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Tracy Beaker Returns season 2

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Tracy Beaker Returns season 2 poster
13 episodes (840 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:No information about actors Genre:Children Channel:CBBC Status:Ended

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Tracy Beaker Returns season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Burnywood Menace (air date: 2011-01-07)

The Dumping Ground in threatened with closure when the Council impose sweeping budget cuts. Meanwhile, Lily is feeling left out by Matt and Christie. Christie takes Lily to the Dumping Ground, where Carmen tells Lily that if she stays with her foster family, the council might reconsider closing Elm Tree House. But Lily wishes to stay at the Dumping Ground, as she feels she doesn't fit in at the Perrys'. Can Tracy save Elm Tree House with a Tracy Beaker Plan? Or will the young people be sent to Burnywood?

Episode #2: Drained (air date: 2011-01-07)

The Dumping Ground re-opens and Mike is suspended due to investigation about Lily's fall from the roof in the previous episode. Lily successfully recovers the fall and is moved out of hospital when Cam decides to foster Lily. Tracy brings Lily back to the Dumping Ground for a visit, but Carmen and Sapphire now hate her for supposedly causing them to move to Burnywood. Mike is later taken into court for a hearing.

Episode #3: Crushed (air date: 2011-01-14)

When Lily moves into Cam's house, Tracy starts to feel jealous as she is used to having just the two of them together and now she feels Lily has all the attention. Tracy decides to get a night job at a cafe to put her mind elsewhere. Meanwhile, everyone at the Dumping Ground starts to have their doubts about Toby returning to the care home so everyone decides to take all of his stuff to keep. Toby starts talking to a girl named Sara at the comic book store and realise that the two have very much in common, but when Toby tells her that his parents are still alive and that he has two sisters, Sara tells Toby that her mother had died. Toby then returns to the Dumping Ground realising everything he owned has gone. Can Tracy be a proper sister and can Toby tell the truth?

Episode #4: Refugees (air date: 2011-01-21)

Two refugees named Ade and Dayo are left at the Dumping Ground and Gus tries to find out what their story is. Lily decides that she wants to visit the Dumping Ground, and Tracy decides to bring Tee and Carmen back to her house to see her. Ade and Dayo reveals that their parents had been killed by men with guns and they both ran and hid in a rubbish dump. Tracy brings Tee and Carmen back to Cam's house and they all organise a fashion show. Mike receives a word from Immigration Control that they are coming to take the two boys away – or are they?

Episode #5: Money (air date: 2011-01-28)

When a big bag of cash is dumped in the garden, Liam, Frank and Toby decide to hide it in their bedrooms, only to be found by Carmen and the rest who take a share of the money to hide in their rooms. Toby meets his social worker, Seth, and thinks that he is one of the people getting the money back. Liam and Frank decide to spend their share of the money on a new television, but end up running from security. Two police officers arrive at the Dumping Ground to search for the money, but after searching the garden, the police officers find no trace of the money. What will the kids do?

Episode #6: Elektra (air date: 2011-02-04)

A new girl called Elektra arrives at the Dumping Ground. But she ends up stealing and threatening to do something to the kids if they tell the adults what she has done. After she becomes the most popular person there, she tries to steal even more money and possessions by starting a gang (SETA). Tracy and Sapphire accidentally use the pasta sauce for the curry, and then go out shopping for food. They go and have sausages and then they find out that they have no money for a bus ride home. Elektra eventually cuts the leg off of Harry's toy giraffe, Jeff. Sapphire, being close friends with Harry, finds out about this and fights Elektra on the upstairs landing.

Episode #7: What You Don't Know... (air date: 2011-02-11)

Johnny and Tee have a chance to go and live with the Watsons. Things don't work out though, as the Watsons think that Johnny dominates Tee. Mike and Tracy tell Johnny that it wasn't his fault, but he reads his file and finds out it was. He decides that Tee should go and live with the Watsons without him. Johnny tries to phone Tee every day, but stops because Mr. Watson told him so. When Tee discovers what Mr. Watson has done, she is disgusted and returns to the Dumping Ground.

Episode #8: A Day in the Country (air date: 2011-02-18)

Mike and Gina have planned the weekend in the countryside to perfection. That is, until Gina twists her ankle and can't join in with the activities. While Liam and Elektra tease each other about who is going to win, Tracy is made the new leader of Gina's team, with the other team leader being Mike. Feeling that Tracy and Harry are slowing down the team's chances of winning, Elektra changes the direction from right to left, so that Tracy ends up leading their team the wrong way. Elektra then sets off with Toby and Carmen, after telling Tracy that she can't lead them anywhere. While the other team is more confident, danger comes in Tracy's team when Carmen falls over a bridge and Jeff is confronted by a poisonous snake.

Episode #9: The Scare Game (air date: 2011-02-25)

Tracy takes Lily out shopping, but unexpectedly Lily's dad shows up to say sorry. Lily wants to get some answers from him, so she and Sapphire follow him to his hotel without telling Tracy. Lily then reveals that she wants to stay with her dad. But is Steve ready yet? Tracy is upset about this, as she loves Lily as her little sister, but Cam says that both of them never really had her, and that they are just giving her back. Meanwhile, Liam, Frank, Toby, Carmen and Tee are trying to scare each other, but they always end up scaring someone else — including Mike and Gina. In the end, Mike and Gina give them a fright.

Episode #10: Out of Control (air date: 2011-03-04)

Liam and Frank are out and Liam starts 'messsing around' on a mobility scooter and gets caught. Liam has to go to court and is told that his punishment is seven days' work in an old people's home. Realising he is lucky he didn't have a more serious punishment and so agrees to do it. But there is a scammer at the nursery home. Liam is out to find what is going on. Meanwhile, everyone at the Dumping Ground are joking about Gus dating Jenny.

Episode #11: Snake Bite (air date: 2011-03-11)

Elektra's old friend Kali turns up, and it seems she and Elektra were in a gang called Cobras who weren't very nice and Kali went to prison. But when she and Elektra sneak out, Kali seems like she is back to her old tricks with a gang of new Cobra members. Kali persuades Elektra to run away with her and the gang, so Elektra goes to pack her things. Toby tries to stop her, but she goes anyway. Meanwhile, Gina is preparing for a dance night, but finds that her dancing is being mocked by the children so decides not to go. Liam, Frank, Johnny, Carmen and Tee try to force Gina to go dancing.

Episode #12: Grandad (air date: 2011-03-18)

Frank is ready to go fishing with his grandad when he learns, to his distress, that his grandad died nearly a week earlier, and the funeral has already been held. At his granddad's grave, Frank vows to get him a headstone and to get money, sells his only family heirloom—the antique pocket watch his grandad gave him—to a dodgy antiques dealer. When Frank returns with the money, he gets more bad news: his grandad is buried in a multi-occupancy pauper's grave and isn't allowed a headstone. However, Tracy comes up with a cunning plan to make the dealer part with the heirloom.

Episode #13: Chain Reaction (air date: 2011-03-25)

When Cam goes to New York for four weeks, Tracy is finding it hard to live alone. Cam is offered a six-month contract over in New York. Meanwhile, a friendship blossoms between Carmen and Elektra, but is soon ruined when Lily returns and that Carmen had asked Elektra to give her necklace back, so she could then give it to Lily as a welcome back present. Jealous Elektra begins to bully Carmen. Tracy doesn't feel well and the rest of the others try to make the longest paper chain.

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