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The Simpsons season 3

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The Simpsons season 3 poster
24 episodes (2418 views)
Air weekdate:Sunday
Cast:Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Harry Shearer, Hank Azaria, Pamela Hayden, Joe Mantegna
Genre:Comedy, Family
8.9/10(24136 votes)

The Simpsons season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Stark Raving Dad (air date: 1991-09-19)

A deviation from his norm lands Homer in a mental institution, where he shares a room with a man who thinks he's Michael Jackson.

Episode #2: Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington (air date: 1991-09-26)

Lisa's essay wins the Simpsons a trip to Washington, D.C., where her faith in democracy is shaken by her unethical Congressman. Blackboard: ' Spitwads Are Not Free Speech'.

Episode #3: When Flanders Failed (air date: 1991-10-03)

Flanders suffers a failure after Homer wishes him ill.

Episode #4: Bart the Murderer (air date: 1991-10-10)

While working for Fat Tony (Joe Mantegna), Bart gains enough influence with his boss to solve his problems with Principal Skinner---perhaps permanently.

Episode #5: Homer Defined (air date: 1991-10-17)

Homer's averting of a nuclear meltdown earns him employee-of-the-month honors---and a call from Magic Johnson; Milhouse's parents prohibit him from playing with Bart.

Episode #6: Like Father Like Clown (air date: 1991-10-24)

Bart and Lisa use theological arguments to try to reunite Krusty the Clown and his rabbi father (Jackie Mason), who disowned Krusty when he turned from rabbi to clown.

Episode #7: Treehouse of Horror II (air date: 1991-10-31)

Halloween, 1991: Maggie uses one of three wishes; a mind-reading Bart rules Springfield; Homer donates his brain to Mr. Burns' science project.

Episode #8: Lisa's Pony (air date: 1991-11-07)

From 1991: After disappointing Lisa, Homer buys her a pony, solving one problem, but creating others, requiring a second job---at Apu's Quik-e-Mart.

Episode #9: Saturdays of Thunder (air date: 1991-11-14)

When Homer helps Bart build a soapbox racer, it does little for the car but a lot for their relationship. Meanwhile, Patty and Selma get a hair makeover.

Episode #10: Flaming Moe's (air date: 1991-11-21)

Homer's new drink makes Moe's hot enough to draw Aerosmith, who perform "Walk This Way." Meanwhile, Lisa has invited her friends over for a slumber party which causes problems for Bart.

Episode #11: Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk (air date: 1991-12-05)

Burns sells the power plant to a German corporation that doesn't care for Homer's approach to his work.

Episode #12: I Married Marge (air date: 1991-12-26)

A trip down memory lane to the early days of Simpson wedded bliss, when Marge was with child and Homer was without a job.

Episode #13: Radio Bart (air date: 1992-01-09)

Bart fools the town into thinking there's a little boy trapped in a well. Sting performs "We're Sending Our Love down the Well."

Episode #14: Lisa the Greek (air date: 1992-01-23)

From 1992: Lisa's ability to pick winning football teams kicks off a strong bond with Homer---which might end with the upcoming Super Bowl.

Episode #15: Homer Alone (air date: 1992-02-06)

A stressed Marge vacations alone, leaving Bart and Lisa with Patty and Selma, and Maggie with Homer---until she leaves in search of Marge.

Episode #16: Bart the Lover (air date: 1992-02-13)

Bart's answer to detention from Mrs. Krabappel is to answer her personal ad with letters from a Mr. Wonderful, but his last laugh is more of a guilty whimper. Meanwhile, Homer makes a bet with Flanders that if he tries to stop swearing, Flanders will shave off his mustache.

Episode #17: Homer at the Bat (air date: 1992-02-20)

Burns hires Major League ringers for the plant softball championship.

Episode #18: Separate Vocations (air date: 1992-02-27)

The results from their aptitude tests cause Bart and Lisa to make 180-degree turns in their behavior.

Episode #19: Dog of Death (air date: 1992-03-12)

Santa's Little Helper notices resentment after the Simpsons make sacrifices to fund his life-saving operation.

Episode #20: Colonel Homer (air date: 1992-03-26)

Marge fears a cheatin' heart when a waitress-country singer asks Homer to be her manager.

Episode #21: Black Widower (air date: 1992-04-09)

Bart suspects something rotten when Selma gets engaged to Sideshow Bob (Kelsey Grammer).

Episode #22: The Otto Show (air date: 1992-04-23)

Spinal Tap hits Springfield, and Otto the bus driver hits the skids after being fired, taking refuge in the Simpsons' garage.

Episode #23: Bart's Friend Falls in Love (air date: 1992-05-07)

Bart resents Milhouse's new girlfriend; Homer gets the wrong subliminal tape, which has him gaining vocabulary, not losing weight.

Episode #24: Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? (air date: 1992-08-27)

Homer's stepbrother asks for a loan after Homer is awarded some cash, presented by Smokin' Joe Frazier.

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