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Recently has informed us, that they are not able to store all 70+Tb of our content, and will delete all inactive links. That's why all not popular links were removed.

We have had 137,000+ links to in our database, now only 20,000 links left. As do not provide us list of deleted files, we had to update links status manually. Now 99,9% of broken links are deleted, and we are working on re-uploading of popular series and completely removing of unpopular.

If you want to download some tv show that has no links - please let us know and we will add links with high priority.

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The Oath

The Oath poster
Air weekdate: Thursday
Genre: Crime, Drama
Channel: Sony Crackle
Status: Continuing
7.0/10(1 votes)
Arlen Escapeta Arlen Escapeta as Damon Byrd
Cory Hardrict Cory Hardrict as Cole Hammond
Joseph Julian Soria Joseph Julian Soria as Ramos
Katrina Law Katrina Law as Karen Beach
Ryan Kwanten Ryan Kwanten as Steve Hammond
Sean Bean Sean Bean as Tom Hammond
Michael Malarkey Michael Malarkey as Sam Foster

Explores a world of gangs made up of those sworn to protect, defend and shed light on corrupt and secret societies.

The Oath season 1

The Oath season 1 poster

Action-drama The Oath season 1 narrates about the world of criminal organizations, where only the favorites get into. The protagonist is the police officer Tom Hammond (Sean Bean), who lives a double life. Guardian of the law is the leader of the brutal criminal group “Crows”, consisting of police officers. But the punishment is inevitable: FBI agent, who works undercover, recognizes Hammond’s criminal activities. The case comes to trial, and the former cop goes to prison after receiving a long term. But he does not lose hope to get out and again become a leader of the gang, taking revenge on all who betrayed him … in the new episodes of season 1 The Oath.

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The Oath season 2

The Oath season 2 poster

The plot continues to revolve around a gang of corrupt police officers called "The Ravens". Only the chosen ones manage to become part of a criminal group and it is very difficult to make it. However, over time, oaths are broken and trust for each other disappears against the backdrop of constant struggle with external enemies. The Ravens will try to get out of debt to the cartel in season 2. Will it work out? The main theme of the upcoming episodes will be the atonement and the family. The main characters will strive for a new life, and some of them will want to return the old one. And, perhaps, they certainly will get the last chance!

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