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The Neighbors

The Neighbors poster
Air weekdate: Friday
Genre: Comedy, Science-Fiction
Channel: ABC
Status: Ended
7.2/10(375 votes)
Clara Mamet Clara Mamet as Amber Weaver
Ian Patrick Ian Patrick as Dick Butkis
Isabella Cramp Isabella Cramp as Abby Weaver
Jami Gertz Jami Gertz as Debbie Weaver
Jami Gertz Jami Gertz as Debbie Weaver
Lenny Venito Lenny Venito as Marty Weaver
Max Charles Max Charles as Max Weaver
Simon Templeman Simon Templeman as Larry Bird
Tim Jo Tim Jo as Reggie Jackson
Toks Olagundoye Toks Olagundoye as Jackie Joyner-Kersee

The Neighbors revolves around a family that has relocated to a gated townhouse community in New Jersey called "Hidden Hills". Upon their arrival, they discover that the entire community is populated by residents from another planet. Amongst their myriad quirks, these aliens identify themselves by the names of sports celebrities, patrol the community in golf carts, dress alike, receive nourishment through their eyes and mind by reading books rather than eating, and cry green goo from their ears. The aliens have assumed human form, but they can revert to their natural appearance by clapping their hands above their heads. They have been stuck on Earth for 10 years, still awaiting instructions to return home.

How well do you know your neighbors? Meet The Weavers: Debbie and Marty. Marty, in the hope of a better life for his wife and three children, recently bought a house in "Hidden Hills". But from the very first day it was evident that the residents of Hidden Hills a bit... other. First, all of their new neighbors has the names of professional athletes like Larry Bird, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Reggie Jackson, and Dick Butkus. Over dinner, Marty and his family discovered that their neighbors are fed through their eyes and minds by reading books, and do not eat. The Weavers soon learn that all of society is made up of foreigners from Zabvron, where the men have children, and everyone is crying green goo... from the ears. Zabvronians settled on Earth in the past 10 years, disguised as humans, waiting for instructions from home, and The Weavers are the first people who had the opportunity to meet them. As it turns out, the pressure of marriage and parenthood are not exclusive to Earth. Two worlds will collide with a happy consequences, as all know they can "completely true" and learn from each other.

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With your continued interest, family, comedy adventures with Martha Weaver in the lead role. Members of the family have long experienced the terrible boredom and they really wanted to bring to life something new to embellish it some sort of bright events that deliver incredible happiness. The current depressing situation gradually let down the family to its collapse. The main character finds a way out of this situation and offers to change their place of residence. The proposed version of her mother liked. They sell their old house in which lived a long time and moved to the suburbs of New Jersey in standing empty for many years the house. The family still hopes to find the source of happiness and interest in life. According to the old saying their do not need to buy a house and the neighbors that the main characters are not taken into account. Few set up your home family members introducing the new neighbors. First, they will learn about two married couples engaged in sports. In order to establish a warm and friendly relations the family invites neighbors for dinner. From this point turns the whole crux of the problem which consists in the fact that none of them were treated to nothing they just read a magazine at the table. Soon Martha realized that their new acquaintances none other as aliens. Now she remains to calculate the true mission of their stay on the planet and people thinking what to do next.

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