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The last man on earth

The last man on earth poster
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction, Science-Fiction
Channel: FOX
Status: Ended
7.7/10(1448 votes)
Boris Kodjoe Boris Kodjoe as Phil Miller
Cleopatra Coleman Cleopatra Coleman as Erica
January Jones January Jones as Melissa Chartres
Jason Sudeikis Jason Sudeikis as Mike Miller
Keith L. Williams Keith L. Williams as Jasper
Kenneth Choi Kenneth Choi as Lewis
Kristen Schaal Kristen Schaal as Carol Pilbasian
Mary Steenburgen Mary Steenburgen as Gail Klosterman
Mel Rodriguez Mel Rodriguez as Todd
Will Forte Will Forte as Phil Miller

The Last Man on Earth is a single-camera comedy chronicles the life and adventures of an average guy - and humanity's last hope - who discovers what life is like when no one is telling you what you can and cannot do.

The Earth is plagued by a horrible epidemic and the mankind dies. Everyone and everything perishes, including animals and insects… but almost everyone. The living beings die, but the biosphere exists: cereals head in the fields, forests rise up to the sky. So, oxygen, water, food are in abundance, which means that there is nothing to fight for, so Phil Miller who is the only one being alive doesn’t fight for his life. He beats the country for other people and returns to native town with nothing. He occupies the most luxury private residence, eats canned foods, plays games and is always drunk. Everything seems to be good, but Phil suffers lack of communication. But soon the problem is solved. The last woman arrives to him, having read his “announcement”. But as a matter of fact she is not the only one. Postapocalypse is not a fight with awful creatures but with the last women for the last man. After the catastrophe people didn’t become stronger, they are still lazy, egoistic and careless. So we see not heroes of the last fight but usual primitive inhabitants searching for comfort and joy. The series is wonderful, with ideal directing and excellent acting.

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Events of the series The last man on earth covers the period around 2022. Under mysterious circumstances the entire population of the earth disappears into the unknown. To survive it is possible only to one man by the name of Phil Miller. He is a man of infinitely loves his family and he who hates his job badly. The main character being the average citizen provided services to represent the bank. And suddenly in his life came a time when he was the only person in the world. With the hope to find people he visited many countries and cities. However, the search has not yielded positive results. Such a failure a bad effect on the health of men because he did not find such a statement. Phil can not accept the fact that he must remain all alone and it is equal to the most terrible punishment that only can happen to a person. After the regular deliberation Miller decided to try again to find people. Travel Phil constantly fed by a variety of interesting situations. He can be fun as he wants and no one will forbid him to do so. Taking this opportunity the man went to the White House and even decided to stay there for the night. Simply put he is enjoying the fact that he can do everything and experience in this wonderful feeling.

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The events of the series with more futuristic direction occurring during the recent past, 2011. The planet has undergone something very terrible approximate to a global catastrophe or a universal flood. As a result all mankind land somewhere disappeared except for one survivor of a man named Phil Miller. He is difficult to explain exactly what happened and why he was alone in this wide world because he is not different from all other people and did not have any supernatural abilities. Previously Phil worked as usual ordinary skill in the field of banking services. But suddenly there is an event that can not be explained. It is hard to believe that you are the only one left in all the land and no longer a living soul which would continue his life on some other continent. The man decides to embark on a long journey. All the gifts and riches that were previously intended for all living people now were at his disposal. Phil has transformed his apartment beyond recognition beat it most famous paintings from the art gallery. He also toured the White House and tasted many other places that have been he was not available. Now Phil became the sole owner of all material on the planet. He takes it on the one hand very tempting on the other hand all of this it seems terribly intimidating. Taking this opportunity he decided to travel the entire planet. He still hopes to find at least one living person. Most of all he wants to find the perfect stranger and start a romantic relationship with her and at the same time to revive a new life on earth.

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The Last Man On Earth season 4 is the continuation of the popular fantastic comedy series on the Fox channel. The events of the TV series take place in the distant 2020, after the Earth survived the apocalypse. There is the last survivor on Earth – the main character Phil Tandy Miller. He does not lose hope of finding even one more person on the planet Earth during all seasons of The Last Man On Earth. First he finds the only surviving woman, then a few more people. We will continue to watch in the new season of TV show The Last Man On Earth how they establish an everyday life and try to live on. After all, the whole world remained the same, except for the almost complete absence of people.

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