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The Young Riders season 2

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The Young Riders season 2 poster
22 episodes (566 views)

Air weekdate:Saturday Cast:Stephen Baldwin, Josh Brolin, Ty Miller, Travis Fine, Yvonne Suhor, Anthony Zerbe, Gregg Rainwater, Christopher Pettiet, Don Collier, Don Franklin, Melissa Leo, Clare Wren, Peter Brett Cullen, Billy Joe Patton, Brett Cullen Genre:Western Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

7.5 (2 votes)

The Young Riders season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Born to Hang (air date: 1990-09-22)

The riders try to recapture gold stolen from Stagecoach Sally, a woman spearheading a venture to send escaped slaves to Africa.

Episode #2: Ghosts (air date: 1990-09-29)

The ""ghost"" of one of Teaspoon's victims returns for revenge.

Episode #3: Dead Ringer (air date: 1990-10-06)

Hickok sets out to catch a vicious gunman impersonating him.

Episode #4: Blood Moon (air date: 1990-10-13)

Fear of a cholera outbreak turns the citizens of Sweetwater into a mob intent on lynching a deaf-mute boy suspected of being the carrier.

Episode #5: Pride and Prejudice (air date: 1990-10-27)

Buck finds Tompkins' long-missing wife and child assimilated into the Sioux tribe which took them.

Episode #6: The Littlest Cowboy (air date: 1990-11-03)

Ike, bitter after being beaten by men who take advantage of his handicap, befriends Arthur, a terminally ill boy.

Episode #7: Blood Money (air date: 1990-11-10)

The Kid catches Dyson, a would-be horse thief, who apparently hangs himself while in the custody of a corrupt marshal.

Episode #8: Requiem for a Hero (air date: 1990-11-17)

Cody meets and learns from his doomed Old West hero Hezekiah Horn.

Episode #9: Bad Company (air date: 1990-12-01)

Hickok leaves to become sheriff of the lawless town of Regrets, haoping to meet death quickly as retribution for accidentally killing a young woman during a gunfight.

Episode #10: Star Light, Star Bright (air date: 1990-12-15)

At Chrismastime the riders believe they own half a gold mine as repayment for Hickok's kindness to old prospector Cyrus.

Episode #11: The Play's the Thing (air date: 1990-12-29)

Cody considers joining a theater troupe, and unknowingly enters a ploat to assassinate a U.S. General.

Episode #12: Judgement Day (air date: 1991-01-05)

Still affected by Hezekiah Horn's death, Cody seeks guidance from a preacher-vigilante.

Episode #13: Kansas (air date: 1991-01-12)

Noah is taken into slavery when he tries to free his former teacher Calvin (Roundtree).

Episode #14: The Peacemakers (air date: 1991-01-19)

Hickok falls for Alice, a woman from an ostracized religious group, and settles an old score with a gunfighter named Tyler.

Episode #15: Daisy (air date: 1991-02-02)

Kid asks Lou to marry him (AGAIN!) When she refuses they break up. Meanwhile... a friend of Rachel's arrives with his daughter.

Episode #16: Color Blind (air date: 1991-02-09)

A new school teacher arrives in town on the heels of the breakup between Kid and Lou. Ever a man in search of a fair maiden in distress, Kid takes a liking to the school teacher and Lou takes it hard. While Jimmy tries to cheer Lou up while they are on an assignment together a figure from his past takes his pain out on Lou in hopes of luring Jimmy into a trap. Back in Sweet-water, Kid is falling... into trouble. Standing up for his new love has resulted in her old Beau challenging Kid to a duel. Teaspoon tries to stop the madness, but things do not work out for the best

Episode #17: Old Scores (air date: 1991-02-16)

Ike recognizes one of the men responsible for his families death. But it turns out the man has a family of his own. Second story: The riders try to find a mysterious beast.

Episode #18: The Talisman (air date: 1991-02-23)

A band of outlaws terrorizes a small town looking for its supply of silver. Father Riley sends one of the young men to Teaspoon to call in an old favor. While Teaspoon and the other boys are gone, Buck is left to help out as a deputy. A mysterious man is stalking a lone woman outside of town. Who could be doing such a thing?

Episode #19: A Noble Chase (air date: 1991-03-09)

Jimmy Hickok and Jake Colter are after the same thing... or rather the same person. Lon Chase is a wanted man and the trick is to keep him in your custody.

Episode #20: Face of the Enemy (air date: 1991-04-06)

The army is having problems with the 'Indians' and Buck runs afowl of both Army and Indians alike. Can the riders sort out the mess before Sweetwater ends up in the middle of the conflict. Rachel befriends a young Army soldier who wants to write to his wife when he hears of the birth of his son.

Episode #21: The Exchange (1) (air date: 1991-05-04)

A murderous bank robber is sentenced to hang, but delivering him to justice gets complicated when his equally ruthless brother takes a hostage: Amanda O'Connel, the woman who is like a daughter to Teaspoon

Episode #22: The Exchange (2) (air date: 1991-05-04)

Teaspoon, the riders, and their new acquaintances continue to race against the clock to find Amanda, although the loyalties of some become unclear. Then the stakes are raised when the kidnappers gain another hostage.

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