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There She Goes season 1

There She Goes season 1 poster
5 episodes (179 views)
Air weekdate:Tuesday
Cast:David Tennant, Edan Hayhurst, Jessica Hynes, Miley Locke
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Channel:BBC Four
0.0/10(0 votes)

There She Goes season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: One Day In the Life of Rosie Yates (air date: 2018-10-16)

Rosie Yates is a nine-year-old girl with a severe learning disability due to an undiagnosed chromosomal disorder, living with her dad Simon, mum Emily and brother Ben. It's a typical Saturday for the family, starting with an attempt to get Rosie to the park for some fresh air. She refuses to cooperate, and afterwards she's similarly uncooperative with her dinner. As Simon and Emily are later distracted, Rosie causes carnage in the kitchen.

Episode #2: Bubble Chess (air date: 2018-10-23)

It's bath night for Rosie and, as usual, that means chaos as she insists on having all the bubble bath. Emily decides that she needs to form a strategy.

Episode #3: What Rosie Wants (air date: 2018-10-30)

A trip to the swimming pool ends in disaster when she decides she hates it. Emily wonders if it's just that Rosie wanted to do something else.

Episode #4: The Wrong Grandad (air date: 2018-11-06)

Simon's mum and stepdad want to take Ben to Devon for three weeks, which causes Simon and Emily to wonder why they are not willing to take Rosie.

Episode #5: Ben (air date: 2018-11-13)

Rosie is incredibly excited - Gandalf is finally coming because there is going to be a birthday with lots of presents! It doesn't matter to Rosie that it's Ben's birthday. The extended family set off for a birthday meal.

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