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The Originals

The Originals poster
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Supernatural
Channel: The CW
Status: Ended
8.6/10(2071 votes)
Andrew Lees Andrew Lees as Lucien Castle
Caspar Zafer Caspar Zafer as Finn Mikaelson
Charles Michael Davis Charles Michael Davis as Marcel Gerard
Christina Moses Christina Moses as Keelin Malraux
Claire Holt Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson
Colin Woodell Colin Woodell as Aiden
Daniel Gillies Daniel Gillies as Elijah Mikaelson
Daniel Gillies Daniel Gillies as Elijah
Daniella Pineda Daniella Pineda as Sophie Deveraux
Danielle Campbell Danielle Campbell as Davina Claire

The Originals is a spin-off show from the supernatural drama The Vampire Diaries. It is based in the city of New Orleans where the originals represent the original vampires. The show is primarily based around conflict between vampires, werewolves and witches in the city.

“The Originals” in fact is a spin-off of the loved and cherished saga “The Vampire Diaries”. This one gives the parallel version of the stories of several of the Diaries’ characters – vampires, werewolves and cross-breeds.
The greatest power of the Originals is in the clan cohesion and family union. However the solemn oath of solidarity and unanimity is long forlorn. Even the blood ties couldn’t prevent the Mikaelsons – Elijah, Rebecca and Klaus – from gradually trailing apart. New Orleans, the dark city rebuilt by them, is left and forgotten by the vampires, who separated to live their lives. But the bad news coming from New Orleans brings together the Originals clan again.
Klaus, half- vampire, half-werewolf, gets some info that some unknown witches dwelling in the French neighbourhood want to do him no good. Eager to unveil the truth he returns to the city. In the absence of the Mikaelsons the city has lived under the rule of Marcel, an orphan brought up by the vampire folk. Marcel has his the tight grip on the city divided by the supernatural gangs. He enforced very strict rules forbidding the witches to practise their witchcraft.
Investigation and research result for Klaus in meeting the mighty witch Sophie. Sophie is bemoaning the loss of her greatly loved sister Jane previously killed by Marcel. Her wicked plan is to make Klaus execute revenge on Marcel for her sister’s death. Sophie is very confident of the success because she definitely has an ace up her sleeve – she holds hostage a werewolf Haile, who is actually the pregnant girlfriend of Klaus.

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After return in New Orleans – a home for Mikaelson family many things have changed considerably. Klaus was tortured by witches and betrayed by his pupil Marcel. The feud with him continues to this day. Klaus’s side maintains only his brother Elijah who is hopelessly in love with Hayley. Hayley gives birth to a Klaus’s daughter and turns into hybrid. In order to save little baby from witches and keep her out of wars and hatred Klaus gives her to his sister Rebekah. A band of gangsters-werewolves bosses New Orleans. In the new season also appears Klaus and Elijah’s mother Esther in the form of witch Cassie. Esther longs for family’s reunion. Powerful witch Davina helps vindictive father Mikael to get out of the other world but imprisons him by a spell in the room. He is going to kill Klaus with a stake out of white oak. These and many other events will be in the new series of the Originals.

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The third season of the fantastic drama series will make audience happy having returned all the main characters the Mikaelsons. As it used to be earlier the relations between Klaus and Elijah are tense, moreover, they border on hate and love, between the wish to guard and to murder. Taking this into consideration, Elijah can be understood, as the amount of troubles done by Klaus to family are impossible to forget and forgive fast. The relations between brothers get worse when Klaus used his hand to imprison his daughter's mother in the wolf's appearance. Notwithstanding what horrible things the brother does, he still believes that any means justify the purpose, because his main purpose is to save the family from the dangers. Meanwhile, newfound sister Freya starts to get used to the family lost in the past. And at some point of time she becomes a link between the brothers. Soon, a mysterious maniac appears in the city, which Camille and Vincen try to catch. And what, at first, seems to be shenanigans of the crazy maniac, then it turns to be something more than supernatural. Considering all the circumstances, in the new season the Michaelsons should expect new and difficult tests as terrible jeopardies wait in the dark corners of New Orlean.

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The American Trailer The Originals season 4 is the continuation of an exciting story about vampires. The plot opens the audience a picture of the creepy and scary dark forces. With the series title can be understood that it will be about the very first vampire appeared on the light for a long time. Many of the spectators aware that vampires are long-lived and some of them can live to be a hundred or even more. However, the same danger does not depart from them for a minute. A vampire named Klaus is the main character of the story. Up to a certain time, his family lived under the same roof. But over time, some members of the clan decided to live separately. Claus exists in the world a long time and his blood is a monstrous mixture formed by the merger of vampire blood and werewolf powers. But the main advantage it has possession of the gift of healing. One day, the members of his family receive terrible news from their native areas which causes them to unite again. After that the protagonist decides to return to his hometown whose base relates to the merits of his ancestors. For some time, Klaus was the ruler of the city. But now he has to learn how the city has changed over the years under the new ruler named Marcel who achieved this high office solely by the patronage of the central character.

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Action of “The Originals” season 5 will unfold eight years after the events in the finale of season 4. If time is not powerful over the majority of supernatural beings from New Orleans, then darling daughter of Klaus and Hayley continues to grow. Mikaelsons had to make a huge sacrifice at the end of previous chapter. They dispersed in different directions for the benefit of Hope. Some of them went to France, someone – in San Francisco, and the girl went to a school for children with supernatural abilities, founded by Caroline and Alaric. No matter what, Original Vampires remember about love for all seasons of The Originals. Therefore, at once two representatives of this family will start a new relationship in upcoming episodes of the final chapter. Hayley is waiting for sex on friendship with Declan. He is a human and does not know that his girlfriend is part of an infamous original family. However, he will only be her temporary hobby. An adult Hope will also has a potential lover. Roman is a devilishly charming classmate. A new hero was only recently converted into a vampire, and he suddenly begins to interest in the ancient clan after a mysterious incident at school. It is unlikely that Klaus will like the new boyfriend of his daughter… Elijah, who lost his memory, is waiting for a meeting with a vampire named Antoinette. A new heroine prefers to wear a mask of coquettish and free from the prejudices lady to hide from the eyes of others her dark secrets of her past. The members of Mikaelson clan are doing their best to keep their promise – to stay away from each other. However, they still have to meet again to fight back the next, this time the last, enemy. However, not one specific person, but the whole movement, will personify evil in season 5 of The Originals. They appeared a century ago and are somehow connected with Mikaelson family.

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