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The Haves and the Have Nots season 2

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The Haves and the Have Nots season 2 poster
33 episodes (10692 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Tika Sumpter, Aaron O'Connell, Crystal Fox, Tyler Lepley, Philip Boyd, Jordan Preston Carter, Porsha Ferguson, James Edward Thomas, Danielle Deadwyler, Eva Tamargo, Angela Robinson, Allison McAtee, Brett Davis, Gavin Houston, Jaclyn Betham, John Schneider, Jon Chaffin, Kristian Kordula, Medina Islam, Peter Parros, Presilah Nunez, Renée Lawless, Shari Headley Genre:Drama, Soap Channel:OWN Status:Continuing

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In the season two of the Haves and Have Nots series Hanna cannot wait to hear some news concerning the condition of Benny. In the meantime, Candace persuades Amanda to fight for her own hand and she ends up in nervous breakdown, whereas Wyatt commits a horrendous dead. Meanwhile, Benny appears in intensive care, and his life runs into danger. Tony is going to make a difficult decision. Jim’s campaign starts to crash and burn. Will he be able to breathe a new life into it? Katheryn and Celine find themselves at loggerheads about Hanna’s treatment. Jim tries to help Wyatt and save him from going behind the bars. Tony provides some records of trial for Hanna, confronting her, whereas Hanna chooses Candace for her representation in court. The judge has to pass a verdict. Whose side will he take? Jim and David undergo again Candace’s blackmail in the course of their campaign event. Someone kidnaps Candace. Will Wyatt get arrested? Will Benny recover? These and many other questions will be responded in the sophomore season of this amazing series.

The Haves and the Have Nots season 2 episodes list:

Episode #0: (air date: 2016-12-23)
Episode #1: The Power Dance (air date: 2015-01-07)

Wyatt learns more about Jim's affair with Candace after he produces the password for Jim's cell phone. Meanwhile, Hanna hosts a block party for Benny. Benny tries to protect Candace from Quincy by keeping her at Hanna's house, but Candace plots to get away from her brother so she can meet up with Warlock, who has successfully kidnapped Jim. At the Harrington house, Quincy pays Veronica an unwelcome visit. And across town, David tries to get up his nerve to sleep with Maggie at the Sarandon Hotel.

Episode #2: The War Room (air date: 2015-01-13)

Candace holds Jim captive in Warlock's basement and uses the opportunity to take incriminating photos of him. Meanwhile, Wyatt's discovery of Jim's text messages confirms that the would-be governor had affairs with both Candace and Celine, sending Wyatt into a tailspin. Elsewhere, David has resolved not to cheat on his wife. As he leaves Maggie's adjoining hotel room, though, he finds Veronica waiting for him in his room, and, enraged, she viciously attacks Maggie. At Hanna's house, Benny discovers his sister is missing and leaves to search for her.

Episode #3: A Southern Brawl (air date: 2015-01-20)

After pulling Veronica off Maggie, David fails to convince his wife of his innocence. In Warlock's basement, Jim's torment continues at the hands of Candace. Meanwhile, Celine has an unsettling interaction with Wyatt. After seemingly making a pass at her, he reveals to Celine that he knows about her affair with his father. And, twisting the knife, he proceeds to inform her that Jim has also been sleeping with Candace. Later, Hanna and Michael have a romantic encounter at her house that puts her willpower to the test. Finally, enraged by her husband's perceived affair, Veronica pays a visit to Jeffery's apartment, where she places the blame of her failed marriage at the feet of her stunned son. Her confrontation is cut short by the appearance of Candace, who brashly announces that she's staying at Jeffery's place—and unwittingly invites Veronica to set nefarious plans into motion.

Episode #4: Amanda's Room (air date: 2015-01-27)

Benny walks in on Hanna and Michael kissing in Hanna's room, and reacts in a less-than-considerate manner. Elsewhere, Candace tries to convince Jeffery to get out from under his mother's thumb, but Jeffery is unconvinced. Later, the young woman that Jeffery's mother tried to set him up with, Melissa, pays him a visit—and arouses Jeffery's suspicions about her motives. At the Cryer-Harrington campaign headquarters, Maggie and the press anxiously await Jim's arrival to announce his candidacy. Behind the scenes, the Cryers are looking for the would-be governor, and Katheryn gets an earful from Wyatt. Meanwhile, in the dank basement of Warlock's hideout, Jim makes one last desperate attempt to escape. Unsuccessful, he relents and gives Candace the money she's after, winning back his freedom. Finally, Hanna makes a gruesome discovery at the Cryer mansion.

Episode #5: The Press Conference (air date: 2015-02-03)

Television reporter Dianna Whinchil and Maggie are anxiously awaiting Jim Cryer's arrival for the press conference, but he is nowhere to be found. Then, Landon reveals his ulterior motives when the Harringtons begin the press conference in his stead. Meanwhile, Candace confirms her wire transfer from Jim and sets him free with nothing in his pocket but a bus pass. Elsewhere, a friend and fellow tow truck driver presents Benny with a business proposition. Back at the Cryer-Harrington campaign headquarters, Dianna Whinchil goes live without Jim and is about to lambaste him on air when devastating news breaks.

Episode #6: A Tragic Day (air date: 2015-02-10)

Jim tries to make his way to the campaign headquarters after Candace releases him with only a bus pass in hand. He finds a charitable woman who gives him a ride, but he is horrified when she informs him of his daughter's death. Candace works to cover the tracks of her extortion by telling Benny she's taken a legitimate job at a law firm. At the Cryer mansion, Katheryn fires Celine after the two women clash in the aftermath of Amanda's death. Meanwhile, Wyatt turns to alcohol and emotional abuse as he grapples with the loss of his sister.

Episode #7: April 7, 1979 (air date: 2015-02-17)

District Attorney Jennifer Sallison arrives with the medical examiner to determine the nature of Amanda's death. Although she still suspects Jim of covering up Wyatt's hit-and-run crime, she promises to stay her pursuit of justice for the time being to let the Cryers grieve. Benny meets a woman who wants him to tow away the car her ex gave her. Benny tells her that rather than tow it, she should try to sell it. Desperate to be rid of the automobile, she immediately offers to sell it to Benny for whatever money he has on him, which turns out to be $500. Warily, he buys the car and gives it to Hanna. In his drunken state, Wyatt tells Jeffery that he plans to turn himself in to the DA and take his family down in the process. At the Sarandon, Candace bumps into Landon at the hotel bar and learns of Amanda's suicide. Later, the DA makes her final call on the nature of Amanda's death, telling the Cryers and Harringtons that it was indeed a suicide.

Episode #8: In Crisis (air date: 2015-02-24)

Jim overhears Wyatt's plan to expose the family to the district attorney. Meanwhile, Hanna pays a visit to Candace at the Sarandon Hotel, looking to reconcile. She begs her daughter's forgiveness for a past parental failure: One of Hanna's former boyfriends molested Candace when she was only 5 years old. Veronica continues to push Jeffery into a relationship with Melissa. When David tries to put a stop to his wife's plan by outing his son to the young woman, Melissa's odd response brings her motives into question for him. Reflecting on her own mistakes as a mother, Katheryn pleads with her friend Veronica to accept her son as he is, but Veronica is dismissive. Finally, Jeffery comes home to find that Quincy has broken in—and is willing to do whatever it takes to find Candace.

Episode #9: A Talk With Jim (air date: 2015-03-03)

Jeffery manages to evade Quincy after the ex-con brutally assaults him in an attempt to extract information on Candace's whereabouts. Katheryn turns up at Hanna's house, looking for a shoulder to cry on. Later, Jim tries to apologize for his treatment of the family, but Katheryn rebukes him for never taking full responsibility for his transgressions. David fails to persuade Candace to stay away from the Cryers, but Maggie strikes a deal that could solve their problem. Finally, a distraught Wyatt calls District Attorney Jennifer Sallison and says he'll give her all the information she needs on the hit-and-run case.

Episode #10: Oscar (air date: 2015-03-10)

Celine tries to come back to work only to meet with firm opposition from Hanna, Katheryn and Jim. A mysterious man hits on Candace at the Sarandon Hotel. After turning him down, she learns from Landon that he's a wealthy widower. Later, Candace gets an unsettling call from Jeffery's phone, leading her to believe that something has happened to him. Maggie keeps Landon from leaving Savannah and the Cryer campaign. Meanwhile, Benny grills Tony about why he took Hanna to court to take Benny off life support. Finally, Wyatt meets with the district attorney to confess his crimes.

Episode #11: Unglued (air date: 2015-03-17)

As they sort through the aftermath of their daughter's death, Jim and Katheryn agree it's time to call it quits on their marriage. Hanna invites Michael over for a more measured conversation after their passionate encounter. Candace makes a big purchase—and throws in a gift for Benny to boot. David goes looking for Jeffery only to find his apartment empty and in disarray. Later, he finally discovers that Veronica is behind Quincy's release and the brutal assault on Jeffery. Veronica believes that David sold her out to the district attorney for hiding evidence. In a rage, she confronts him at the Sarandon Hotel.

Episode #12: Enough is Enough (air date: 2015-03-24)

Quincy shocks Hanna by showing up at her door with her long-lost grandson. However, the ex-con cuts the reunion short when Hanna claims ignorance of Candace's whereabouts, but not before backhanding her across the face. After the encounter, Benny goes after Quincy and ends up in jail. He calls on Veronica's legal services—and gets more than he asked for. Melissa reappears at the Sarandon Hotel and comes on to Jeffery stronger than ever. When Candace steps in, though, Jeffery discovers that Melissa has been trying to get pregnant by him with Veronica's help. At the Cryer mansion, Jim has a heart-to-heart with Wyatt about the past, Wyatt's confession to the district attorney, and his son's dark future behind bars. And, David takes a stand against Veronica, but it may cost him his life.

Episode #13: Two Funerals (air date: 2015-06-30)

Veronica starts a fire that destroys the mansion and almost claims David's life. Benny, who's searching for his sister's child, plans to bail Quincy out of jail. Veronica starts an affair with Benny; Amanda's funeral begins; Jeffery gets a call about the fire of the Harrington mansion.

Episode #14: In Memoriam (air date: 2015-07-07)

Amanda is mourned and laid to rest; Wyatt's confession to the district attorney sparks controversy.

360p (mp4 162.7 MB)
Episode #15: Nine Lives (air date: 2015-07-14)

Jim and Katheryn hold Candace hostage.

Episode #16: The Cougar (air date: 2015-07-21)

Hanna finds Benny in bed with Veronica; Melissa demands that Jeffrey's parents take care of her own.

360p (mp4 287.2 MB)
Episode #17: Candace Young, Esq. (air date: 2015-06-28)

Tensions flare when Veronica sees Maggie coming out of David's hotel room and Jeffery coming out of Landon's room. Jeffery tells his mother that he had sex with a woman and hated it. What's more, it was his first time. Despite her son's anguish, Veronica commands Jeffery to keep doing it, again and again, until it's natural to him. Meanwhile, Benny arrives home and reconnects with his sister. Plus, Hanna plans a surprise party for her son—and discovers something dubious about Detective Byron Marshall. Elsewhere, Jim plots to clear Wyatt's name by hiring someone to take the fall, and Candace puts her plan for revenge against Jim in motion. Then, Amanda tells Candace that Quincy stopped by the apartment, which sends Candace into a panic. Amanda ignores Candace's warnings that she should stay away from Quincy, and asks the ex-con to help her escape from the Cryer mansion.

Episode #18: Benny Does Battle (air date: 2015-08-04)

Katheryn panics when she discovers that Amanda has left the estate with a strange man. At campaign headquarters, a suspicious new staffer named Carlos joins the Cryer campaign. Later, Jim tells David that Wyatt will be rearrested at some point and also updates him on Candace. David assures Jim that Veronica is holding on to the car to manipulate Jeffery but won't hand it over to the police. At Jeffery's apartment, he and Melissa have an awkward conversation when he returns home the day after their date. Tensions rise when Candace shows up asking Jeffery to let her hide out at his place until things cool off. At the Cryer mansion, Amanda invites her new boyfriend, Quincy, to dinner for dubious reasons. Then, District Attorney Jennifer Sallison arrives to rearrest Wyatt based on Hanna's testimony, but Jim refuses to surrender his son and warns Jennifer to quit while she's ahead. Then, Tony visits Hanna's house at Benny's request, and Candace drops a bombshell on her mother and brother.

360p (mp4 298.0 MB)
Episode #19: Quincy Jr. (air date: 2015-08-11)

Just as Wyatt is about to be rearrested by District Attorney Jennifer Sallison and the police in the Cryer home, a news report comes on the television about the infamous hit-and-run that killed a local girl: A man named Norman Hewens has turned himself in for the crime, seemingly clearing Wyatt's name. Jim has played his ace in the hole, and the DA and the police leave empty-handed, foiled again. Meanwhile, Benny must play mediator between his mother and his sister after Candace reveals the horrible fate that befell her son. Later, Amanda has a session with a psychiatrist and expresses her frustration with her family. Then, Jim gets a visit from Celine's son, Carlos, who levels the would-be governor with a stunning disclosure: Jim is his father.

Episode #20: A Home For Q (air date: 2015-08-18)

After Carlos confronts Jim about abandoning him as a child, Jim has it out with Celine and orders Maggie to fire the new intern. Then, Veronica arrives at campaign headquarters to speak with David and issue a few threats to Maggie. Sparks fly at Katheryn's dinner party when David sees Jeffery with Melissa. Although David encourages Jeffery to be himself, Veronica still has Jeffery under her thumb. The party takes a turn for the worse, though, when Quincy shows up and confronts Jim about sleeping with Candace, and the situation turns violent. As he leaves, Quincy reveals to Amanda that Jim had had an affair with Candace. Later that night, Maggie propositions David again and leaves the door that adjoins their rooms unlocked. This time, David walks through the door. Back at the Cryer mansion, a gang of thugs kidnaps Jim as part of Candace's revenge plot. In the closing moments of the finale, Amanda finally acts on her homicidal urges and shoots someone in the Cryer house.

Episode #21: Candace's Closing (air date: 2015-08-25)
Episode #22: Dianna Whinchil (air date: 2015-09-01)
Episode #23: Vetted (air date: 2015-09-08)
Episode #24: Sheep's Clothing (air date: 2015-09-15)
Episode #25: When the Chickens Come (air date: 2015-09-22)
Episode #26: (air date: 2015-09-15)
Episode #27: (air date: 2015-09-15)
Episode #28: (air date: 2015-09-15)
360p (mp4 258.1 MB)
Episode #29: (air date: 2015-09-15)
360p (mp4 260.2 MB)
Episode #30: (air date: 2015-09-15)
360p (mp4 255.1 MB)
Episode #31: (air date: 2015-09-15)
360p (mp4 259.9 MB)
Episode #32: (air date: 2015-09-15)

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