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Toddlers and Tiaras season 2

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Toddlers and Tiaras season 2 poster
18 episodes (264 views)

Air weekdate:Wednesday Cast:Alana Thompson, D.J. Pierce, Dawn Rochelle, June Shannon, MaKenzie Myers, Mike Thompson, Paisley Scott Dickey Genre:Reality Channel:TLC Status:Continuing

6.7 (6 votes)

Toddlers and Tiaras season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Universal Royalty (air date: 2009-07-22)

Don't mess with Texas, especially when the stakes are high at the Universal Royalty Pageant. In this special birthday celebration pageant, nearly 100 contestants compete to win the title of Ultimate Grand Supreme and $1,000 cash! The competition is fierce between a full glitz professional, Eden Wood, 4, and fan favorite and pageant veteran, Cameron Fletcher, 7. Following in his accomplished footsteps is his two-week old brother Cavin. The long shots vying for the title are a set of fraternal twins, AshLynn and Breanne, 6. Which child will win the biggest crown and take home $1,000 cash?

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Episode #2: Queens and Kings of America (air date: 2009-07-29)

Guitars, puppies and savings bonds are all at stake at this year's Queens and Kings of America Pageant in Louisiana. The big threat, Tootie, 10, is blazing her trail for the top title and this girl hates to lose. Glitz girl Makynli, 5, just might have what it takes with her beauty to give Tootie a run for her money. Taylor, 4, has been in training for weeks in order to prepare for her biggest pageant yet. Will she be ready to shine on stage? The stress level is high with two days of fierce competition. In the end it is all up to the judges to decide who will be worthy of the top prize.

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Episode #3: West Virginia Walk of Fame (air date: 2009-08-05)

This West Virginia pageant may be held in a small town, but the Walk of Fame pageant is big time. Hannah, 7, is coming off a two-year hiatus in the pageant world. A girl who would never lose has a lot to prove with her comeback attempt at the top title. Riley, 5, is not your typical pageant girl; she is just as comfortable wrestling as she is parading in her beauty dress. She is still new to the pageant system but is hoping to make an impression on the judges. Jayla, 6, will be sure to shine on stage and she's got a secret weapon, her father, a very invested pageant dad. It's a fight to the finish for the Supreme title in this pageant.

360p (avi 311.8 MB)
Episode #4: America's Regal Gems (air date: 2009-08-12)

East Coast Pageants draw a variety of glitz girls from New York to Utah. Victoria, 6, embarks on her first full glitz pageant. This African-American beauty goes all out to compete at America's Regal Gems: tanning, glitz gowns and even professional coaching are employed to get her to the top of her game. Competing against her is heavy hitter Morgan, 7, and Elexis, 6, who is hoping her winning edge will be her double entry in the talent category. The stakes are high, with a $1000 cash prize and an all-expenses-paid trip to Universal Studios. It's anyone's game and these girls are going for gold.

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Episode #5: National Gold Coast (air date: 2009-08-19)

This National Gold Coast pageant is the real Little Miss Sunshine that brings together the best of the west. Newcomer Rylan, 4, is prepared and ready to give 110%. Competing against her is Emily, 4, a local favorite and a strong contender for the top title. Alicia, 7, is another pageant pro who has eyes only for the biggest crown. The battle is on as each girl brings her best performance and has her tiny heart invested in being Gold Coast's most prestigious royalty.

360p (avi 358.1 MB)
Episode #6: Beautiful Dolls (air date: 2009-08-26)

North Carolina holds high-end pageants where the glitz and glitter get you the gold. Kailee, 5, is already a pageant veteran and has eyes only for the big crowns. Competing against her are Skyler, 4, and the Gary sisters, Sterling, 5, and Paris, 3. Skyler has been preparing with her mother non-stop and will be taking on the role of a cop in her new outfit of choice. Kailee will be a rocker and the Gary girls get your attention as a sailor and firefighter. It is a tough competition where tears and tiaras fill the room as each girl has her hopes set on the top title.

360p (avi 308.5 MB)
Episode #7: Dazzling Dreams (air date: 2009-09-02)

Marmaduke, Arkansas draws a big crowd for the Babes of Summer pageant. Hope, 6, is the local heavy hitter, stepping it up for the fierce competition with a new dress and flipper for the occasion. Also entering the competition is Sara, 4, who takes it to a new level with professional hair and makeup, and the Sprinkle Sisters, who are a triple threat to beat at ages 6, 8 and 10. With $1000 at stake and an expected 179 contestants, can our girls capture the top title amidst the chaos and height of the competition?

360p (avi 358.6 MB)
Episode #8: Outlaw Pageant (air date: 2009-09-09)

In West Virginia, the Outlaw Pageant draws the most serious of competition. Isabella, 6, comes all the way from Michigan to compete against WV's true beauty Jayden, 5. Alongside these two is the local top contender Haley, 6, who enters the pageant expecting to win. The competition fires up with beauty and western wear. It is a fight to the finish as each of our girl's finds the top title is just within reach. Who will be crowned winner and who will fall short? Only the judges can decide.

360p (avi 352.9 MB)
Episode #9: Gold Coast OC Spring Pageant (air date: 2009-09-16)

The Golden Coast of California is host to this high-stakes pageant. The Beauty, Talent and Swimwear competitions will decide who will become the Ultimate High Point Winner. Newcomer Sparkal, 7, takes to the stage at her first glitz pageant. Returning heavy hitter Michaela, 8, has many titles to defend and more to claim this time around while Cassidy, 7, works her magic for the judges when she aims for the pageant's biggest crown. There is only one cash prize at stake. Who will prove to be worthy of the top title?

360p (avi 294.9 MB)
Episode #10: Tiny Miss USA (air date: 2009-09-30)

Mississippi is the host of the Tiny Miss USA pageant. Kragen, 8, has something to prove this time around, vying for the elusive Tiny Miss crown she calls "the one that got away." Competing against her is Mckenzie, 7, a personality the judges just can't overlook and Bayleigh, 5, the natural pageant veteran embarking on her very first glitz pageant. Will Bayleigh's beauty go full glitz? Will Kragen finally get to claim the crown? Or will McKenzie prove to be a contender for the top title? With hundreds of dollars at stake, the competition is sure to bring their best game!

360p (avi 361.4 MB)
Episode #11: America's Fabulous Faces (air date: 2009-10-07)

America's Fabulous Faces is a national chain of pageants claiming beauty takes you places and this time the competition takes us to Hawaii! Many island natives compete including Aaliyah, 5, whose supportive mother confidently admits she is the one to beat. Competing against her is fellow islander Jessie, 9, who relies on her love for pageants and intense focus to bring her to the top. Coming all the way from the mainland is Arizonian Lindsay, 7. With her blond hair, pale features and full glitz style she will be sure to stand out among the natives. The competition heats up as each contestant has her eye on the $1,000 prize.

360p (avi 353.6 MB)
Episode #12: Universal Miss and Master International (air date: 2009-10-14)

UMMI brings the best pageant contestants from all over the country to the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas. Heavy hitter Jordyn, 6, already holds a UMMI supreme title and now she is back to claim another big crown. Miranda, 7, will not let her alopecia stop her from bringing her talents to heat up the competition. Also making a play for the crown is Halia, 9, who has been preparing for months to shine at the biggest pageant of her career. It is four days of non-stop, high-end competition where only one will be judged worthy of the top title.

360p (avi 357.3 MB)
Episode #13: Arizona Gold Coast (air date: 2009-10-21)

The Gold Coast Pageant chain heads to Arizona where the competition heats up. Glitz girl Charlie, 4, has high expectations of winning big while Samantha, 4, has been preparing herself to step it up to become a top contender. Alyssa, 8, is also entering the pageant with hopes to claim another Gold Coast victory. With pageant royalty in their blood, this family goes to the extreme in order to make a play for the crown. Amidst the tears, mistakes, favoritism allegations and scheduling that is down to the wire it is going to be a tight race with room for only one at the top.

360p (avi 362.0 MB)
Episode #14: Little Miss Glitz (air date: 2010-01-20)

Little Miss Glitz in Tampa, Florida brings great competition from all over the country! Don't let the title fool you, because the boy division is fierce competition. Cruz, 22 months, is his mother's "million dollar baby" with looks that can steal any judge's heart. Maddox, 1 and a half years old, is also adorable and a surprisingly top contender. It must be his Oscar the Grouch talent routine! His older sister, Angelle, is not as into pageants as her mother would like her to be, so thankfully Maddox fulfills her dreams. Then there's Kinley, the happiest, cutest 3 year old who simply loves pageants! From top performances to constant tantrums, it's anyone's guess who takes home the crown!

360p (avi 359.4 MB)
Episode #15: Southern Magestic Pageant (air date: 2010-01-27)

Charlotte, North Carolina brings the heavy hitters into the pageant world, a lot of them coached by the infamous Amber of Amber's Angels. One student, Victoria, 7 is a handful for her grandparents but in the end shines on stage. Another veteran student, Chelsea, 10 pulls out all the stops in her routines to win a crown for her football player boyfriend. Then, huntress and pageant princess Arianna, 5, also counts on her grandmother and props from her pageant trailer to take her routines over the top. These girls with personality plus bring on their best game, but in the end the judges decide who goes home supreme.

360p (avi 348.9 MB)
Episode #16: Southern Glitz Open State (air date: 2010-02-03)

Louisiana is the home of Christy Cosby, pageant director and coach to the best of the best glitz girls! In her very own pageant, she brings the serious competition. Four-year- old Sadie is full of spunk! But will a music malfunction cost her a top title? Isabella may only be three, but her military mother makes sure every one of her routines is top notch. But the toughest competition just may be Bella, 5, who holds over 25 titles, including EIGHT ultimate grand Supremes! The competition has never been better!

360p (avi 348.7 MB)
Episode #17: Gold Coast California Grand State Finals (air date: 2010-02-10)

This classic pageant system in California never disappoints! Gold Coast is home to some of the best and biggest winners throughout the southwest. This particular pageant is a family affair! Laura, 6, not only brings it with her original pizza tossing talent but shines on stage in a duet with her dad. Diamond, 4, and mom, Jeanene work hard to win over the judges. And then there's Nicole, 5, whose mom, Melissa, and 83- year- old grandma, Virginia all compete to win the crown. It must be their vertical "exercise pole" that gives them all the edge over the rest of the competition!

360p (avi 360.9 MB)
Episode #18: Universal Royalty National Pageant (air date: 2010-02-17)

Pageant director Annette Hill outdoes herself once again in Austin, Texas! There is no bigger competition than this $5,000 cash prize pageant, and every kid there wants to win it! Pageant superstar Eden, 4 takes a break from her TV and film appearances to work the stage like never before. She MUST take back her crown from heavy hitter, Taralyn! Hot on Eden's heels is Janene, 5, whose mother Jeannie has made it her pageant mission to beat Eden, even buying one of Eden's old beauty dresses! But the four to five age group needs to look out for veteran Brooke, 9. She's not only beautiful, she's been competing and winning pageants as long as the other girls have been alive!

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