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The Messengers

The Messengers poster
Air weekdate: Friday
Genre: Fantasy, Thriller
Channel: The CW
Status: Ended
6.4/10(16 votes)
Anna Diop Anna Diop as Rose Arvale
Brittany O'Grady Brittany O'Grady as Nadia Garcia
Craig Frank Craig Frank as Alan Harris
Diogo Morgado Diogo Morgado as The Man
 JD Pardo JD Pardo as Raul Garcia
Jennifer Griffin Jennifer Griffin as Eliza
Jessika Van Jessika Van as Koa Lin
Joel Courtney Joel Courtney as Peter Moore
Jon Fletcher Jon Fletcher as Joshua Silburn Jr
Justin Bruening Justin Bruening as Leo Travers

When a mysterious object crashes to Earth, a group of seemingly unconnected strangers die from the energy pulse, but then awaken to learn that they have been assigned the task of preventing the impending Apocalypse.

This TV series will tell you how the lives of 5 strangers weave mysteriously. It happens after the fall of an odd object in the desert of New Mexico. The impact wave of it makes the heroes dead for some time. After the awakening life circumstances forces them to be at one and the same place and time, where they learn about the fact that they have become Messengers. Among the chosen there is Vera, a scientist, who is fully absorbed by work in order not to be alone with the ghosts of the past. Erin is a young mother on the run, who hides the 7 years old daughter from her ex-husband. Peter is an underage boy with the problems of teenager. Raul is a disclosed undercover agent, and Joshua is a televangelist in the second generation. All of them are different and dissimilar, but the coming danger will give them a chance to unite. Each of the messengers is a carrier of a special gift thanks to it they will be able to prevent a catastrophe. The chosen will have to stop the coming apocalypse. Will it turn out well, after all their feelings and experience are human...

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