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The Musketeers

The Musketeers poster
Air weekdate: Saturday
Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure
Channel: BBC One
Status: Ended
7.9/10(1004 votes)
Alexandra Dowling Alexandra Dowling as Queen Anne
Andre Flynn Andre Flynn as Gaston
Bo Poraj Bo Poraj as Jacques Michel Bonacieux
Howard Charles Howard Charles as Porthos
Hugo Speer Hugo Speer as Captain Treville
Luke Pasqualino Luke Pasqualino as D’Artagnan
Luke Pasqualino Luke Pasqualino as D’Artagnan
Maimie McCoy Maimie McCoy as Milady de Winter
Marc Warren Marc Warren as Rochefort
Matthew McNulty Matthew McNulty as Lucien Grimaud

A thrilling world of action, adventure and romance inspired by Dumas' legendary characters.

On the streets of 17th century Paris, law and order is more a fledgling idea than reality, and the Musketeers, Athos, Aramis and Porthos, are far more than merely royal bodyguards for King Louis XIII; they are inseparable, loyal unto death and committed to upholding justice. Together, this crack team of highly trained soldiers fight for honour, for valour, for love, and just for the pure thrill of it.

TV show is set on the streets of seventeenth century Paris, where law and order is more an idea than reality. More than King Louis XIII’s personal bodyguards, Athos, Aramis and Porthos stand resolutely for social justice, for honor, for valor, for love – and for the thrill of it. D’Artagnan, a skilled fighter from rural Gascony, meets the three Musketeers while on a mission to right the wrong of his father’s death. Although he meets the men in unfortunate circumstances, he finds kindred spirits in the other soldiers. Athos, who has rejected his noble roots to become a Musketeer, quickly befriends D’Artagnan, but has a past which is shrouded in mystery, and is prone to getting in trouble. Porthos is a larger-than-life character, who has come from humble beginnings to become a solider in the most elite regiment in the land, finding a family in the other Musketeers. Never short of admirers, Aramis has an effortless charm which leads him in and out of love. Despite this, he is a shrewd pragmatist who is a ferocious in battle and commands a key place in the brotherhood.

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New film eternally youthful novel by Alexandre Dumas senior "The Three Musketeers" under the direction of British filmmakers and producers was accepted with delight as the audience and critics alike. This success led the founders to reflect on the filming of the second season of the picture. The output of the second season of the series The Musketeers held in early 2015. This premiere was the most highly anticipated from all other foreign series. Presented a delightful game of actors allows viewers to once again go back to the beautiful medieval era. The series describes the events taking place in France in the XVII century during the reign of King Louis XIII. That period was literally full of amazing and wonderful events. The main characters of the picture is D'Artagnan, Artos, Partos and Aramis seen this on personal experience. The king is protected by the most of excellent courageous and brave musketeers. These characters have become famous as the fearless warriors. Every day in the life of the main characters is the next adventure, the next fighting battles in which victory goes to them. However, this is not their only achievement. Among other things their life is a continuous risk and dangers. They have repeatedly will extend a helping hand because for them a person's life which was in danger as always higher than their own life. Musketeers brightest fighters for justice. But sometimes, they are able to do crazy things to defend their honor and dignity. Incredible adventures and the new and exciting stories await lovers of this painting.

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The two previous seasons of the series The Musketeers got a huge amount of positive feedback. The audience was delighted with the emotions of those which gave them the main characters. Based on these results, was decided to extend the adventure and take off the third season. So now you have the opportunity again watch the heroic deeds of your heroes. D'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis again will in the spotlight. These desperate and very brave musketeers will continue to amaze you their adventures and fascinating stories. They as before will participate in all critical events of the season. This time they have to perform a very important mission. Since the king was in danger, for four heroes came responsibility moment. Now, exactly from them depends the fate of the king, and of whole country. But their this completely not scares. Because they are always confident in their abilities and victory. Whenever necessary, they ready to become in defense of the king and the entire country. After all, the characters are a real team. Due to the fact that they are smart, courageous and always working in according to plan, therefore able to achieve assigned goals. So that the king "is in good hands."

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