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The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs poster
Genre: Comedy, Family
Channel: ABC
Status: Continuing
8.3/10(919 votes)
AJ Michalka AJ Michalka as Lainey Lewis
David Koechner David Koechner as Bill Lewis
George Segal George Segal as Pops
Hayley Orrantia Hayley Orrantia as Erica
Jeff Garlin Jeff Garlin as Murray
Jeff Garlin Jeff Garlin as Murray
Sam Lerner Sam Lerner as Geoff Schwartz
Sean Giambrone Sean Giambrone as Adam
Stephen Tobolowsky Stephen Tobolowsky as Principal Earl Ball
Troy Gentile Troy Gentile as Barry

Before there were parenting blogs, trophies for showing up and peanut allergies, there was a simpler time called the '80s. For geeky and movie obsessed youngest child Adam, these were his wonder years, and he faced them armed with a video camera to capture all the crazy. The Goldbergs are a loving family like any other -- just with a lot more yelling. Mom Beverly is a classic "smother," an overbearing, overprotective matriarch who loves her delicious kids, but still rules this brood with 100% authority and zero sense of boundaries. Dad Murray is gruff and sometimes oblivious, parenting with half his attention span but all his heart. Sister Erica is popular and terrifying, doing her best to cover up that she's the smartest of the clan. Barry is a passionate dreamer, who maybe dreams a little too big and who always gets the short end of the stick. Adam is the youngest, a camera-wielding future director who's navigating first love, and growing up with his family. Rounding out the family is beloved grandfather Al "Pops" Solomon, the wild man of the clan, a shameless Don Juan who's learning as much from his family as he teaches them.

The series takes place in the eighties. The family consists of father, mother, three children and grandfather. The youngest of the children, 11-year-old Adam, lugging around a video camera, capturing every-day life of his family. Dad yells at all, my mother cares about all without limits, the grandfather is an old lover, and the children are all different in character.

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The season two opens with Adam getting into trouble. While making a mixtape for Dana and Beverly, Adam is seen by the latter. She is highly indignant. He tries to correct a mistake, but unfortunately fails. Meanwhile Barry procures himself a forged I.D., but his coach Muller seizes it when he boasts at school. But still Barry needs this document to become in the senior party. Thus, he decides to use Murray’s I.D. for purchasing alcohol. Will he be successful in such endeavors? Meanwhile Adam runs for the school musical but receives not a major part whereas Dave Kim gets a principal part to Beverly’s anger. She casts Adam in a competing show and makes Erica to assist. What will come out of this? In the meantime Murray is going to substitute Barry with Pops and his mate. Also, after Adam and Barry’s agreement to prevent any girl from stepping between them, Barry plays false with Adam and allows Lainey and Erica to join their rock band. What will Adam undertake? Follow the Goldbergs and their amusing life situations.

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In The Goldbergs season 3 funny family returns. The new season begins with the fact that Lainey, Erica and Barry are trying to do exactly the same party as in the movie "Risky Business". Lainey’s father was out of town and nothing should interfere with exercise plan. It seems that the atmosphere created, but not all the details calculated. When Barry tries to recreate Tom Cruise’s iconic scene, he finds out the hard way his mother waxed the floor! After some time, the promising party gets out of control and Beverly comes to the rescue ...

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Contents of serial narrative is dedicated to one a rather strange jewish family Goldberg life which has never been filled with love and tenderness, peace and happiness. There is no day and the new scene. For a long time, the characters have left home to find the place where their life will be much better. That America seemed to them the very terrain where there are excellent prospects for life. Due to the fact that every member of the family is complex his nature it gives constant problems. Very often, the characters can not come to a consensus. For this reason the family is not that same harmony that would allow all of them to spend time together to respect each other. Even spouses do not serve a good example of what should be the ideal family. Most readers believe Goldberg madmen. Of course, there is some truth because that is only one inadequate behavior of the protagonist ... The boy Adam impression only adequate human family. In his eleven years he seems the most sensible of all. He has no choice but to put up with constant crazy antics of his relatives. Every day for the next Goldberg is a memorable adventure that has become familiar banality.

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The Goldbergs season 5 is the continuation of the American popular comedy TV series on ABC tv channel. The plot of the sitcom is based on the real childhood of Adam F. Goldberg, memories of his family and America of the 80s. The narrative is still on behalf of the youngest child Adam Goldberg in season 5, which is obsessed with pop culture. His brother Barry has established himself as a self-confident and some stupid child. At the same time, he tries to stand out and become popular throughout all four seasons. The elder sister Erica is intelligent and gifted. But she manipulates younger brothers due to her popularity at school. The situation does not change in the new season. Their mother Beverly continues to choke the children with her excessive care and climb into their personal lives. On the other hand, father Murray Goldberg understands his children much better, again and again trying to teach them independence in the new episodes of season 5 The Goldbergs.

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The Goldbergs season 6 is a continuation of the comedy that tells the story about the life of Goldberg family, who lives in the 80s. Children grow older and face various difficulties, in fact, like their parents. Recall that the central figures of the sitcom are still very diverse members of one funny family. Each of them is endowed with special features of character and behavior peculiar only to him. The charming Goldberg clan is able to give the spectator a lot of positive emotions and to charge with energy for a long time in the upcoming season of The Goldbergs.

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“THE GOLDBERGS” is an American comedy serial by TV channel ABC and the new season will be released on September 25, 2019. The series was extended for the seventh season, and this was not a revelation to anyone, it was expected. Throughout the series, viewers will find out how much family life will change when Erica and Barry go to college and whether Adam can cope with Beverly’s love and attention alone. In the upcoming season, all actors will return to their roles. This season will be again filled with references in 80s pop culture. Main heroes Haley Orrantia is worried about being with her family again, while her serial brother, Sean Gambrone, said much thanks to the producers for continuing.

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The Goldbergs Season 8 is a sequel to the television series about a family who lives in the 80s in America. For the safety of its employees, production of the seventh season of the series was suspended on March 14, 2020, resulting in no time to film the planned season finale. In the eighth season, all the leading stars of the series will return - Wendi McLendon-Covey, Sean Giambrone, Troy Gentile, Hayley Orrantia, Sam Lerner, George Segal, Jeff Garlin).

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