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The Simpsons

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Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Channel: FOX
Status: Continuing
8.9/10(24136 votes)
Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway as Princess Penelope
Dan Castellaneta Dan Castellaneta as Krusty the Clown
Dan Castellaneta Dan Castellaneta as Abraham Simpson II
Dan Castellaneta Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson|Krusty the Clown|Grampa Simpson|Barney Gumble|Mayor Quimby|Groundskeeper Willie
Dan Castellaneta Dan Castellaneta as Melvin Van Horne (Sideshow Mel)
Dan Castellaneta (Homer) Dan Castellaneta (Homer) as Homer Simpson
Hank Azaria Hank Azaria as Moe Szyslak
Harry Shearer Harry Shearer as Ned Flanders
Harry Shearer Harry Shearer as Charles Montgomery Burns
Harry Shearer Harry Shearer as Waylon Smithers, Jr.

The Simpsons is the longest running scripted show in US television history. It captures the adventures of Homer, Marge, Maggie, Bart and Lisa who are living in a fictional town called Springfield.

The Simpsons family is known the whole world. They live in a fictional town called Springfield. The head of the family is the father which calld Homer. He is funny and very original character! He works as inspector at the plant. His wife, Marge is a real keeper of the hearth, though she is a bit strange in her own way. Homer and Marge are raising three children: Bart’s a bully, a girl-philosopher Lisa and unique baby Maggie.

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“The Simpsons” is the longest animated series in the history of American television. It debuted on December 17, 1989 on channel FOX. It is produced by «Gracie Films» for the film company «20th Century Fox». This rich satire show satirizes many cliches and stereotypes, in particular – the lifestyle “average American”, features the world’s cultures in general, celebrities and even the TV and the TV channel “Fox”.

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In a nod to the hit cable series “Homeland,” Lisa suspects Homer may have been “turned” when he returns a changed man from a nuclear power plant operating convention. So she enlists the services of Annie, an intense, jumpy FBI agent to help her unravel the truth in the all-new “Homerland”.

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In season 26 the Simpsons bid farewell with one of the Springfield citizens, Krusty’s father. Also, after derision and public humiliation on the comedian cable TV channel Krusty the Clown vacates his job while Liza tries to save Homer from death. He is tired of disrespectful behavior towards him on the part of Bart and decides to try hand at his upbringing. It doesn’t result in a positive effect and Marge enrolls them both for a program of parents and children “Ship of Connection” in order to solve their problems at sea. In the meantime Marge opens a franchising shop selling sandwiches after her personal sandwiches become a hit in Springfield. But it appears to be a hard task to work at the shop every day, especially when the new outlet of the same franchise opens down the street. Meanwhile, Bart and Liza raise a demon from the parallel universe reading over the row of Aramaic symbols. In the meantime, Liza meets a woman from House of Assembly and asks for her help to cease the operations on hydraulic fracturing executed by order of Mr. Burns…

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The legendary comedy animated TV show about the yellow Simpsons family was extended for season 29! This is the longest cartoon on the US television since 1989. The Simpsons season 29 continues to highlight the life of the fictional city of Springfield. The dysfunctional but loving family lives here. It consists of paterfamilias Homer Simpson, his loving wife Marge and their three children: the highly intelligent Lisa, the disobedient hooligan Bart and the unruffled little girl Maggie. Also, the TV series introduces us to a lot of relatives, friends and neighbors of the Simpsons family. We can find our weaknesses and shortcomings in each of them, which the authors of the series try to ridicule. Satirical humor and irony are the highlight of all 29 seasons The Simpsons, where the main accent is still given to the most important thing on earth: love and family.

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Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpsons will once again show how the life of typical Americans is ridiculous, and sometimes absurd, in the 30th season of the longest-running American animation series. The Simpsons will have a few chances to get rich, but there will be even more reasons for embarrassment. Homer and Marge will become participants in the popular US reality show "Amazing Race" in one of the episodes of the season 30. This pair will again understand how dear to each other during the pursuit of the prize money of one million dollars. Homer steals another's car in the other episode. He will regret it more than once, because he will have to pay in full for this trick. Sheriff of Springfield will start recording audio diaries and publish them on the Internet. It is worth waiting that his acquaintance with the Internet should and will end this time with a uniform disgrace or even a loss of the badge.

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The Simpsons (The Simpsons) 32 season is a continuation of the American animated series. The story will tell about a large family that lives in Springfil. All residents of the town are very friendly and help each other in any troubles ... The Simpsons family with many children lives a normal life and often gets into comical situations, solving this or that problem. Homer is the head of the family. He dreams of coming home after work and enjoying the peace of mind, but in a family with three children, this is simply impossible. Therefore, reluctantly, Homer begins to solve the pressing problems of his children. Marge, as a true keeper of the house, is always busy with various chores - from buying groceries to family problems. The eldest son of the Simpsons is Bart. He does not like school, it is more interesting for him to spend time with friends and get involved in another adventurous story. But his sister Lisa helps Bart and his friends get out of the showdown. She tries to take care of nature and worries about the environment, does not eat meat and diligently studies at school. The youngest child of the Simpsons is Maggie. In the new season, it is she who will be able to unite her whole family, because not only parents, but also children will have new interests, obstacles and unusual situations ...

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The Simpsons season 33 is the continuation of the popular animated series. It is broadcast on the FOX TV channel. On March 3, 2021, it became known that The Simpsons was extended for another 33 and 34 season. In the 33rd season, jokes on a political and religious theme, also about marriages between women and men, war, justice, women's rights, a permit for weapons for ordinary citizens, drugs and much more are waiting for us.

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