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The Streets Of San Francisco season 3

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The Streets Of San Francisco season 3 poster
23 episodes (348 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Karl Malden, Michael Douglas, Darleen Carr, Richard Hatch Genre:Action, Adventure, Crime Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

8.1 (9 votes)

The Streets Of San Francisco season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: One Last Shot (air date: 1974-09-12)

An alcoholic cop gets his partner killed in the line of duty, then tries to cover up his negligence before Stone and Keller uncover the truth.

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Episode #2: The Most Deadly Species (air date: 1974-09-19)

When a high-ranking hoodlum's son is found murdered he brings in the help of the adrogynously named ""Sydney""--a hit woman who's assigned to murder the three thugs responsible. Stone an Keller are looking for them, too. Somehow Sydney becomes Keller's next door neighbor and a relationship develops during their investigation. When Stone & Keller discover two of the hoodlums have died before they can be brought into custody, Stone suspects the worse: his partner is sleeping with the killer. Sydney is played by Brenda Vaccaro, who at the time was married to Michael Douglas.

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Episode #3: Target: Red (air date: 1974-09-26)

Bill Bixby plays a hit man who plans on assassinating a Red Chinese Leader on a State Visit to San Francisco. He also dresses up as a nun(a la Max Klinger) to gain accsss to his hiding place.

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Episode #4: Mask of Death (air date: 1974-10-03)

John Davidson plays a drag role of ""Carole Marloe"", which I think he's a female impersonator doing Carol Channing. Davidson dates older men as ""Carole"" and kills them using a hatpin to the heart.

360p (mp4 326.6 MB)
Episode #5: I Ain't Marchin' Anymore (air date: 1974-10-10)

To solve the murder of an AWOL Marine, Keller goes undercover to join a group of Vietnam War protesters.

360p (mp4 327.1 MB)
Episode #6: One Chance to Live (air date: 1974-10-17)

A woman (Joanne Linville) secretly conceals an affair with a married diplomat (Edward Mulhare), whose wife hires a youth(Steven Keats)to threaten to kill her.

360p (mp4 325.4 MB)
Episode #7: Jacob's Boy (air date: 1974-10-24)

The prime suspect in a murder case may be innocent of this crime, but he fears Stone and Keller will discover he got away with murder once before... 25 years ago.

360p (mp4 325.2 MB)
Episode #8: Flags of Terror (air date: 1974-10-31)

When five terrorists whose plan to pass through a security checkpoint at a boating dock fails, they flee taking on several hostages including Inspector Steve Keller, in order to try and demand safe passage to flee the country or they'll blow up the hostages.

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Episode #9: Cry Help! (air date: 1974-11-07)

A troubled teen from a broken home is suspected of shooting a friend's stepfather.

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Episode #10: For Good or Evil (air date: 1974-11-14)

After a young man witnesses a gangland murder, he starts working with the killer to gain favor with the gang.

360p (mp4 326.9 MB)
Episode #11: Bird of Prey (air date: 1974-11-21)

Lieutenant Michael Stone and Inspector Steven Keller investigate the murder of women. The murderer was wearing an officers uniform of the United States Air Force.

360p (mp4 324.6 MB)
Episode #12: License to Kill (air date: 1974-12-05)

Stone's ex-partner comes to town with a deadly vendetta: kill the man who murdered his son.

360p (mp4 324.5 MB)
Episode #13: The Twenty-Five Caliber Plague (air date: 1974-12-12)

A single .25 caliber pistol affects many lives in a single weekend.

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Episode #14: Mister Nobody (air date: 1974-12-19)

When a humble shoe repairman confesses to murder, Stone and Keller suspect that he's taking the fall for the real killer.

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Episode #15: False Witness (air date: 1975-01-09)

A hispanic police officer (Martinez) is fed up with his old neighborhood being turned into a narcotics haven by a pusher named Perez. Attempts to convict him have been repeatedly unsuccessful. The officer then goes as far as planting incriminating evidence to bring the pusher to justice.

360p (mp4 325.6 MB)
Episode #16: Letters from the Grave (air date: 1975-01-16)

If the walls of Alcatraz could talk, they would reveal the hidden body of an inmate who was believed to have escaped 20 years ago.

360p (mp4 323.4 MB)
Episode #17: Endgame (air date: 1975-01-23)

When Keller is injured by a gangster, Stone's thirst for vengeance results in his demotion to a beat cop.

360p (mp4 326.7 MB)
Episode #18: Ten Dollar Murder (air date: 1975-01-30)

Taxis across town are being robbed by a cop's son. But when one hold-up results in the murder of an undercover officer, the young man's joy ride is over.

360p (mp4 322.8 MB)
Episode #19: The Programming of Charlie Blake (air date: 1975-02-06)

Stone and Keller's murder investigation is complicated by an ambitious psychiatrist easer to exploit his patient, a reformed ex-con.

360p (mp4 322.2 MB)
Episode #20: River of Fear (air date: 1975-02-13)

A twelve-year-old girl sets out to prove that he stepfather killer her mother.

360p (mp4 328.1 MB)
Episode #21: Asylum (air date: 1975-02-20)

Keller goes undercover at a mental hospital to uncover the truth about a string of mysterious deaths.

360p (mp4 322.8 MB)
Episode #22: Labyrinth (air date: 1975-02-27)

Set in a midtown hotel, ""Labyrinth"" tells the story of a prizefighter who was supposed to throw a fight but didn't. Some representatives from the mob meet him to ""discuss the matter"" in his hotel room. He ends up beating up one of the men and throws him out the window. He beats up the other two and is shot in the process, but not fatally. He runs from the room and holding the gun he hides in another room with an adulterous couple. Stone and Keller are called in to investigate the hit man's death. The race is on: who will find the prizefighter first--the cops or the hired muscle? Included in the cast of characters is a traumatized ex-cop who quit the force and became the hotel's head of security.

360p (mp4 321.8 MB)
Episode #23: Solitaire (air date: 1975-03-13)

Against his will, Stone gets a new partner while Keller recovers from a gunshot wound. Hippie-haired narc Al Walczinsky isn't too happy about having Stone as a partner either. Together they try to break up a narcotics ring that's gone murderous -- until Stone suspects that Walczinsky's in on the racket.

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