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The Haves and the Have Nots season 1

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The Haves and the Have Nots season 1 poster
36 episodes (24423 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Tika Sumpter, Aaron O'Connell, Crystal Fox, Tyler Lepley, Philip Boyd, Jordan Preston Carter, Porsha Ferguson, James Edward Thomas, Danielle Deadwyler, Eva Tamargo, Angela Robinson, Allison McAtee, Brett Davis, Gavin Houston, Jaclyn Betham, John Schneider, Jon Chaffin, Kristian Kordula, Medina Islam, Peter Parros, Presilah Nunez, Renée Lawless, Shari Headley Genre:Drama, Soap Channel:OWN Status:Continuing

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The Haves and Have Nots series develops a storyline about the difficult relations between the most rich and influential Cryer family and its wealthy friends, Harrington family and Young family, working for the Cryers at their private residence. The Cryers look like a real embodiment of success and prosperity for everyone, but under the veil of the external well-being many serious problems are hidden. They threaten to ruin the privileged world of the protagonists. The family householder, Jim Cryer, is a powerful judge, whose double life and political ambitions put the life of the whole family in danger. His wife, Kathryn, seems to be a submissive and loving wife, who in reality will go to any expedient to protect the status of her family. The children Wyatt and Amanda fill up the canvas of the happy Cryer family, but in fact their lives are full of skeletons in the cupboard. The whole series is indeed very thrilling and keeps the viewers concentrated on the screen from the beginning till the end!

The Haves and the Have Nots season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Big Surprise (air date: 2013-05-28)

As Judge Jim Cryer comes home early to attend his surprise 50th birthday party, he discovers that his mistress, Candace, has befriended his daughter, Amanda, and is attending his family dinner. Jim is completely unsettled when he realizes that Candace will be staying with them for the weekend.

Episode #2: Playing In The Deep End (air date: 2013-05-28)
360p (mp4 219.3 MB)
Episode #3: Beautifully Dysfunctional (air date: 2013-06-04)
360p (mp4 256.1 MB)
Episode #4: Entering The Race (air date: 2013-06-11)
360p (mp4 253.2 MB)
Episode #5: A Woman's Pride (air date: 2013-06-18)
360p (mp4 209.3 MB)
Episode #6: Angry Sex (air date: 2013-06-25)
Episode #7: A True Friend (air date: 2013-07-02)

Amanda has Wyatt and Jeffery assist her with the move into her new apartment while Hanna is set-up on a blind date by Benny.

360p (mp4 234.0 MB)
Episode #8: The Criminal (air date: 2013-07-09)

Benny prepares for his date by asking to borrow a car but is arrested and charged with drug possession after falling trap to someone's malicious intent. Amanda seduces her professor to raise her grade.

360p (mp4 252.5 MB)
Episode #9: The Set Up (air date: 2013-07-16)

It is revealed to Hanna that Benny happened to be behind the wheel of Candace's car. David reveals how he participated in the set-up. Katheryn ends up having a bond with Hanna regarding their issues.

360p (mp4 226.2 MB)
Episode #10: Number Nine (air date: 2013-07-23)

After all the issues going on around her, Amanda tries to commit suicide after an altercation with Candace sets her over the edge. Katheryn shames Candace directly after Jim reveals the affair.

360p (mp4 237.4 MB)
Episode #11: Not My Daughter (air date: 2013-07-30)

Katheryn tells everyone that she is leaving for vacation but that information turns out to be false. Veronica agrees to work on Benny's case. Wyatt is shocked when a previous girlfriend shows up. Jim receives the news that Amanda and Candace have moved into an apartment together.

360p (mp4 235.6 MB)
Episode #12: In Recovery (air date: 2013-08-06)

Jim and Candace end up in a verbal altercation. Amanda is in recovery while Katheryn might have to prepare for surgery. Wyatt receives another visitor from his past. After reviewing the case, Veronica questions Jim about some of the details. Amanda reveals a shocker to Candace, that she was raped.

360p (avi 339.4 MB)
Episode #13: What Are You Doing Here? (air date: 2013-08-13)

Information is discovered by a detective that links Benny and Tony. Veronica continues to work toward answers for Benny's case. Laura is kept away from Wyatt by Jeffery.

360p (mp4 221.0 MB)
Episode #14: My Name Is Veronica (air date: 2013-08-20)

Veronica collects enough evidence to send it off to David, which in turn exposes the conspiracy. Katheryn gets nervous when her secret almost goes public.

360p (mp4 217.9 MB)
Episode #15: The Truth Will Set You Free (air date: 2013-08-27)

After her secret is reveled, Katheryn tells everyone what she really knows about Jim's secret activities. Jeffery finally discloses his love for Wyatt.

360p (mp4 228.9 MB)
Episode #16: No More Hiding (air date: 2013-09-03)

Jeffery tells his parents that he's gay. Hanna discloses that Tony is actually Benny's father. Candace informs Amanda that her parents are keeping her inheritance.

360p (mp4 211.8 MB)
Episode #17: The Black Sedan (air date: 2014-01-07)

Candace manipulates Amanda into standing up for herself and suing her parents for her inheritance. Meanwhile, Hanna is at the hospital frantically trying to see her son, Benny, and speak to doctors about his condition. While at the hospital, Hanna meets Michael and is moved by his grief. Michael's granddaughter, Lizzie, was, like Benny, also a victim of a hit-and-run. Later, the Rev. Waters reveals that the same driver who hit Benny also hit little Lizzie, who later dies in surgery. Elsewhere, Candace invites Jeffery to live with her and Amanda, and encourages him to live a life out of the closet.

360p (mp4 275.1 MB)
Episode #18: Wyatt's Nightmare (air date: 2014-01-14)

Wyatt is shocked to learn that his reckless driving while high is responsible for the death of a little girl and putting a man (Benny) in the hospital. Jim plans to orchestrate a cover-­up—that is, if he can find the car, Jeffery's black sedan. Meanwhile, Jeffery observes some disturbing behavior from Amanda and tries to warn Candace about Amanda's mental state, divulging that she is bipolar and borderline schizophrenic. Amanda soon spirals out of control and begins stalking the professor that raped her. At the courthouse, Jim and David meet with their potential campaign manager, who shares with them the community's outrage about the hit-and-run accident. After she exits, David learns that the campaign is in jeopardy when Jim reveals that Wyatt was the perpetrator of the heinous crime. Across town at the county hospital, Hanna waits for Benny's prognosis. There, she runs into Tony and discovers that he is undergoing treatment for kidney failure and is looking for a donor.

360p (mp4 262.3 MB)
Episode #19: Family Issues (air date: 2014-01-21)

At the Cryer mansion, Celine tries to destroy Hanna's reputation by lying to Katheryn and accusing Hanna of having a drinking problem. Katheryn catches Celine in her lie, however, and acknowledges that she used to be one of Jim's mistresses. Later, Katheryn and Veronica meet with Maggie Day, Jim and David's new campaign manager, to discuss a strategy for the gubernatorial campaign. Then, at the county hospital, Tony learns that Benny is in a vegetative state and tries to convince Hanna to pull him off life support. After she adamantly refuses, Tony informs Hanna that he's planning an emergency hearing to gain power of attorney with the intent of letting Benny die.

360p (mp4 261.0 MB)
Episode #20: Unanswered Calls (air date: 2014-01-28)

Jeffery begins to realize that Wyatt may be responsible for killing Lizzie, the little girl whose death has dominated the local news coverage, as well as for critically injuring Candace's brother, Benny. Wyatt begs Jeffery not to expose his secret, and Jeffery promises not to. At the courthouse, Candace tries to secure Amanda's inheritance, but her threats against Jim fall on deaf ears. Will she go to the press with her story? Later, Maggie tells Jim to wait to announce his candidacy for governor, and urges him and David to attend Lizzie's funeral to help subdue public outrage over the girl's death. Jim agrees to go while keeping his secret that Lizzie was killed by his own son, Wyatt. Finally, Jeffery tells Candace that Benny—whom she has been anxiously trying to reach but to no avail—was hit by the same driver that killed Lizzie, and she rushes to the county hospital to find her brother.

360p (mp4 261.8 MB)
Episode #21: Why Didn't You Tell Me? (air date: 2014-02-04)

Jeffery tells Wyatt that the man he hit is Hanna's son. Elsewhere, Candace finds out that Benny is in the county hospital and that the doctors want to take him off life support, so she begs Jim to move him to a private hospital. Meanwhile, Katheryn is buckling under the guilt of Wyatt's crime, and Veronica decides not to tell the Cryers about the location of Jeffery's car—the black sedan Wyatt drove when he critically injured Benny and killed a little girl. Finally, Amanda, who has been exhibiting increasingly disturbing behavior, asks Jeffery where she can buy a gun.

360p (mp4 258.2 MB)
Episode #22: Protecting Wyatt (air date: 2014-02-11)

Jim does everything in his power to keep Wyatt from going to jail. Tony confronts Hanna and serves her with court papers.

360p (mp4 255.8 MB)
Episode #23: Amanda's Revenge (air date: 2014-02-18)

Amanda gets revenge on the professor by sneaking into his bedroom and insulting him. Meanwhile, Candace represents Hanna in her continuing fight to keep Benny on life support.

360p (mp4 259.4 MB)
Episode #24: Maggie's Plan (air date: 2014-02-25)

. As Maggie prepares Jim to run for governor, she warns him not to withhold information from her about his personal life that could damage the campaign. Meanwhile, Veronica, who is concerned about the image of her family under the spotlight of the gubernatorial run, gives Jeffery an ultimatum about concealing his sexual orientation. However, despite his reluctant acceptance to adopt his mother's code of conduct, Jeffery goes on a surprise date with Landon, a man he met at a gay bar. Later, Maggie presents Katheryn and Veronica with a plan to eliminate Candace as a problem once and for all. Will they have the stomach to do what their husbands' campaign manager is asking of them? Finally, Tony wins his case to have Benny taken off life support.

360p (mp4 77.1 MB)
Episode #25: March For Justice (air date: 2014-03-04)

Tony is ecstatic when the judge ends up ruling in his favor. Hanna has to beg Tony to keep Benny on life support.

360p (mp4 256.5 MB)
Episode #26: Starting the Race (air date: 2014-03-11)

Maggie, Jim and David hold a gathering at campaign headquarters, and when Jeffery arrives, he is surprised to find that his new love interest, Landon, is the publicist for the campaign. However, things really heat up when Candace crashes the party and tries to extort money from the Cryers. Fed up with her games, Jim sets a plan in motion to end her meddling for good. Meanwhile, Hanna sits in jail, mourning the loss of her son. She learns that Tony had her arrested, accusing her of moving Benny without power of attorney. Hanna is confused by this accusation until a conversation with Katheryn reveals that she had Benny moved to a private hospital. As they talk, Katheryn learns of Hanna's incarceration and pulls some strings to get her out. Unfortunately, Hanna has already named Wyatt as the hit-and-run driver the police have been looking for, and Katheryn's son is arrested. Finally, Amanda exacts her revenge on professor Cannon by stabbing him in the back during his afternoon jog.

360p (mp4 242.4 MB)
Episode #27: You'll Be Sorry (air date: 2014-05-27)

As Katheryn is helping Hanna get out of jail, Wyatt is arrested for the hit-and-run of a little girl and Benny. Katheryn is devastated to learn that Hanna turned Wyatt in, but Hanna tells her that she will not sacrifice Benny for Wyatt, no matter how much Katheryn's helped him. Furious, Jim tells Hanna that he will not be accepting her apology when she discovers she's wrong about Wyatt being the hit-and-run driver. After some thought, though, Katheryn tells Jim that they should just let Wyatt pay for what he's done instead of protecting him. Then, after a dramatic day at the campaign office, David and Veronica continue to disagree about Jeffery's sexual orientation, and Jeffery still struggles with his own identity. Elsewhere, Candace realizes that she is in a fight for her life when she is given an ultimatum by her captors. Meanwhile, Hanna is given hope at Mercy Hospital when Benny's new doctor tells her that her son is demonstrating slight brain activity.

360p (mp4 261.0 MB)
Episode #28: The Confession (air date: 2014-06-03)

In the wake of Wyatt's arrest, Jim is confronted by the district attorney, Jennifer Sallison, and learns that Wyatt has confessed to the hit-and-run. To make matters worse for the Cryers, the DA vows to come after Jim next. At Mercy Hospital, Hanna meets Darlene, a concerned nurse and former classmate of Benny's. Dr. Bailor also gives Hanna some hopeful news: He thinks Benny may not need the ventilator anymore. Elsewhere, Jeffery confronts Veronica about Wyatt's arrest, but Veronica only continues to push her agenda by forcing Jeffery to go on a date with a young woman. Meanwhile, Candace is at the mercy of the Malones and is forced to come clean about not being pregnant to save herself from a forced abortion. Later, Amanda buys a gun from a pawnshop and asks the clerk some loaded questions about shooting professors. Finally, much to Maggie's surprise and chagrin, Jim holds a press conference and announces that he has been part of a cover-up.

360p (mp4 258.1 MB)
Episode #29: Donald (air date: 2014-06-10)

During a citywide press conference, Jim proclaims his son's innocence of the heinous double hit-and-run that killed a little girl and left Benny in critical condition. He declares that on the night in question, Wyatt did hit someone, a man named Donald (a paid prop), whom Jim introduces to the public. The gubernatorial candidate professes to have settled with Donald out of court, the actions of a loving, if misguided, father. Meanwhile, Hanna gets a frightful visit from Quincy as he searches for Candace. Later, at the hospital, she gets another unwelcome guest—Tony has finally found where Benny is being treated and demands that he be taken off life support. Elsewhere, Amanda continues to hint at murdering her parents, causing a worried Jeffery to reiterate his concerns to Katheryn. Across town, Jim gets Wyatt out of jail and brings him home. And, Candace is still tied up in the Malones' basement and must endure Rose's threats of a terrible fate.

360p (mp4 260.2 MB)
Episode #30: The Awakening (air date: 2014-06-17)

Hanna is overjoyed as Benny finally wakes up from his coma and makes astounding progress in recovery. He also reconnects with an old classmate who has been caring for him in the hospital. After Wyatt is released from jail, he contemplates his mistakes and goes to visit the grave of Lizzie, the little girl he killed, where he is recognized by the girl's mother as the hit-and-run driver. David continues to be supportive of Jeffery and attempts to understand his life by talking with Landon. However, David encounters another personal problem when Maggie oversteps her professional boundaries. Meanwhile, Quincy, the father of Candace's child, shows up at Candace and Amanda's apartment, and Amanda discovers that Candace's past is more of an enigma than she thought. Elsewhere, Jim pays the still-captive Candace a visit and gives her a final chance to save her life.

360p (mp4 255.1 MB)
Episode #31: The Vulnerable (air date: 2014-06-24)

David is put in a precarious position when Maggie invites him to her room after a few drinks, but he resolves to stay out of his house because Veronica still refuses to divulge the whereabouts of Jeffery's car. Later, Veronica is rattled when Quincy breaks in to her bedroom in the middle of the night. The ex-con also works Amanda in order to gather more information about what Candace has been up to. Meanwhile, Katheryn and Jim are furious when they learn that Tina and Michael saw Wyatt at Lizzie's grave site, and they plan to get their son out of town. Then, Benny flirts with his nurse, Darlene, Michael makes a move of his own on Hanna, and Jeffery and Melissa go out on their first date. Elsewhere, Jim's plan to save Wyatt comes together when he finds ex-con Norman Hewens, aka Bolo, and convinces him to take the fall. Finally, the Malones drive Candace to the middle of nowhere for nefarious reasons.

360p (mp4 259.9 MB)
Episode #32: The Sarandon Hotel (air date: 2014-07-01)

Candace is relieved after she gets released from her debacle with the kidnappers, until she returns home to find all of her possessions gone at Jim's bidding. Meanwhile, a slightly drunk Jeffery reluctantly has unprotected sex with his mother's blind date candidate, Melissa. Confused and upset, Jeffery pays a late-night visit to Landon at the Sarandon Hotel. While Benny is getting discharged from Mercy Hospital, Hanna talks with the district attorney and detective working on Benny's case. The detective says he never met Byron Marshall and Hanna starts to believe that her friend may not be who he claims. Amanda continues to show unsettling behavior in her parents' house. Finally, when Veronica goes to the Sarandon Hotel to make amends with David—until she sees him coming out of a hotel room with Maggie.

360p (mp4 261.3 MB)
Episode #33: Again and Again (air date: 2014-07-08)

Tensions flare when Veronica sees Maggie coming out of David's hotel room and Jeffery coming out of Landon's room. Jeffery tells his mother that he had sex with a woman and hated it. What's more, it was his first time. Despite her son's anguish, Veronica commands Jeffery to keep doing it, again and again, until it's natural to him. Meanwhile, Benny arrives home and reconnects with his sister. Plus, Hanna plans a surprise party for her son—and discovers something dubious about Detective Byron Marshall. Elsewhere, Jim plots to clear Wyatt's name by hiring someone to take the fall, and Candace puts her plan for revenge against Jim in motion. Then, Amanda tells Candace that Quincy stopped by the apartment, which sends Candace into a panic. Amanda ignores Candace's warnings that she should stay away from Quincy, and asks the ex-con to help her escape from the Cryer mansion.

360p (mp4 277.2 MB)
Episode #34: Something's Wrong with Amanda (air date: 2014-07-15)

Katheryn panics when she discovers that Amanda has left the estate with a strange man. At campaign headquarters, a suspicious new staffer named Carlos joins the Cryer campaign. Later, Jim tells David that Wyatt will be rearrested at some point and also updates him on Candace. David assures Jim that Veronica is holding on to the car to manipulate Jeffery but won't hand it over to the police. At Jeffery's apartment, he and Melissa have an awkward conversation when he returns home the day after their date. Tensions rise when Candace shows up asking Jeffery to let her hide out at his place until things cool off. At the Cryer mansion, Amanda invites her new boyfriend, Quincy, to dinner for dubious reasons. Then, District Attorney Jennifer Sallison arrives to rearrest Wyatt based on Hanna's testimony, but Jim refuses to surrender his son and warns Jennifer to quit while she's ahead. Then, Tony visits Hanna's house at Benny's request, and Candace drops a bombshell on her mother and brother.

360p (mp4 260.9 MB)
Episode #35: I'm Your Son (air date: 2014-07-22)

Just as Wyatt is about to be rearrested by District Attorney Jennifer Sallison and the police in the Cryer home, a news report comes on the television about the infamous hit-and-run that killed a local girl: A man named Norman Hewens has turned himself in for the crime, seemingly clearing Wyatt's name. Jim has played his ace in the hole, and the DA and the police leave empty-handed, foiled again. Meanwhile, Benny must play mediator between his mother and his sister after Candace reveals the horrible fate that befell her son. Later, Amanda has a session with a psychiatrist and expresses her frustration with her family. Then, Jim gets a visit from Celine's son, Carlos, who levels the would-be governor with a stunning disclosure: Jim is his father.

360p (mp4 174.9 MB)
Episode #36: Checkmate (air date: 2014-07-29)

After Carlos confronts Jim about abandoning him as a child, Jim has it out with Celine and orders Maggie to fire the new intern. Then, Veronica arrives at campaign headquarters to speak with David and issue a few threats to Maggie. Sparks fly at Katheryn's dinner party when David sees Jeffery with Melissa. Although David encourages Jeffery to be himself, Veronica still has Jeffery under her thumb. The party takes a turn for the worse, though, when Quincy shows up and confronts Jim about sleeping with Candace, and the situation turns violent. As he leaves, Quincy reveals to Amanda that Jim had had an affair with Candace. Later that night, Maggie propositions David again and leaves the door that adjoins their rooms unlocked. This time, David walks through the door. Back at the Cryer mansion, a gang of thugs kidnaps Jim as part of Candace's revenge plot. In the closing moments of the finale, Amanda finally acts on her homicidal urges and shoots someone in the Cryer house.

360p (mp4 182.3 MB)

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