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The Secret Life of the American Teenager season 1

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager season 1 poster
23 episodes (267 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Shailene Woodley, Francia Raisa, Megan Park, Jorge Pallo, Greg Finley, Daren Kagasoff, Kenny Baumann, Mark Derwin, India Eisley, Molly Ringwald, Jordan Fisher Genre:Drama, Family Channel:ABC Family Status:Ended

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Pilot: Falling In Love (air date: 2008-07-01)

After losing her virginity to Ricky Underwood at band camp, Amy Juergens discovers that she's pregnant. As Amy contends with her family life, and struggles to come to terms with her pregnancy, she seeks solace from her friends, Lauren and Madison. Meanwhile, Grace Bowman, the most popular girl at school, promises abstinence to her parents.

Episode #2: You Are My Everything (air date: 2008-07-08)

Lauren and Madison accidentally reveal Ricky's involvement with Amy to the school. Meanwhile, Grace is torn between forgiving Jack and moving on, and Amy experiences her first bouts of morning sickness.

Episode #3: I Feel Sick (air date: 2008-07-15)

Ben continues to pine after Amy, which results in them sharing their first kiss. Later, Amy shares the news of her pregnancy with Ashley—leaving their parents in the dark. Elsewhere, Adrian believes that Ricky is just using her for sex.

Episode #4: Caught (air date: 2008-07-22)

Ben's clingy behaviour begins to annoy Amy, who is also struggling to cope with her family life. Meanwhile, Jack seeks comfort from Adrian after his plans to see Grace fall to pieces.

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Episode #5: What Have You Done to Me? (air date: 2008-07-29)

Amy contemplates adoption for her unborn child. Meanwhile, Ashley and Amy attempt to persuade their father to not leave town, and Jack and Adrian grow closer.

Episode #6: Love For Sale (air date: 2008-08-05)

Amy shares the news of her pregnancy with her mother, Anne. Later, Amy's absence from school sparks a rumour that she's having an abortion.

Episode #7: Absent (air date: 2008-08-12)

Ricky wrestles with the consequences of his actions. Meanwhile, Grace experiences difficulties with Tom, and Ben and Amy's relationship begins to sour.

Episode #8: Your Cheatin' Heart (air date: 2008-08-19)

Amy and Ashley's grandmother visits. Elsewhere, Adrian flaunts her budding friendship with Grace.

Episode #9: Slice of Life (air date: 2008-08-26)

George bonds with Amy and Ashley. Elsewhere, Tom hires a "friend" for the night, and Lauren is caught kissing Ricky.

Episode #10: Back to School Special (air date: 2008-09-02)

Amy faces her first day back at school, while Cindy Lee encourages Adrian to foster a relationship with her father.

Episode #11: Just Say No (air date: 2008-09-09)

Adrian's father calls the police after she disappears from school. Elsewhere, the school learns of Ricky's visits to Dr. Fields, Grace is pressured into wearing her purity ring, and Ben and Amy consider having sex.

Episode #12: The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager (air date: 2009-01-05)

Assisted by their friends, Ben and Amy marry in secret. Meanwhile, Tom asserts his independence after meeting a new girl.

Episode #13: Baked Nevada (air date: 2009-01-12)

The parents of Ben and Amy learn of the wedding, and the news leads to a brief reunion by George and Anne. Meanwhile, Adrian's father is bent on finding out who created the fake ID's.

Episode #14: The Father and the Son (air date: 2009-01-19)

Ricky's father comes to town with some advice for him on how to be a parent.

Episode #15: That's Enough of That (air date: 2009-01-26)

Amy has the opportunity to find out the sex of her unborn child. Meanwhile, Jack does community service and believes that he sees Bob violate his parole.

Episode #16: Chocolate Cake (air date: 2009-02-02)

Amy and Ricky consider adoption as a possible option. Meanwhile, George's co-worker shows interest in adopting Amy's baby.

Episode #17: Unforgiven (air date: 2009-02-09)

Ben and Amy's relationship hits a rough patch when Ben tells her that he needs some space. Amy is angry and sad at his decison and decides to give him a ring that she gets from Ashley in order to prove to him that she accepts him for who he is and loves him. Ashley and her argue and Ashley accuses her of wanting to give up the baby so that she can keep Ben. Ben has doubts about his relationship with Amy and thinks that she still has feelings for Ricky. Jack and Shawna argee to see each other. Lauren and Madison stand by Amy and Alice and Henry stand by Ben. Adrian and Grace argue over Ricky and get into a catfight, but become closer to each other as a result. Elsewhere, Grace's parents apologize to each other and Anne and George interview people who are interested in adopting Amy's baby,but George makes them leave before Anne gets a chance to talk to them because they want a closed adoption rather than an open adoption. Meanwhile, Ricky apologizes to Amy for him accidentally breaking up her and Ben. He talks to her about Ben and the baby, Amy gets upset, and Ben, Adrian, and Grace catch Ricky and Amy hugging. George's gay co-workers come by and talk to George and Anne about them wanting to adopt Amy's baby, and Amy agrees. Ricky tells Jack that he is through with both of Adrian and Grace for good and wants to be with Amy. Amy tries to pay Ben a visit but Ben's father intervenes."

Episode #18: Making Up Is Hard To Do (air date: 2009-02-16)

Ashley tries his best to get Amy and Ben back together again, whilst Rick tries to sabotage the adoption process.

Episode #19: Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free (air date: 2009-02-23)

Adrian wants to mix things up a bit and tries to change her look, Jack is still bringing out his thoughtful side by raising money, and Anne might soon be off the unemployment list.

Episode #20: Maybe Baby (air date: 2009-03-02)

Amy gets help from her friends on what to do about the baby.

Episode #21: Whoomp! (There It Is) (air date: 2009-03-09)

As Amy's due date inches nearer, Grace and Adrian decide to throw a baby shower for her. While preparing for the party, Jack and Grace have a moment where they reconnect.

Episode #22: One Night at Band Camp (air date: 2009-03-16)

Amy goes into labor and she and Ricky keep looking back to when they first met at band camp and how Ricky charmed her into having sex with him. Tom tries to get Jack and Grace together again, and Adrian discovers she still cares for Ricky.

Episode #23: And Unto Us, A Child Is Born (air date: 2009-03-23)

Amy has trouble adjusting to life as a mom as she gives birth to her baby. Meanwhile, Ricky likes fatherhood and becomes friends with Ben; and Anne is surprised when George and Ashley decide to move out.

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