fire at Burnywood. It is revealed that Dennis started the Dumping Ground fire by smoking in the attic and when found out he is forced to resign his job.

Episode #3: Shadows (air date: 2012-01-13)

There is a storm and a escaped prisoner. Tracy is left in charge of the kids when Mike goes to get some torches. They all think the prisoner has entered the house when the front door is open and there are muddy footprints on the floor. They take a search, but find nothing. Tee and Lily go to the cellar to try and solve some riddles, but Carmen will not go because she is scared. A figure goes past Carmen's door and she screams. Gus's room also gets wrecked.

Episode #4: Big Brother (air date: 2012-01-20)

Liam is scammed with some unauthorized DVDs and wrecks the stall where he bought them. Fleeing, he bumps into a woman who thinks he is a mugger. The stallholders leave him to get arrested and Liam is punished with a curfew and electronic tag – if the alarm goes off three times, Liam will be sent to a youth offenders' institute. Liam gets a letter from a big brother he didn't even know he had. Liam finds out that his brother was actually the one selling the DVDs.

Episode #5: Belonging (air date: 2012-01-27)

Hoping to re-unite the family, Lily has coached her dad Steve in all things Poppy and Rosie in readiness for his first meeting with them. But, having no memory of their dad, Poppy and Rosie run out crying. Convinced Steve would do better without official interference, Carmen and Tee help Lily plot a second meeting between Lily and her sisters — without telling anyone her dad will be there too; Tracy is persuaded to take the girls to the park where Steve is waiting with a picnic spread. Meanwhile, Frank secretly adopts a three-legged dog that follows him back to the Dumping Ground, which the kids name Shadow. When Shadow pees in his bedroom and gives him fleas, Frank takes it to Sapphire who refuses to adopt it. Fortunately, Shadow finds a new home with Steve and Lily.

Episode #6: Eggs (air date: 2012-02-03)

The kids want a new computer, but Mike will not get one until they prove they can look after their things. So Tracy sets an 'egg sitting' challenge; the kids team up in pairs to look after an egg without smashing it. Meanwhile, Sapphire tells Harry, who is visiting her at her flat with Carmen and Tracy, that she is not his mum and he has to get used to her not being at the Dumping Ground. Carmen offers to be his mum instead and back at the Dumping Ground they team up for the egg challenge. Harry soon asks why he and Jeff (Harry's toy giraffe, which he takes everywhere) can't go back and live with his real mother, and Tracy explains that his mother used to hurt him.

Episode #7: Justine Littlewood Returns (air date: 2012-02-10)

Justine Littlewood, Tracy's arch-enemy from her time in care, arrives at the Dumping Ground, wanting Mike to give her away at her wedding as she is marrying Charlie, who is actually a sleazy conman. Charlie ends up running into Rick, but bribes him to keep his mouth shut with a new computer, which everyone was trying to get in the previous episode, Eggs. Justine arrives in shock that after years of wanting to leave, Tracy actually works where they both grew up. After asking Mike if he can give Justine away at the wedding, Mike asks why her real dad can't, she responds by saying that Mike's like a dad to her and her dad already said no. He accepts. All the kids come in, and are judging her by what Tracy said in her book.

Episode #8: Reward (air date: 2012-02-17)

It is the annual care home certificate awards, where each child gets given a certificate so the children can feel special about themselves. Normally, Mike would make the certificates, however disaster strikes so Tracy has to do it this year. Tracy made one for everyone but Johnny, as she couldn't think of one to describe him as other than 'Clean and Tidy'. Johnny stands on the other side of the door, overhearing the conversation; seeking revenge he turns to Elektra for help. Meanwhile, Sapphire arrives and finds out she didn't get an award, as the awards are based from last year. Angry at being humiliated, Sapphire storms home where Johnny and Elektra are already at her flat. Johnny wanders off to another person's apartment where there are loads of stolen phones, games etc., but the occupants turn out to be robbers and grab him; they smash a painting of the Dumping Ground made by Sapphire. The bullies aim to carry out a robbery and pick one of the trio to do the work for them. Johnny picks himself. The bullies warn Sapphire and Elektra that if they follow them, Johnny will be hurt...

Episode #9: Summer Holiday (air date: 2012-02-24)

Everyone’s off to a farmhouse in the country for the start of the annual Dumping Ground holiday. But when Tee accidentally leaves the field gate open and the sheep get into the farmer's house, the farmer throws everyone out. Tensions build as the young people take their anger out on Tee. She tries to make it up to them by looking for another holiday. Meanwhile, Lily is planning to go to Wales where her dad is camping out for the holidays, and persuades Carmen to come with her. Tee finds out when she sees them looking for coach times to Wales, and Lily and Carmen blackmail her into not telling. Tee gets worried with guilt, and she tries to get advice from Gus, without telling him that they've run away.

Episode #10: Going Home (air date: 2012-03-02)

Elektra's sister Melissa arrives, announcing that she is getting married and wants Elektra to be her bridesmaid. Melissa takes Elektra shopping to get a new dress and says she wants Elektra to visit their mum and dad; she agrees, and takes Tracy with her. However, Elecktra ends up having a huge argument with her mum and dad because they had not told Melissa's soon-to-be husband that she is in care (having told him instead that Elektra was away at boarding school), and goes back to the Dumping Ground. Meanwhile, Sapphire comes back due to a flood at her flat and gets angry very quickly.

Episode #11: Jody Jackson (air date: 2012-03-09)

Jody Jackson arrives like a whirlwind — dirty, smelly and taking no attitude from anyone. With the Dumping Ground full, Jody must share with Carmen, threatening Lily’s respite care. Carmen doesn't like this arrangement and when Jody borrows her cardigan when she feels cold, Elektra locks Jody in the toy cupboard to stop the fighting which is happening in the living room where she is watching TV. Seeing as she doesn't fit in, Jody runs away back to her home – only to find her mum and brothers have abandoned the house. Meanwhile, Mike cancels Lily's respite care, since her dad is coping well, but Tracy feels that Lily is upset about this arrangement.

Episode #12: The Invitation (air date: 2012-03-16)

Mike is stunned by the news that he’s been nominated to receive an MBE and everyone is excited about a potential trip to the Palace. But when Mike discovers he can only take three guests along with him, Tracy comes up with a plan to let the young people democratically decide who should go with him. Elektra also bribes her way to go to the palace, as she plans to ruin Mike's big day. She also involves Rick, who hates the Queen (as his parents are in prison), and will do anything to annoy her. Rick calls down Gus to join the kids, and finds out that it was Gus who had recommended Mike for the MBE. The children decide that Harry (along with Jeff, of course), Gus and Tracy should go to the Palace.

Episode #13: Goodbye Tracy Beaker (air date: 2012-03-23)

Tracy is leaving the Dumping Ground and everyone has a party. Mike hires a new girl called Melanie Jay, and she saves Jody's life as Jody goes into anaphylactic shock after eating nuts; Jody is taken to hospital. When Sapphire says she wants to move back into her flat, Tracy and Sapphire make their way to the flat to protest against the council, who have sold the building off. Mike follows them and orders Sapphire to leave. Tracy and Mike argue. When Tracy exits the flat, she slams the door and the ceiling collapses on Mike. Luckily, Tracy saves Mike and she is glad that he is all right. Tracy and Mike say a tearful farewell. How far can Tracy go? Tracy Beaker will always be part of the family.

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