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The Paynes season 1

The Paynes season 1 poster
38 episodes (831 views)
Air weekdate:Friday
Cast:Cassi Davis, LaVan Davis, Jackée Harry, Stephanie Charles, JD McCrary
3.0/10(1 votes)

This is a spin off of the TV show House of Payne. Curtis and Ella Payne try to enjoy their retirement in Florida. But one bad real estate buying makes their life not the fairy tale that they have dreamed about.

The Paynes season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: A Surprise for the Paynes (air date: 2018-01-16)

Curtis and the rest of the Payne family take a road trip to Florida where Ella receives a stunning surprise.

Episode #2: Revelations of Payne (air date: 2018-01-16)

Ella fumes after Curtis makes a life-changing decision without her input; Curtis discovers that he was duped into a bad investment.

Episode #3: A Confrontation Of Payne (air date: 2018-01-19)

Curtis seeks retribution after he realizes that he was swindled; Ella has a change of heart after visiting the local church and meets a beautiful young woman in need.

Episode #4: Cleaning Up The Payne (air date: 2018-01-26)

The Paynes begin to settle into their new life with the help of their cousins; Ella is concerned about Nyla's disappearance.

Episode #5: A Fugitive In Payne (air date: 2018-02-02)

Nyla fears that her actions will leave her with life-altering consequences; Ella attempts to save the day.

Episode #6: The Waiting Game (air date: 2018-02-09)

Curtis and Ella continue to wait for the police to arrive at the laundromat after Nyla disappears; later, the children reveal startling news about Nyla's relationship with Kendrick.

Episode #7: Better Than Nothing (air date: 2018-02-16)

Curtis and Ella debate about taking in Nyla and her kids. Ella talks to Nyla about how her relationship is affecting her children.

Episode #8: A Payneful Night (air date: 2018-02-23)

Nyla's disrespectful behavior is wearing out her welcome at the Payne's house.

Episode #9: The World Wide Payne (air date: 2018-03-02)

Curtis needs to place an online order for parts to get the laundromat up and running, but he doesn't know how to use the computer; Ella discovers Curtis knows how to do one thing on the computer.

Episode #10: Lynn’s Punishment (air date: 2018-03-09)

Ella confronts Nyla after Lynn has suspicious nightmares; later, Nyla confronts Kendrick about Lynn's accusations.

Episode #11: Making Repairs (air date: 2018-03-16)

After Ella learns that Curtis is trying to make his own repairs at the laundromat, she makes plans to involve professionals; Kendrick visits Nyla to apologize; Nyla finally comes clean with Ella and has a heart-to-heart with her children.

Episode #12: Payneful Repairs (air date: 2018-03-23)

Curtis and Ella learn some troubling news about Nyla.

Episode #13: A Payneful Dispute (air date: 2018-03-30)

The family is in an uproar after Ryan tells Joann about some money that one of Ella's contractors found in the laundromat.

Episode #14: A Payneful Cry (air date: 2018-04-06)

Nyla attempts to mediate between the Paynes and Joann after Ella and Curtis are served with court papers.

Episode #15: Keep The Payne Away (air date: 2018-04-13)

Ella wants to surprise Curtis with the new renovations, but Curtis has other plans.

Episode #16: Date Night (air date: 2018-04-20)
Episode #17: Secret Lovers (air date: 2018-04-27)
Episode #18: Making Her Honest (air date: 2018-05-04)

Curtis and Ella learn that Nyla has started seeing Kendrick again. Ella is afraid Nyla is returning to a situation where she will be abused again, starting the cycle over for her and the children.

Episode #19: A Payneful Bounce (air date: 2018-07-20)
Episode #20: A Payne Family Secret (air date: 2018-07-27)
Episode #21: Payneful Situations (air date: 2018-08-03)
Episode #22: Home Alone (air date: 2018-08-10)
Episode #23: Girl Talk (air date: 2018-08-17)
Episode #24: The Outsiders (air date: 2018-08-24)
Episode #25: An Impasse (air date: 2018-08-31)
Episode #26: No Room For Payne (air date: 2018-09-07)

Curtis realizes he was right about Nyla all along.

Episode #27: No Sticks Or Bricks (air date: 2018-09-14)

Curtis reconciles within his household.

Episode #28: A Payneful Hunch (air date: 2018-09-21)

Curtis and Nyla make a truce.

Episode #29: Syncopal (air date: 2018-09-28)

Nyla meets a handsome man named Terrance.

Episode #30: A Payneful Confrontation (air date: 2018-10-05)

Confusion leads to a confrontation in the Payne household.

Episode #31: Hostile (air date: 2018-10-12)

Confusion leads to a confrontation in the Payne household.

Episode #32: Payneful Business (air date: 2018-10-19)

Terrance is angered to find out that Nyla has been the victim of an abusive relationship.

Episode #33: A Conundrum (air date: 2018-10-26)

Kendrick confronts Terrance about Nyla.

Episode #34: A Payneful Proposition (air date: 2018-11-02)

The Payne's are running out of ideas to save the laundromat but Terrance comes up with a solution that could help everyone.

Episode #35: Payneful Partnership (air date: 2018-11-09)
Episode #36: Social Media'd (air date: 2018-11-16)
Episode #37: A Giraffe And A Bull (air date: 2018-11-23)
Episode #38: Payneful Choices (air date: 2018-11-30)

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