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The Librarians

The Librarians poster
Air weekdate: Wednesday
Genre: Action, Adventure, Supernatural
Channel: TNT
Status: Ended
7.7/10(1500 votes)
Christian Kane Christian Kane as Jake Stone
Jane Curtin Jane Curtin as Charlene
John Kim John Kim as Ezekiel Jones
John Larroquette John Larroquette as Jenkins
Lindy Booth Lindy Booth as Cassandra Cillian
Matt Frewer Matt Frewer as Dulaque
Noah Wyle Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen
Rebecca Romijn Rebecca Romijn as Eve Baird
Christian Kane Christian Kane as Jake Stone
Jane Curtin Jane Curtin as Charlene

In The Librarians, four ordinary people from around the world are selected to work for the Library, an ancient order dedicated to solving supernatural mysteries and protecting the innocent from the secret magical world all around us.

A team of five people, by leader of which is Flynn Carsen, by all means trying to resist to Serpent Brotherhood that will not give them to grab all the mysterious monuments that they have. Flynn, specifically for the conservation of these monuments created the secret headquarter of the Order. Gone 10 years syne he started to do it. Initially, the main character within the confines of this affairs acted independently. But when the pressure from his enemies increased, he realized that he needed to seek reinforcements. His first assistant and defender becomes the agent by fight with banditry Yves Baird. They make a plan of action, and decided to take more three people on the place of supreme librarian. By them appeared three experienced professionals which were endowed of leadership qualities. One of them is Ezekil Jones, which excellent knows about the modern technology and he was named a thief higher class. The second representative has name is Cassandra Killian. She has excellent skills in mathematics and has extensive experience in creating visual and sensory hallucinations. A third leader of this team is Jake Stone. He has a high measure of knowledge in art history. On the shoulders of each of these characters lies an important and urgent task: give rebuff to the Serpent Brotherhood and prevent the fact that this Brotherhood could not use these monuments for their own purposes.

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The plotline is focused on the four people Eve, Jake, Cassandra and Ezekiel, working for the ancient organization hidden deep under the Metropolitan Public Library. Their main target is to solve various puzzles, protect world from magical secret reality and struggle against the supernatural threats, especially against the Brotherhood with an evil leader in its head. The sophomore season of the Librarians series will mainly take place in a penitentiary. Yes, you are not mistaken: Jake, Eve, Cassandra and Ezekiel are going to head to prison this time. Our protagonists will utilize their united powers in order to be on the trail of a perilous artifact under the ceiling of place of detention. It is also known that during the series shooting there was a massive Estacada explosion! The season 2 will consist of only 10 episodes, where Flynn Carsen, the original Librarian, will take part in the premiere.

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The process of founding our world has undergone many changes. With the development of megacities and the latest technology, magical display that were once widely popular, gradually pushed out of the everyday life. However, despite this, a variety of articles for Witchcraft and Wizardry, there among the people and until now. Such magic items were collected in one place, so that the forces of evil were unable to take advantage of them. A special organization based in one of the top-secret underground storage securely protects these attributes. A certain, Librarian, appointed governing units. Since ancient times, this position was transferred from generation to generation posthumously. And the existing time, responsible for the post of elected Flynn Carsen. Since childhood, he was distinguished by creativity and deep thought, and work alone brought him pleasure. The tranquility did not last long. The time comes the dark forces. A certain Serpent Brotherhood, want to lock in their possession is the storage and use of existing magical artifacts against humanity. Flynn decides to insure and confirm the position, so takes his bodyguard team mate, Eve Bird, representative of department on struggle against terrorism. Together, they will create a new team that will be able to repel enemies. The premiere of the new series of the third season of The Librarians happen at the beginning of November 2016.

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The Librarians season 4 on TNT continues to highlight the activities of a mysterious organization that protects ancient magical artifacts from various enemies who want to capture them, and at the same time destroy the world. The brave librarians are waiting for another portion of exciting adventures, during which they again have to risk the lives to save humanity in the new season. The heroes will face the brother of famous Santa Claus, who is the boss of burglars; they will try to save the city that the ghosts of the Civil War keep in fear; they will battle with the casino which steals the luck; our heroes will fail when exchanging bodies; moreover, they will cooperate with a librarian from the past who travels in time. But the biggest their problem will be the library. Since Charlene is no longer attached to supernatural athenaeum, two people, one librarian and one guardian, will have to assume her responsibilities. Jenkins organizes a ceremony that will forever connect a couple with the library, thereby granting them immortality. Flynn and Baird are ready to make this sacrifice. However, Nicole Noone from Flynn’s past will appear. She’s a former Flynn’s guardian and is one of the little dirty secrets that the library hides. Each of the team members, faced with this gloomy secret, will have to ask themselves a few difficult questions. Is the library good or evil? Can someone of them ever live a normal life, with love, friends and family? Heroes have a lot of research. But this time they will need to find answers within themselves without any ancient manuscripts or vaticinations in the new episodes of season 4 The Librarians tv series.

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