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The First 48 season 14

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The First 48 season 14 poster
39 episodes (362 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Documentary, Reality Channel:A&E Status:Continuing

8.4 (14 votes)

The First 48 season 14 episodes list:

Episode #1: Safe House (air date: 2014-06-19)

In Dallas, a man is found shot dead on his front porch, and the homicide team finds almost a million dollars in his home. Detective Rick Duggan must track down two suspects with a history of violence before they strike again.

Episode #2: Deadly Secret/Behind Closed Doors (air date: 2014-06-26)

A young Dallas father's secret may have led to his shooting death; Cleveland detectives have little to work with as they probe the case of a mother who was strangled in her kitchen.

360p (mp4 281.7 MB)
Episode #3: Cold Embrace (air date: 2014-07-03)

A man is found strangled to death in his car. The detectives working on the case, soon discover a secret relationship that may hold the key to who the killer is.

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Episode #4: Cold Betrayal (air date: 2014-07-10)

When a man is shot in front of his family in their home shortly before Christmas, detectives investigate drug dealers.

Episode #5: Graveyard Love (air date: 2014-07-17)

In New Orleans, a man is ambushed in front of his grandmother's house. Detectives Jeffrey Vappie and Tim Bender suspect a woman close to the victim may have arranged the shooting, but they need hard evidence to prove it--and quickly, before it's too late.dealers.

Episode #6: After the First 48: Love Thy Neighbor (air date: 2014-07-24)

An update on a case invovling a Texas man who was gunned down while coming to the aid of his neighbors, who were being robbed.

Episode #7: After the First 48: Easy Money (air date: 2014-07-31)

Update on a robbery at a Cleveland convenience store turns deadly when a store clerk is shot and killed.

Episode #8: Crossing the Line/The Landlord (air date: 2014-08-07)

A Cleveland man is shot in broad daylight; a man is shot in the head in Broward County, Fla.

Episode #9: Bad Medicine (air date: 2014-08-14)

In Atlanta, a young father is gunned down by a brutal robbing crew and Detective Tracy Lewis discovers on her first case that she may be chasing the wrong suspect.

Episode #10: The Case That Haunts Me: A 10th Anniversary Special (air date: 2014-08-21)

Detectives from Tennessee, Minnesota and Florida recall the crimes that proved to be the most challenging cases of their careers.

360p (mp4 522.6 MB)
Episode #11: Senior Year (air date: 2014-09-18)

A promising high-school senior is shot to death and stuffed into the trunk of his car a week before Christmas.

Episode #12: Shattered Glass (air date: 2014-09-25)

In New Orleans, when a young mother is found beaten to death in her home, Detective Greg Johnson must fight to prove he has enough evidence against her killer, before he walks free.

Episode #13: Broad Daylight (air date: 2014-10-02)

A New Orleans detective searches for a witness in the case of a woman who was killed in broad daylight.

Episode #14: Family Ties/A Good Neighbor (air date: 2014-10-09)

In Dallas, when a husband is shot in his bed after an Easter party, Detective Michael Yeric suspects that the victim's wife may be hiding a dark secret. Then, in New Orleans, Detective Tanisha Sykes must solve the mystery of why a popular DJ is found bound and executed before his killer strikes again.

Episode #15: Murder In Treme (air date: 2014-10-16)

In New Orleans, when a woman is slashed to death, the investigation into her murder leads Detectives Chuck Ward and Rob Barrere to a house of horrors, and they discover the killer may be someone they least expected.

Episode #16: Red Brick/Last Kiss (air date: 2014-10-23)

When a grandmother is strangled and left to die on a vacant lot in East Cleveland, Detectives Bob Ford and Tom Armelli need to find out if her killing is related to the others. In Dallas a young father is shot to death in his girlfriend's arms, in the back of his car. Detective Leo Gonzalez must find the killer before more bloodshed occurs.

Episode #17: After the First 48: Hot Ride (air date: 2014-10-30)

A youth minister is killed during a carjacking; a suspect in the crime turns on his accomplice; a last-minute change of heart impacts the case.

Episode #18: Dark Waters (air date: 2014-11-17)

The case of a missing New Orleans couple takes an ominous turn when one of them is found dead in a river.

Episode #19: Dead Wrong (air date: 2015-01-01)

In New Orleans, when a young father is abducted and shot in the street, detective Rayell Johnson hopes shocking surveillance footage can help him crack his first homicide case.

Episode #20: Ringside Seat (air date: 2015-01-08)

Tulsa homicide delves into a dark world of drugs and prostitution to solve the murder of a man executed in his car in a motel parking lot.

Episode #21: Lying in Wait/With This Ring (air date: 2015-01-22)

A mother is found stabbed to death on the side of the road, but a wedding ring dropped at the scene could break the case.

Episode #22: The Passenger/The Death Call (air date: 2015-01-29)

An Oklahoma man is gunned down behind the wheel of his car; a New Orleans woman receives a warning that her son is about to be murdered.

Episode #23: Rocky Road/Something She Said (air date: 2015-02-05)

An Atlanta man ends up being shot at an illegal establishment whilst an Oklahoma detective takes a look at a double murder.

Episode #24: Fast Friends/The Thin Line (air date: 2015-02-12)

A young Cleveland father is murdered in his car, and the police suspect his friend has information on the killer's identity; homicide detectives hunt for a shotgun-toting killer.

Episode #25: After the First 48: Cold Justice (air date: 2015-02-19)

Kentucky police reopen a murder case more than three decades old and use preserved DNA evidence to bring a suspect to trial.

Episode #26: Stray Shot (air date: 2015-02-26)

Detectives discover a neighborhood under siege after a man is killed in his home by a stray gunshot.

Episode #27: After The First 48: Kiss of Death (air date: 2015-03-05)

Rochester, N.Y., investigators suspect a prostitute is not telling them the truth about her estranged husband's murder; two witnesses with credibility issues testify when the case goes to trial.

Episode #28: Cranked (air date: 2015-03-09)

When an innocent father is brutally stabbed, Tulsa detective Justin Ritter delves into the dark and dangerous world of methamphetamine addiction in order to stop a killer on the edge.

Episode #29: After the First 48: Deadly Dance (air date: 2015-03-12)

A tip provides valuable information in the case of a professional dancer who mysteriously vanished; the prosecution brings loads of evidence and an eyewitness to the trial.

Episode #30: Neighborhood Watch/Eye in the Sky (air date: 2015-03-16)

New Orleans homicide detectives investigate the case of a man who was gunned down in the street and a coldblooded killing in a convenience store.

Episode #31: After The First 48: Date Night (air date: 2015-03-19)

Four days before Christmas, a single mother of five is shot twice, dumped on an East Cleveland street, and run over by the killer. As the investigation moves forward, the victim's husband goes from grieving spouse to main suspect. His attorneys question the investigation, saying the state rushed to judgment. But what truly shocks the victim's family is a dark secret about her husband's past.

Episode #32: Bad Love (air date: 2015-04-02)

A young Oklahoma woman is shot in broad daylight; police Detective Justin Ritter believes witnesses to the crime are withholding information.

Episode #33: Soldier Down/Blood Vendetta (air date: 2015-04-09)

A young father killed at an abandoned Atlanta car wash may have been the victim of gang violence; a Gulf War veteran is shot dead in a park.

Episode #34: After The First 48: Murder Rap/New Year's Terror (air date: 2015-04-16)

A former gang member who dedicated himself to ending the violence in his neighborhood is shot dead; police hunt for the elusive culprits in a deadly home invasion.

360p (mp4 243.0 MB)
Episode #35: After The First 48: Twice Told Tale (air date: 2015-04-23)

Prosecutors hope that a name mentioned during the last moments of a murder victim's life will be enough to convict the alleged killer.

360p (mp4 223.8 MB)
Episode #36: Night Run (air date: 2015-04-30)

When a young father is attacked by a pack of brazen shooters, Atlanta Detective Summer Benton uncovers the shocking reason for his murder.

360p (mp4 279.0 MB)
Episode #37: After The First 48: The Rookie (air date: 2015-05-07)

Prosecutors work to convict the suspected shooter in a fatal robbery, but the defendant's violent reputation frightens potential trial witnesses.

Episode #38: Closing Time/Family Matters (air date: 2015-05-14)

The killing of a foreign exchange student is captured on video; family members are involved in a shooting at a New Orleans carwash.

Episode #39: Last Run/Mean Mugging (air date: 2015-05-21)

A late-night pizza delivery in New Orleans leads to a fatal outcome; a young Atlanta man is murdered during a cigarette run.

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