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The First 48 season 12

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The First 48 season 12 poster
50 episodes (348 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Documentary, Reality Channel:A&E Status:Continuing

8.4 (14 votes)

The First 48 season 12 episodes list:

Episode #1: Ultimate Price (air date: 2012-01-05)

A person is killed in Miami while trying to stop a robbery.

Episode #2: After The First 48: Loose Ends (air date: 2012-01-12)

Detectives link Martin Seay to several killings--but he only goes on trial for one. The state's key witness is his former girlfriend, Kandi Hawkins. Hawkins was paralyzed from the neck down when Seay ordered a hit on her. Will her testimony be enough to convict the ruthless killer?

Episode #3: Hot Lot/Blind Faith (air date: 2012-01-19)

In Birmingham, Lead Det. Henry Lucas and the Birmingham Homicide Team are trying to solve the mystery of how a young man ended up shot in the back in the middle of a scrap yard. With no witnesses, Lucas hopes the victim's friends can lead him to the killer. In DeKalb County, Lead Det. Lynn Shuler and the Major Felony Unit are called to a motel where a woman has been found dead. The case takes a dark turn when the team learns that a man was in the room shortly before the woman died, but had since disappeared.

Episode #4: After The First 48: Fifteen (air date: 2012-01-26)

Fifteen-year-old Juanita Payne was killed outside a party by a stray round from an AK-47. Detectives arrest a man they are sure is the killer. But the case begins to fall apart soon after. Will the alleged killer walk free?

Episode #5: Missing (air date: 2012-03-08)

In Harris County, Deputy Mario Quintanilla and his team are investigating the mysterious disappearance and possible murder of a 20-year-old single mother. After days of searching and only a bloody, abandoned car as evidence, Investigators needs to retrace her final steps to solve the mystery.

Episode #6: Deadly Encounter/Car Trouble (air date: 2012-03-15)

In Miami, the homicide Unit's Team five works the murder of a hard working janitor, brutally stabbed to death in his own apartment. With no witnesses, they must rely on clues gathered at the crime seen to help then identify and track down their suspect. In Birmingham, Detective Chris Anderson investigates the murder of a man walking home after fixing a friend's car. With no physical evidence, Anderson gets help from the neighborhood to track down the suspect.

Episode #7: Down in Overtown/Breaking Point (air date: 2012-03-22)

A janitor is stabbed to death in Miami; a Birmingham pedestrian is killed after fixing a car for his friend.

Episode #8: Tiny Dancers/Right Hand Man (air date: 2012-03-22)

In Miami, a young father is gunned down after a night of gambling. Detective Emiliano Tamayo has to figure out who would have killed him over twenty dollars. Then in Dallas, a child's birthday party turns deadly. The investigation becomes even more urgent when Detective Leo Gonzalez discovers the killer may be on the way to Mexico.

Episode #9: Under One Roof/Off Target (air date: 2012-03-29)

In DeKalb County, a keyboardist for a local church is gunned down in his home. Detective Lynn Shuler uncovers a web of lies that ultimately puts him on the path of the killers. Then, in Miami, rookie Detective Mario Gonzalez responds to a call about a man found shot dead in an abandoned car. Just as the case is about to run cold, a witness comes forward that shatters the case wide open.

Episode #10: After The First 48: Shattered Dreams (air date: 2012-04-12)

In 2008 Mohamed Abdelrahman, a Darfurian immigrant, was shot and killed in his store during a robbery in Louisville. Det. Rick Arnold charged three suspects with his murder. When one defendant turns on the other two, the trial becomes every man for himself. Mohamed's widow, Sumaya Harun watches and worries that the jury will let her husband's alleged killers go free

Episode #11: Bad Attitude/Collateral Damage (air date: 2012-04-12)

In Dallas, Detective Brian Tabor investigates the brutal stabbing of a man found in a vacant apartment. Now, detectives need a woman who may have lured him to his death, to come clean. Then in Birmingham, a wild gunfight leaves an innocent young man dead. Detective Jody Jacobs is on the hunt for two shooters and needs to determine who fired the first shot.

Episode #12: After The First 48: Better Days/Inked in Blood (air date: 2012-04-19)

In Memphis, a 79-year-old man, beloved in his neighborhood, is shot dead. When the young man accused of the killing comes to trial, his defense attorney argues an unusual defense to get his client off. Will the jury buy it? Also in Memphis, a young female tattoo artist is killed in her shop. The alleged shooter faces the death penalty. As evidence mounts against him, his attorney wonders whether he can save his young client.

Episode #13: Cold Light of Day (air date: 2012-04-19)

Mike Smith and Walley Everett investigate the murder of a 23-year-old mother found burned in the backyard of an abandoned house.

Episode #14: After The First 48: In Harm's Way (air date: 2012-04-26)

In 2009, John Craig Froelich, II was shot and killed while taking his girlfriend to buy drugs in south Houston. Sgt. Craig Clopton charged the shooter and his girlfriend with capital murder. Without forensic evidence, prosecutor Terrence Windham had to rely on three eyewitnesses who all had credibility issues. Would the jury believe them on the stand? Or would the shooter walk?

Episode #15: Far From Home/Object of Desire (air date: 2012-04-26)

An out-of-state truck driver is found dead in the cab of his rig; Texas investigators probe the murder of an exotic dancer.

Episode #16: After The First 48: Cold As Ice (air date: 2012-05-03)

In January of 2009, Louisville resident Billy Wagner was killed in the street by a single bullet to the back of the head. After nearly two weeks, Det. Rick Arnold charged 20-year-old Gary Lindsey with murder, but the story was far from over. At trial, a young prosecutor faced off against a power veteran defense attorney. And the jury had to decide: Was the killing self-defense or murder?

Episode #17: Unarmed/Bad Feeling (air date: 2012-05-03)

An unarmed man is gunned down outside a bar; a woman is found bludgeoned to death in her apartment.

Episode #18: After The First 48: Torched/Girl Fight (air date: 2012-05-10)

In Miami, Detective Freddie Ponce arrests a man who tortured and killed his childhood friend. The case is strong--until an unexpected event in the first days of trial puts the whole thing in jeopardy. In Birmingham, a young mother is killed in front of her children. The killer is a young woman with no criminal history. Will this unlikely defendant win the jury's sympathy--and a verdict of self-defense?

Episode #19: Brutal Business (air date: 2012-05-10)

Two friends are shot, then burned inside the trunk of a car

Episode #20: After The First 48: Tag Team/Heart of Gold (air date: 2012-10-24)

In Memphis, TN, Lt. Caroline Mason revisits the 2007 homicide of a 19-year-old man shot to death during a street fight that got out of hand. But when 26-year-old DeMario Thomas went to trial in 2009, the victim's mother surprised everyone. While in Louisville, KY, a prosecutor's case comes close to collapse when an unforeseen twist of fate threatens to let an alleged murderer walk.

Episode #21: A Simple Plan/The Rip-Off (air date: 2012-06-07)

A woman is murdered in front of her daughter during a home invasion in Harris County, Texas; a Dallas teen runs into serious trouble while trying to sell a gun.

Episode #22: Less Than Zero/Friends for Life (air date: 2012-06-14)

An unarmed Miami man is shot in the back; three friends in Cleveland leave a party, but one of the group ends up dead.

Episode #23: Mobbed/Night Shift (air date: 2012-06-28)

A double murder occurs during a house party in Cleveland; a father falls victim to a robbery in Harris County, Texas.

Episode #24: House of Pain/Into the Night (air date: 2012-06-28)

When a friendly house party turns into a double murder, the only female homicide detective in Cleveland has to piece together what went wrong. In Harris County, a hardworking father stops off for a drink after work and ends up the victim of a robbery gone bad.

Episode #25: After The First 48: Rules of The Game (air date: 2012-07-05)

When a popular local celebrity in Louisville is murdered during a drug deal, homicide detectives Brenda Wescott and John Lesher search for his killer. Lashawn "Shizz" Talbert created a popular dance called "The Shizz" In August, 2010 he was driven to a drug deal by a local club promoter named David Curd. They drove to a quiet neighborhood and met a dealer named Kenneth Brown. Brown claimed that Talbert robbed him at gunpoint. Detectives unravel the case and learn about the role of Curd. And in an exclusive interview after his trial, Brown claims self-defense.

Episode #26: Shattered (air date: 2012-07-12)

An update on the case of an immigrant from Darfur who was shot and killed in his Louisville store during a robbery.

Episode #27: Massacre in Little Haiti/Exposed (air date: 2012-07-19)

Miami detectives hope that survivors of a shooting outside a corner store can identify the culprits; a Cleveland man is found strangled in his apartment, and police search for his friend and a motive.

Episode #28: After The First 48: Last Call/Road Hazard (air date: 2012-07-26)

A brutal shooting in Memphis leaves a single mom mourning her only son. The main suspect is a high-ranking gang member. Will his violent reputation keep witnesses from testifying? Then--a Birmingham motorist calls 911 in the middle of the night after his car is run off the road. But when responders arrive, they find the caller shot dead. A lone eyewitness steps forward, but will his testimony be enough to convince a jury to convict?

Episode #29: After The First 48: Cold and Callous/Wrong Man (air date: 2012-08-02)

In Harris County, Texas, an innocent fifteen year old is heartlessly murdered by another teenager during a robbery. But when witnesses to the crime are shown photos of the killer, they fail to identify him. Will he get away with murder? And in Memphis, Tennessee, an innocent bystander, trying to break up a fight is killed when he is caught in the crossfire. But the more police question the suspect in the shooting, the more he adamantly proclaims his the police actually have the wrong man?

Episode #30: After The First 48: Stolen Lives/Crimson Trail (air date: 2012-08-09)

In Miami, Florida, 25-year-old Pedro Roteta is stabbed in the middle of the street and left to die. Despite video of the murder and a confession the defense attempts to get immunity based on the controversial "Stand Your Ground" law. Will a judge let the suspect walk out of court a free man? And in Dallas Texas, a man is stabbed to death in an alley and the sole suspect disappears over the Mexican border. Then, after four years on the run, the alleged killed is finally arrested and claims self defense. Will a jury buy his story?

Episode #31: Deadly Ride/Wrong Place, Wrong Time (air date: 2012-08-16)

Detectives embark on a four-state manhunt to find the killer of a Cleveland driver; Miami police need citizens to loosen their lips and help them solve a murder.

Episode #32: Father and Son/Dangerous Attraction (air date: 2012-08-30)

A Miami homicide team investigates the shooting death of a kindly father; a Dallas man is fatally shot in his sleep.

Episode #33: Murder in Pleasant Grove (air date: 2012-09-06)

In Dallas, a dismembered body is found burned in an open field. With no leads on the victim s identity, detectives turn to the public for help in solving this baffling case.

Episode #34: Innocent Bystander/Partners in Crime (air date: 2012-09-13)

Surveillance video of a fatal stabbing at a Texas strip mall leaves a policeman with more questions than answers; a Dallas man is shot to death in his living room.

Episode #35: Blood Red/Deadly Moves (air date: 2012-09-20)

Two Dallas men on their way to visit family are gunned down; a police detective searches for a burglar who strangled a Cleveland preacher.

Episode #36: After The First 48: Devil Inside/Flight Risk (air date: 2012-09-27)

After a woman's dismembered body is found beneath an overpass in Tucson, Arizona, the suspect reveals a disturbing dark side--and shocks investigators with a revelation no one saw coming. Will the justice system deliver the ultimate punishment? Then, a weekend getaway in Dallas, Texas turns deadly when a woman is shot to death by her cousin's boyfriend. At trial, it's a game of he said, she said. But whom will the jury believe--the eyewitness or the suspect?

Episode #37: Blood on the Streets (air date: 2012-10-04)

Miami homicide detectives investigating a triple shooting on a crowded bus learn the violence was the result of an escalating street war.

Episode #38: School Girls/Out of the Shadows (air date: 2012-10-12)

In Dallas, a fight among school girls turns into a deadly home invasion. Then, an attempted car jacking in Cleveland leaves an innocent man shot dead.

Episode #39: After The First 48: Bad Attitude (air date: 2012-10-18)

After an unidentified man's stabbed body is found in a vacant Dallas, Texas apartment, two suspects both admit to setting up the man for robbery--and blame each other for the murder. Will the prosecutor succeed in determining who indeed is the actual killer? And will justice be served with an appropriate prison sentence for both defendants, or will one get off easily?

Episode #40: After The First 48: Caught Up/Chasing Shadows (air date: 2012-10-25)

In two cases in Louisville, Kentucky, detectives arrested suspects whose actions were caught on videotape? But will the surveillance tapes help the prosecutor s case--or help the defendants walk free?

Episode #41: After The First 48: No Return (air date: 2012-11-01)

A beloved father of three is gunned down outside his home in Atascocita, Texas, during a robbery gone wrong. Investigators catch a lucky break with surprise piece of evidence. But when the two main suspects point the finger at each other, it's up to the prosecution to convince a jury that they're both guilty of capital murder.

Episode #42: Fatal Call (air date: 2012-11-15)

Dallas homicide detectives call upon the community for help when a man is shot to death in an apartment complex.

Episode #43: Killer Debt/House of Rage (air date: 2012-11-29)

In Miami, a man is gunned down on a quiet city sidewalk. A mysterious car leads detectives on the trail of a suspect with a violent past. Then in Cleveland, a young mother of five is found shot in her apartment. With no witnesses, detectives turn to her outraged community for help.

Episode #44: Nightmare in Greedy Grove/Good Man Down (air date: 2012-12-06)

A drive-by shooting in Dallas leads to the death of an innocent bystander; a young Cleveland father is killed as he attempts to break up a fight.

Episode #45: The House Next Door/The Showdown (air date: 2012-12-13)

A Miami man is stabbed to death and dumped in an empty lot; a young father is the victim of a turf war.

Episode #46: Strapped/The Killers Next Door (air date: 2012-12-20)

A teen is killed in Miami; two college students are robbed and shot while walking their dog in Cleveland.

Episode #47: After The First 48: Into The Woods (air date: 2013-02-14)

After a 17-year-old girl is found with a bullet through the back of her head in the woods of Katy, Texas, a young man comes forward who who claims to be an eyewitness. Investigators are shocked by the unusual deal he s made with the DA. Is the eyewitness telling the truth -- or is he involved in the murder? And will the prosecution convince the jury that the defendant is the real killer?

Episode #48: After The First 48: John Doe (air date: 2013-02-21)

An unidentified man is gunned down in the Southside of Louisville, Kentucky. With no ID on the victim and few leads, detectives are stymied. It takes an unexpected tip to crack the case. But if prosecutors hope to convict the man s killer they ll need to convince his three frightened co defendants to testify against him.

Episode #49: After The First 48: The Witness (air date: 2013-02-28)

In Liberty City, Miami a well-liked husband and wife are brutally murdered in an ambush shooting. The eyewitness to the crime is the couple s ten-year-old daughter. She is the only thing linking the suspect to the crime. It s up to her to sway the jurors as she gives an emotional testimony in the hopes of putting her parents killer behind bars.

Episode #50: After The First 48: Brother's Blood (air date: 2013-03-07)

When a Honduran immigrant is found stabbed to death in his Miami apartment, his brother claims it was a suicide. But as investigators dig deeper, all evidence points to the surviving brother. His attorney claims self-defense, citing Florida's stand your ground law--but the prosecution fights hard to send the defendant to trial, and ultimately, to prison.

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