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The Lottery

The Lottery poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Channel: Lifetime (US)
Status: Ended
7.7/10(7 votes)
Marley Shelton Marley Shelton as Dr. Alison Lennon
Michael Graziadei Michael Graziadei as Kyle
David Alpay David Alpay as James
Martin Donovan Martin Donovan as Darius Hayes
Shelley Conn Shelley Conn as Gabrielle Westwood
Vanessa Keller Vanessa Keller as Athena Karkanis
Yul Vazquez Yul Vazquez as Thomas Westwood

Set in a dystopian future when women have stopped having children, "The Lottery" reveals a world staring down the barrel of impending extinction. Remarkably, 100 embryos are successfully fertilized and a national lottery is held to decide the surrogates. As conflict, control and mystery over this global crisis unfolds, the government’s interests and power begin to dominate, igniting a highly controversial debate over our fundamental and personal freedom to raise a family.

The Lottery season 1

The Lottery season 1 poster

Very futuristic dramatic story reveals the secrets of the possibility of human development in the future. You can imagine that when that woman's reproductive function ceases to perform its role ?! Therefore to prevent the destruction of the human race it was decided to fertilize hundred embryos by artificially. Further, by lotteries are chosen are those women which have the opportunity to become surrogate mothers. It all starts with the replanting of embryos. Following this process will have a lot of problems. In other words, do not do in this matter without surprises. With women there is something strange informed the inability of women to bear children. Today's world is on the brink of devastation after the last born at six babies in the last six years. Long problemm research team of scientists led by Dr. Alison Lennon opened the way to the embryo fertilization as a result, they were able to fertilize a hundred eggs. As usual, the government intervenes in the scientific process. The Prime Minister Darius Hayes decides to inform the president of the news about the scientific breakthrough. The next challenge for the scientists is the definition of hundreds of women which will be participating in the surrogacy program. This is another rather important step the result of which was derived using the lotteries. Further, there is a real struggle for the right to receive the family and the child.

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