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The Legend of Korra season 3

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The Legend of Korra season 3 poster
13 episodes (922 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:Janet Varney, J.K. Simmons, David Faustino, Peter Giles, Kristy Wu, Grey DeLisle, Henry Rollins, Adrian LaTourelle, John Michael Higgins, Lisa Edelstein, James Remar, Aaron Himelstein, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Hardwick, Kate Higgins, D.B. Sweeney, Daniel Dae Kim, Darcy Rose Byrnes, Seychelle Gabriel, Dee Bradley Baker, Lance Henriksen, Eva Marie Saint, Steve Blum, Mindy Sterling, Kiernan Shipka, Maria Bamford, P.J. Byrne, Logan Wells Genre:Action, Animation, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Mystery, Suspense Channel:Nickelodeon Status:Ended

9.2 (107 votes)

Two weeks after Harmonic Convergence, Republic City is still covered in vines, and after Korra can’t remove them, President Raiko orders her out of the city. After people all over the world, including Bumi, suddenly discover their ability to bend air, Tenzin, Korra and her friends embark on an airship trip to recruit them for the Air Nomads. Meanwhile, a dangerous criminal, Zaheer escapes from a remote prison thanks to his new airbending skills.

The Legend of Korra season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: A Breath of Fresh Air (air date: 2014-06-27)

After the events of Harmonic Convergence, Avatar Korra discovers that her decision to leave the spirit portals open has unexpected consequences. Wild spirit vines have overgrown Republic City and Airbenders are suddenly popping up across the four nations.

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Episode #2: Rebirth (air date: 2014-06-27)

Korra, Tenzin and Team Avatar search for new Airbenders in an effort to rebuild the Air Nation. Meanwhile, a band of sinister criminals are organizing to hunt down the Avatar themselves.

360p (mp4 239.1 MB)
Episode #3: The Earth Queen (air date: 2014-06-27)

The team look for Airbenders on a trip to Ba Sing Se.

360p (mp4 239.0 MB)
Episode #4: In Harm's Way (air date: 2014-07-11)

Korra finds out that the Earth Queen imprisoned airbenders to create an army. Jinora leads an investigation with her spiritual projection. Lin joins the Avatar Team.

360p (mp4 238.0 MB)
Episode #5: The Metal Clan (air date: 2014-07-11)

Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami visit Sao Fu, the city of Metal Clan. Lin does not want to meet her past. Su Jin tells her life story. Air Temple Island training camp has a new recruit.

360p (mp4 241.0 MB)
Episode #6: Old Wounds (air date: 2014-07-18)

Korra practices metal bending. Lin takes an acupuncture session. Zaheer, Ghazan, Ming-Hua and P'Li escape Republic City.

360p (mp4 241.4 MB)
Episode #7: Original Airbenders (air date: 2014-07-18)

Though contending with Bumi's bad attitude, Tenzin tries to train the new members of the Air Nation.

360p (mp4 241.7 MB)
Episode #8: The Terror Within (air date: 2014-07-25)

Zaheer and his gang try to kidnap Korra.

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Episode #9: The Stakeout (air date: 2014-08-01)

Korra learns the truth about the group that is planning to destroy her.

360p (mp4 241.4 MB)
Episode #10: Long Live the Queen (air date: 2014-08-08)

Korra and Asami are stranded in the desert. The members of The Red Lotus negotiate with the Earth Queen.

360p (mp4 241.2 MB)
Episode #11: The Ultimatum (air date: 2014-08-15)

Mako and Bolin deliver an ominous message from Zaheer.

360p (mp4 240.1 MB)
Episode #12: Enter the Void (air date: 2014-08-22)

When other plans fail, Korra suggests a brave idea to take on the Red Lotus and save the Air Nation.

360p (mp4 238.9 MB)
Episode #13: Venom of the Red Lotus (air date: 2014-08-22)

Korra battles Zaheer, while Bolin and Mako duel Ghazan and Ming-Hua. The captive members of the Air Nation escape and band together to help Korra.

360p (mp4 240.4 MB)

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