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Thomas and Friends season 17

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Thomas and Friends season 17 poster
33 episodes (1905 views)

Air weekdate:Daily Cast:Ringo Starr, George Carlin, Michael Angelis, Alec Baldwin, Michael Brandon, Martin Sherman, Pierce Brosnan Genre:Animation, Children Channel:PBS Kids Sprout Status:Continuing

8.2 (24 votes)

Thomas and Friends season 17 episodes list:

Episode #1: Kevin's Cranky Friend (air date: 2013-06-03)

Sir Topham Hatt sends Kevin to the docks to help Cranky, but Cranky does not want any help.

360p (avi 84.3 MB)
Episode #2: Scruff's Makeover (air date: 2013-06-04)

After being sent to be cleaned and repainted, Scruff does not want to work at the waste dump because he does not want to get dirty again.

360p (avi 82.1 MB)
Episode #3: Wayward Winston (air date: 2013-06-05)

After Sir Topham Hatt forgets to put Winston's brake on, Winston begins to roll away without a driver. He enjoys it at first, but he soon realizes why he needs to have a driver.

360p (avi 92.5 MB)
Episode #4: Gordon Runs Dry (air date: 2013-06-06)

Gordon has a leak in his boiler, making him have to stop for water more frequently.

360p (avi 88.4 MB)
Episode #5: Calm Down Caitlin (air date: 2013-06-07)

Catlin spends a night on Sodor while the bridge that connects the island with the mainland is being repaired.

360p (avi 56.7 MB)
Episode #6: Steamie Stafford (air date: 2013-06-10)

Upset that he doesn't make much noise being an electric engine, Stafford starts imitating a steam engine.

360p (avi 93.4 MB)
Episode #7: Henry's Hero (air date: 2013-06-11)

Henry and Hiro take on some of the bad coal and start puffing black smoke. Will Hiro be able to deliver their loads when Henry goes back to the shed?

360p (avi 82.2 MB)
Episode #8: Luke's New Friend (air date: 2013-06-12)

Up at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Luke finds a scared young deer, so he tries to get the other engines to work quietly. But that is not an easy thing to do.

360p (avi 77.0 MB)
Episode #9: The Switch (air date: 2013-06-13)

When Luke is sent to Ulfstead Castle to deliver stone, he meets Millie, the Earl's private narrow gauge engine. They decide to switch jobs for the day.

360p (avi 81.5 MB)
Episode #10: Not Now, Charlie! (air date: 2013-06-14)

Charlie is a small purple engine who likes to tell jokes. One day Charlie discovers an elephant on the line and tries to alert the other engines, however, nobody believes him.

360p (avi 88.3 MB)
Episode #11: The Lost Puff (air date: 2013-09-30)

Paxton hears Thomas has lost his puff but misunderstands what it means.

360p (mp4 56.6 MB)
Episode #12: The Thomas Way (air date: 2013-10-01)

Duck and Thomas take Harold to the Sodor Search and Rescue but argue which route to take him.

360p (mp4 90.6 MB)
Episode #13: The Phantom Express (air date: 2013-10-02)

James tells Percy a tale to try and scare him about a ghost at Ulfstead Castle.

360p (mp4 97.5 MB)
Episode #14: Percy's Lucky Day (air date: 2013-10-03)

Percy gets the feeling he is having bad luck and tries to change it.

360p (mp4 93.6 MB)
Episode #15: Bill or Ben? (air date: 2013-10-04)

Bill and Ben meet Connor for the first time and decide to trick him.

360p (avi 94.6 MB)
Episode #16: Too Many Fire Engines (air date: 2013-10-28)

With two fire engines, there is the rumour that there are too many.

360p (avi 92.4 MB)
Episode #17: No More Mr Nice Engine (air date: 2013-10-29)

Hiro is a strong and gentle engine but Diesel tries to teach him other ways.

360p (avi 95.2 MB)
Episode #18: Thomas' Shortcut (air date: 2013-10-30)

Thomas and Bertie have a race but Bertie takes a shortcut.

360p (avi 94.9 MB)
Episode #19: The Smelly Kipper (air date: 2013-10-31)

Percy is teased by James for being scared of the dark.

360p (avi 83.3 MB)
Episode #20: Away from the Sea (air date: 2013-11-01)

Salty gets the feeling he is being replaced.

360p (avi 71.6 MB)
Episode #21: The Afternoon Tea Express (air date: 2013-11-04)

Stephen is collecting ingredients for afternoon tea.

Episode #22: Gone Fishing (air date: 2013-11-05)

Harvey is teased about his hook by Bill and Ben.

Episode #23: No Snow for Thomas (air date: 2013-11-06)

Thomas refuses to wear his snowplough and leaves it.

Episode #24: The Frozen Turntable (air date: 2013-11-07)

The turntable at Tidmouth Sheds is frozen leaving just one berth available.

Episode #25: The Missing Christmas Decorations (air date: 2013-11-08)

Diesel 10 decides to steal the Christmas decorations.

Episode #26: Santa's Little Engine (air date: 2013-11-11)

The Fat Controller is to dress up as Santa and ride a sleigh.

Episode #27: ###DELETEME### (air date: 2013-10-07)
Episode #28: ###DELETEME### (air date: 2013-10-09)
Episode #29: ###DELETEME### (air date: 2013-10-10)
Episode #30: ###DELETEME### (air date: 2013-11-18)
Episode #31: ###DELETEME### (air date: 2013-10-08)

Railway inspectors question whether Sir Topham Hatt needs two fire engines; Gordon loses water after getting hit by a stone.

Episode #32: ###DELETEME### (air date: 2013-11-19)

Bill and Ben play a trick on new engine, Connor.

Episode #33: ###DELETEME### (air date: 2013-10-22)

James tells Percy there is a ghost at Ulfstead Castle; Percy feels like he has too much bad luck.

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