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The Incredible Dr. Pol season 4

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The Incredible Dr. Pol season 4 poster
12 episodes (282 views)

Air weekdate:Saturday Cast:Jan Pol Genre:Documentary Channel:Nat Geo Wild Status:Continuing

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The Incredible Dr. Pol season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Noah's Bark (air date: 2014-01-04)

The winter snow has turned into torrential rain, bringing a flood of farm calls to Pol Veterinary Services. In the pouring rain, Dr. Pol rushes out to Pohl Dairy to check on a normally docile dairy cow that is acting out of its mind. Meanwhile, Jacob the goat and Nellie the pig come in with their concerned owner, who's worried they are sharing a skin infection. And Pickles the chameleon has a cyst that needs Dr. Pol's astute eye to check it over.

Episode #2: Spring Fever (air date: 2014-01-11)

Spring is beginning to bloom as the animals begin to run wild. First on the doctor's list is mini-horse, Mateo, whose hormones have kicked in, making him go wild for the mares. The solution is to castrate Mateo to lessen the testosterone, but this turns out to be no ordinary castration. Then, Jezebel the cow is in distress and unable to birth her calf. Dr. Pol and Charles discover that she has milk fever and if not treated quickly enough, could slip into a coma, causing her and her calf to die.

Episode #3: The Bull Pen (air date: 2014-01-18)

Dr. Pol and Charles start their day by heading out to see a sick ox who has lost weight and is having trouble breathing. After an examination, Dr. Pol finds that the ox's lungs are in bad shape; most likely he's contracted pneumonia and it's so advanced, Dr. Pol is unsure if the animal will make it. Back at the clinic, Dr. Brenda sees Remington, a dog that has accidentally ripped the skin off the top of his back. Meanwhile, Dr. Pol and Charles head off to a farm to fix a castration gone wrong.

Episode #4: How Now Smelly Cow (air date: 2014-01-25)

The first signs of summer are gradually creeping across central Michigan and Pol Veterinary Services is in full swing. Dr. Pol and Charles head to Gross Dairy Farm for an emergency call to help a feisty cow with a twisted stomach and a foul stench. Back at the clinic, Dr. Pol examines Ginger the goat and suspects it might have polio. Dr. Brenda receives an emergency farm call of her own -- a new heifer at Delbert Garrett's farm has a prolapsed uterus and is still straining post-labor.

Episode #5: Dog Dazed Afternoon (air date: 2014-02-01)

The summer season is in high gear at the clinic as life-and-death situations stream in. Dr. Pol and Charles visit Stough Farms and Farmer Bill is one happy camper when he finds out that two-thirds of his cows are pregnant! At the clinic, Dr. Sandra examines a goat that gave birth the previous night. Its concerned owners suspect there may still be another baby inside. Meanwhile, Dr. Pol is across town at the Mogg's, tending to a pig that is suffering violent seizures.

Episode #6: Wonder Horse (air date: 2014-03-01)

Father's Day is around the corner and Charles is busy scheduling a unique father-son camping trip. Dr. Pol and Dr. Brenda see a mountain of cases at the clinic. First is a wild cow with an injured hoof. The team works to find the cause of the pain and heal the frantic cow without landing themselves with an injury of their own. Next to be seen is poor Chubbs, a playful black lab suffering a mystery illness. Can Dr. Pol solve this puzzling case so Chubbs can go back to his old, happy self?

Episode #7: The Incredible Mr. Quackerson (air date: 2014-03-08)

Babies are everywhere as Dr. Pol, his son Charles and Dr. Brenda try to keep up with an onslaught puppies, kittens and calves, oh my! Amidst the birthing chaos, Dr. Pol and Charles must wrestle two 1,600-pound cows to the ground in order to operate on their twisted stomachs, a potentially fatal condition. Then, Charles's Great Dane puppy Athena has come of age and is in for a fix. But will a routine procedure present Dr. Pol with more than he can handle?

Episode #8: Pol Speed Ahead (air date: 2014-03-14)

Dr. Pol and Charles rush to save a mother mare and foal, but will it be enough? Next, the father-son duo race over to Marshall Farms for a few pregnancy checks. The farmers want to thank their favorite vet by giving him a chance to drive a victory lap in their brand-new racecar. But right as race time finally comes, duty calls and Dr. Pol has to make a pit stop when a dog with a badly slit neck comes into the clinic. Will Dr. Pol make it on time or will his racecar dreams be left in the dust?

Episode #9: Goats Gone Wild (air date: 2014-03-22)

The county fair has come to town, and as the unofficial vet for the entire event, Dr. Pol is a busy man. At the clinic, Timmy the goat has come to see Dr. Brenda. She thinks he's got something blocking his esophagus and must rush to get it out or Timmy will die. The emergency cases keep piling in as Cooter the hound dog arrives at the clinic after battling it out with another dog.

Episode #10: Raging Bulls (air date: 2014-03-29)

Dr. Pol loves keeping it old school, but his son Charles is determined to teach this old vet new tricks by upgrading the computer system at the Pol Veterinary Services. However, Dr. Pol can't be bothered with motherboards when he's got a mare and her sick foal to deal with. Add escaping cattle, a wobbly dog that won't stop walking in circles and an alligator with an attitude to the mix, and you've got a perfect storm of Pol-manageable madness.

Episode #11: Pol-A-Palooza (air date: 2014-04-05)

From cows and pigs to goats and pugs, celebrate some of Dr. Pol's greatest moments caught on camera. For over thirty years Dr. Pol has played an integral part in the health and welfare of both the people and pets across Michigan. His skills and dedication warm the hearts and minds of those lucky enough to call him their vet.

Episode #12: Spring It On (air date: 2014-04-12)

It's the best of the seasons at the Pol clinic -- springtime! Some of our most memorable moments of Dr. Pol and his team caught in a tornado, flooding rains, and strange happenings because of the full moon. They weather the storm of non-stop emergency calls from stalled cow births to animals with unusual birth defects. The springtime fun continues with cute baby animals preparing for 4-H competition and a ‘never seen before' case with Bill O'Reilly, the baby turkey.

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