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The Stinky And Dirty Show season 2

The Stinky And Dirty Show season 2 poster
23 episodes (227 views)
Air weekdate:Friday
Cast:No information about actors
9.0/10(2 votes)

The Stinky And Dirty Show season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Snow Problem / Sleigh Riders (air date: 2017-11-23)

Snow Problem Stinky and Dirty need to clear snow from train tracks and unplug a clogged tunnel so Fast can deliver Christmas trees and ornaments for the Go City town square. Sleigh Riders On Christmas morning, Stinky and Dirty find a crashed sleigh filled with Christmas gifts. They need to get through the snow and move the sled on pavement to deliver the gifts to the residents of Go City!

Episode #2: Sweepy Clean / The Broken Road (air date: 2017-11-23)

Sweepy Clean Stinky and Dirty call Sweepy to help clean up after Go City's Carnival, but disguises prevent Sweepy from finding them. When they finally meet up they startle Sweepy so his brushes go faster to help finish the job! The Broken Road Stinky and Dirty drive down a spooky "broken road." The duo debunk each scare as something imagined, and discover the monster is a friendly Monster Truck!

Episode #3: Tree Amigos / Tower Topper (air date: 2017-11-23)

Tree Amigos When a tree in front of McMullan tower is going to be cut down, Dirty digs it up and plans to replant it with Stinky. The perfect spot to replant it ends up being right where it started! Tower Topper Stinky and Dirty must figure out a way to transport the spire for the top of McMullan Tower from Carla's deck, through the streets to the tower, and finally to Crane to put it on top!

Episode #4: Silent But Stinky / Make Way for Sweepy (air date: 2017-11-23)

Silent But Stinky When Stinky loses his voice, he uses gestures to communicate directions to Dirty. Together, they build a helicopter pad for Chopper to land on! Make Way for Sweepy When Sweepy can't stop his engine and brushes, he accidentally sweeps up objects not meant to be swept! Stinky and Dirty must figure out how to stop and fix their friend and return the objects

Episode #5: Red Light, Red Light / Missing Pieces (air date: 2017-11-23)

Red Light, Red Light When a traffic light in Go City breaks and remains red, Stinky and Dirty find a way to get traffic past the broken traffic light so everyone can get to their jobs on the other side! Missing Pieces When Haul accidentally spills the contents of a shipping container all over Go City, Stinky and Dirty must help find the missing pieces, each of which is lost "in plain sight."

Episode #6: Ha Ha Higher / The Waiting Games (air date: 2017-11-23)

Ha Ha Higher Tall needs to lift a giant roller coaster into place, but he can't get the laughter he needs to lift it. Stinky and Dirty try to make Tall laugh so he can finish the job! The Waiting Games Stinky and Dirty enjoy the parking garage - Until they're locked in. They can't figure a way out, so they wait... but waiting is harder than it might seem!

Episode #7: Garbage Barge Goodbye! / Up! Up! And Parade! (air date: 2017-11-23)

Garbage Barge Goodbye! Unloading a giant garbage barge is Stinky's dream come true... until he accidentally cuts the anchor and the barge drifts down the river! Now Stinky and Dirty must stop the barge and get it back to the jetty! Up! Up! And Parade! When a GIANT TIRE parade balloon gets loose and floats away, Stinky and Dirty must retrieve it, so the parade can go through town as planned!

Episode #8: Screen Clean / Drive-In Movers (air date: 2017-11-23)

Screen Clean When Stinky and Dirty get a spot on the new Drive-In Movie screen, they try to clean it and make it worse! They finally fix it with the ultimate resourceful solution... Using the back side! Drive-In Movers At the Drive-In, Stinky and Dirty can't find a good parking space to see the movie and spend the entire film searching. They discover sometimes the answer is as simple as asking.

Episode #9: Going Nowhere Fast / The Missing Stink (air date: 2017-11-23)

Going Nowhere Fast When Fast gets stuck in reverse, Stinky & Dirty try to help him go forward, but discover that the best way to get to the train station, is to go backwards in a circle! The Missing Stink After going through the car wash, Stinky no longer smells like himself and must find a way to get his unique "stink" back, which proves harder than he ever thought!

Episode #10: Love Notes/Love Is In The Air (air date: 2018-02-12)

Love Notes - Stinky and Dirty want to give Sender a singing valentine. The only problem is...they have to FIND Sender first! Love Is In The Air - Stinky and Dirty help the grounded Chopper by showing his Valentine's Day banner so that all the residents of Go City can see it!

Episode #11: Miles and Miles of Go City Smiles/The Fast Track (air date: 2018-08-13)

Miles and Miles of Go City Smiles - Stinky and Dirty are enlisted to take the photo for a billboard advertising Go City. But capturing a moment in time is harder than they imagined! The Fast Track - Zoom wants to meet Fast (they have so much in common - Tracks!), so Stinky and Dirty try to build a track to facilitate their friendship.

Episode #12: Lunch Spot/No Rest For Red (air date: 2018-08-13)

Lunch Spot - When construction makes Cookie the food truck's usual lunchtime location unusable, Dirty and Stinky set out to find him a new parking spot. No Rest for Red - Red needs a place to rest, and Stinky invites her to park overnight at the Dump. But helping Red fall asleep gets in the way of a game of Melon Splats!

Episode #13: Runaway Rover/The Great Spacey Chase (air date: 2018-08-13)

Runaway Rover - All systems are go for the Space Shuttle to launch from Go City carrying the space-trash collecting rover. But when Rover escapes, it's up to Stinky and Dirty to bring him back to the launchpad in time for the big blastoff! The Great Spacy Chase - As Spacy returns from space, Stinky and Dirty try to follow him in the air, and get to the landing strip at the same time on land!

Episode #14: The Big Splat/Finding Ding Ding (air date: 2018-08-13)

The Big Splat - Stinky and Dirty find the biggest melon ever grown... and can't wait to play Melon Splat! Just one problem: the darn thing won't break and splat no matter what they do! Finding Ding Ding - When a buoy named Ding goes missing, only another buoy knows where he went and he needs Stinky and Dirty's help to find his pal... but this buoy is afraid of being on land!

Episode #15: Traffic Jam-Boree/Late Night with Monster Truck (air date: 2018-08-13)

Traffic Jam-boree - Stinky and Dirty get caught in a slow moving traffic jam with lots of crabby cars and trucks. They use resourcefulness to cheer themselves up and end up making the best of a bad situation. Late Night with Monster Truck - Stinky and Dirty try to stay up late for the Monster Truck show they're excited about, but staying awake proves harder than they expect!

Episode #16: Missed On My List/Clean Up Catastrophe (air date: 2018-08-13)

Missed On My List - Stinky and Dirty are tasked with bringing a list of items to the construction site/quarry - but remembering that list is harder than they thought. Clean Up Catastrophe - Dirty enlists Stinky to help he and his construction crew to clean up the messy construction site so it won't cause the trucks there to trip, fall, and drop their supplies!

Episode #17: The Last Melon/Little Big Dirty (air date: 2019-03-21)

The Last Melon: When Stinky runs out of melons, he and Dirty use resourcefulness to try make their own melons, only to realize (to Stinky's surprise) they can grow them! Little Big Dirty: When Dirty believes he has to be bigger to do a job the way his giant friend Digby does, he and Stinky make some creative attempts at making Dirty bigger.

Episode #18: A Sweepy Surprise/Radio Free Stinky (air date: 2019-03-21)

A Sweepy Surprise: Stinky and Dirty are tasked with bringing Sweepy to his surprise party, but getting Sweepy to follow them proves harder than they thought! Radio Free Stinky: When Stinky can't find the cans he's supposed to pick up on his trash route, Dirty takes a bird's eye view to help locate them - but communicating the information to Stinky from far away is a challenge!

Episode #19: Scaredy Brave/Movie Makeover (air date: 2019-03-21)

Scaredy Brave: Brave is afraid popcorn, and Stinky and Dirty help him overcome his fear so that he can go to the movie theater to see Jumpy's Big Jump! Movie Makeover: When the movie projector at the drive-in breaks, Stinky and Dirty learn how to "make a movie" for the disappointed audience.

Episode #20: The Never Ending Race/Unburied Treasure (air date: 2019-03-21)

The Never Ending Race: Red doesn't realize that she's passed the checkered flag, and Stinky and Dirty must catch up to her to tell her that the race is over (and give her the winners trophy)! Unburied Treasure: Dirty unearths a mysterious chest and he and Stinky struggle to open it, but nothing works until they come upon a "key" discovery.

Episode #21: The Stinky and Shmirty Show/Moon Chasers (air date: 2019-03-21)

The Stinky and Shmirty Show: When Dirty is called away, Stinky decides that - instead of delaying a super fun day of planned activities with his best pal - he will create a substitute Dirty to hang with. Moon Chasers: Stinky and Dirty see the moon on the horizon and decide to drive there, but "the road to the moon" is far longer than it appears.

Episode #22: Honk, You're It/Smashalot (air date: 2019-03-21)

Honk, You're It: Stinky and Dirty play a game of tag and when other vehicles speed, float, and fly out of reach, our heroes must think of more resourceful ways to make their friends "it." Smash-a-lot: Stinky and Dirty try and build a fort but Smash keeps accidentally knocking it down! Can they find materials that won't smash?

Episode #23: Seeing Eye Stinky/Rover All Over (air date: 2019-03-21)

Seeing Eye Stinky: Dirty needs to replace a billboard but gets an inner tube stuck on his head and can't see! Now Stinky must be Dirty's seeing-eye truck so he can finish the job! Rover All Over: Stinky and Dirty babysit Rover and take him to the top of the construction site to run. Rover goes down the elevator without them! Stinky and Dirty must get back down so they can reunite with Rover.


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