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The Golden Girls season 7

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The Golden Girls season 7 poster
26 episodes (438 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Betty White, Beatrice Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, Bill Dana, Sid Melton, Harold Gould, Herb Edelman, Cynthia Lea Clark Genre:Comedy Channel:NBC Status:Ended

9.2 (27 votes)

The Golden Girls season 7 episodes list:

Episode #1: Hey, Look Me Over (air date: 1991-09-21)

Rose discovers an old camera of Charlie's with some undeveloped film still in it. After getting it developed, Rose is stunned when one of the pictures shows Charlie in bed with Blanche. Meanwhile, Dorothy tries to get Sophia to have her hearing checked.

360p (mkv 74.5 MB)
Episode #2: The Case of the Libertine Belle (air date: 1991-09-28)

The girls participate in a murder mystery weekend and Dorothy has a ball when she solves a mystery. However, when Blanche is accused committing a real murder, Dorothy will have to use all her keen detective skills to find the real murderer.

360p (mkv 74.0 MB)
Episode #3: Beauty and the Beast (air date: 1991-10-05)

Blanche is visited by her granddaughter, Melissa, and the only thing that Blanche has on her mind is Melissa winning a Little Miss Beauty Contest. Meanwhile, Dorothy hires a nurse to look after a recuperating Sophia

360p (mkv 73.0 MB)
Episode #4: That's For Me to Know (air date: 1991-10-12)

Blanche learns from a city inspector that she either has to lose a renter or make modifications to her home which would cost $10,000. Meanwhile, Dorothy demands to know who the groom is in a hidden wedding picture of Sophia's.

360p (mkv 72.5 MB)
Episode #5: Where's Charlie? (air date: 1991-10-19)

After Miles gives Rose a friendship ring, Rose becomes convinced Charlie is trying to contact her from the grave with the message that he disproves of her relationship with Miles. Meanwhile, Blanche begins coaching her new baseball player boyfriend.

360p (mkv 75.9 MB)
Episode #6: Mother Load (air date: 1991-10-26)

Blanche begins dating a newscaster who has another woman interfering in his life, his mother. Meanwhile, Stan asks Dorothy to attend a counseling session with him. Once there, Stan begins begging Dorothy to take him back.

360p (mkv 74.0 MB)
Episode #7: Dateline: Miami (air date: 1991-11-02)

A Saturday night and Dorothy being the only one with a date, prompts the other girls to reminisce about some of the worst dates they have ever had.

360p (mkv 70.5 MB)
Episode #8:
Episode #9: The Monkey Show (2) (air date: 1991-11-09)

Dorothy discovering Gloria sleeping with Stan just adds to their sibling rivalry and Sophia has had it so she leaves just prior the the hurricane hitting.

360p (mkv 74.9 MB)
Episode #10: Ro$e Love$ Mile$ (air date: 1991-11-16)

Rose has had it with Miles' penny pinching ways and decides to take Blanche's advice and go out with her and some big spenders. Meanwhile, Blanche has been left in charge of Sophia while Dorothy is away, and Sophia decides this would be the best time to take a trip to Sicily.

360p (mkv 68.3 MB)
Episode #11: Room 7 (air date: 1991-11-23)

Sophia has an after-life experience, seeing her late husband in heaven, while choking on a piece of candy. Meanwhile, Blanche is distraught over the demolition of her grandmother's plantation, so the girls travel to Atlanta. Once there, Blanche handcuffs herself to the radiator.

360p (mkv 64.7 MB)
Episode #12: From Here to the Pharmacy (air date: 1991-12-07)

A man Blanche has no memory of returns from the Persian Gulf in hopes of fulfilling the promise she supposedly made to him before he left, that she will be his and only his. Meanwhile, Sophia has Rose help her write up her will.

360p (mkv 74.7 MB)
Episode #13: The Pope's Ring (air date: 1991-12-14)

The Pope's in town and Sophia goes to his mass. When she goes to kiss his ring, it slips off into hers. Meanwhile, Rose is convinced Miles is hiding something from her, so as a birthday gift, Blanche gives Rose a detective to spy on Miles.

360p (mkv 70.8 MB)
Episode #14: Old Boyfriends (air date: 1992-01-04)

Sophia's attempts at trying to find a man go awry when a man she meets through the personals, as a shadow, his sister. Meanwhile, Rose meets with an old boyfriend from St. Olaf, one whom she can't remember.

360p (mkv 76.0 MB)
Episode #15: Goodbye, Mr. Gordon (air date: 1992-01-11)

Dorothy is contacted by a high school teacher she once had a crush on. They quickly begin seeing each other and Dorothy is convinced his feelings are genuine. Meanwhile, Rose puts together a talk show.

360p (mkv 72.0 MB)
Episode #16: The Commitments (air date: 1992-01-25)

Dorothy gets wrapped up in ""Beatlemania"" and begins dating a Beatle impersonator. Meanwhile, Blanche begins to worry about her looks after she pulls out all the stops to get a certain man into bed, but to no avail.

360p (mkv 70.8 MB)
Episode #17: Questions and Answers (air date: 1992-02-08)

Dorothy is all excited when she learns the 'Jeopardy' is having tryouts in Miami. This leads her to begin cramming for the audition test and later proves to be an annoyance to everyone at the audition.

360p (mkv 69.7 MB)
Episode #18: Ebbtide VI: The Wrath of Stan (air date: 1992-02-15)

It is the annual ""Buy Sophia New Shoes"" day, and Dorothy is forced to take her. Blanche also tags along, mentioning that it might be fun. Meanwhile, Uncle Angelo drops by and Rose is there. Since she is trying to find a good story to report on, she is more than happy to hear Angelo's story. Apparently, his apartment building is infested with huge bugs. When the ladies watch the news, Rose insists they watch the news story about the bugs. Dorothy then tells Rose she and Stan are the landlords. Rose then tells her she didn't realize there was a family side to the story. She won't give up on the story, and a minute later, the cops show up to arrest Dorothy. They have a trial, and Stan drops his attorney for a younger woman who knows nothing. The defense lawyer is unbeatable by giving compliments to the witnesses which makes them vulnerable to his advantage. Stan and Dorothy end up losing and are forced to live in a sleasy apartment building for a while.

360p (mkv 76.3 MB)
Episode #19: Journey to the Center of Attention (air date: 1992-02-22)

Blanche brings a lonely, Dorothy down to the Rusty Anchor for a night of excitement. However, Blanche, had no intention of being pushed off her thrown by Dorothy, who begins singing and instantly becomes the center of attention.

360p (mkv 125.9 MB)
Episode #20:
Episode #21: A Midwinter Night's Dream (2) (air date: 1992-02-29)

The full moon and festivities prompt strange happenings including Blanche's jewelry being swiped, Sophia trying to break a curse and Dorothy and Miles sharing a passionate kiss.

360p (mkv 68.8 MB)
Episode #22: Rose: Portrait of a Woman (air date: 1992-03-07)

It's Miles birthday and Rose is planning on giving him a golf club. However, Blanche gives her an idea that would spice up her relationship, naughty pictures. Meanwhile, Dorothy begins a new job.

360p (mkv 63.8 MB)
Episode #23: Home Again, Rose (1) (air date: 1992-04-25)

Rose is upset when she has missed her high school reunion due to being sick, so Blanche convinces her, Dorothy and Sophia to crash a reunion held in Miami, posing as absentees from that school. Dorothy goes as the lame prom queen Cindy Lou Peoples, Blanche is the seemingly slutty Susan, Rose is the Korean exchange student Kim FongToi and Sophia is Mrs. Gonzales. With that, the girls mingle with their ""former"" classmates, only to realize that their counterparts lives are as dull as theirs, however, when the girls are found out by the guests...Rose has a heart attack!

360p (mkv 126.6 MB)
Episode #24: Home Again, Rose (2) (air date: 1992-05-02)

While Rose undergoes severe surgery, the girls try to entertain themselves with fond memories and laughter, only for Rose's daughter Kirsten to walk in on them enjoying themselves! Kirsten is spiteful of them and does not allow them to visit Rose. Kirsten visits Rose, who is near knocked out, and try to have a conversation...very comically as poor Rose is not altogether. With Rose going into surgery, Kirsten reconciles with the worried girls. At last, Rose is released and they all throw a surprise welcome home party for our lovable St. Olafian!

360p (mp4 146.8 MB)
Episode #25:
Episode #26: One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest (2) (air date: 1992-05-09)

Dorothy accepts Lucas' proposal. The two plan to tie the knot two months later and on the way to the chapel, Dorothy takes a limo. However, this limo is driven by none other than Stanley Zbornak. The two share a rather comical but nonetheless touching moment together before arriving at the chapel. Down the aisle, along with Sophia, the girls think to themselves about the beautiful friendship they shared. Rose, Blanche and Sophia decide that the three of them should not depart and allow Dorothy on her way to Atlanta but she doesn't leave without sharing some final words with the girls...

360p (mp4 283.6 MB)
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