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The First 48 season 11

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55 episodes (472 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Documentary, Reality Channel:A&E Status:Continuing

8.4 (14 votes)

The First 48 season 11 episodes list:

Episode #1: Carjacked/Roll of the Dice (air date: 2010-09-30)

In Harris County, Deputy Russell Gonzales races the clock to track down the killer of an unidentified man found dead in a desolate field on the side of the road. It's an uphill battle for the team until a couple appears on scene and breaks the case wide open. In Miami, Detective Rolando Garcia and his team investigates the murder of an innocent bystander caught in a hail of gunfire. As detectives delve deeper, they discover that the killer's motives may not be what they think.

Episode #2: Marked for Death (air date: 2010-10-07)

In Harris County, Dep. Abraham Alanis and his team investigate the murder of a man, married with four young children, who was found robbed and shot to death outside an abandoned house. With no other leads to go on, investigators discover that their victim held a secret that could lead to his killer.

Episode #3: After The First 48: Letter of Intent/Family Friend (air date: 2011-08-10)

In Dallas, Texas in 2007 Darell Billingsela was charged with brutally attacking and killing twenty-two-year old Jessica Lewalling in a jealous rage. Billingslea was a two-time convicted murderer out on parole. Prosecutor Jennifer Bennett was determined to make sure Billingslea would not slip through the system again. And, in February 2007, thirty-six-year old Antoine, "Tony" Hamilton was found shot dead, and left behind a vacant house. His friend, Carlos Mitchell, confessed to the crime. Prosecutor Jenni Morse thought she had a slam dunk case--until the verdict in a similar case shook her confidence in getting a conviction.

Episode #4: Winter Games (air date: 2010-10-14)

In Detroit, Sergeant Matthew Gnatek and Officer Nancy Foster are investigating the murder of a soon-to-be father, found shot to death in a deserted field during a snowstorm. With no witnesses and potential evidence disappearing under the blanketing snow, the Crime Scene Unit works quickly with metal detectors, to uncover an item that will put Gnatek and Foster on the trail to meet three young women who each hold a piece of the homicide puzzle.

Episode #5: After The First 48: The Good Book (air date: 2010-10-14)

In November 2006, Dallas detectives investigated the murder of a twenty-nine-year-old mother of four, found burned beyond recognition in her car behind a remote warehouse. Detectives soon discovered that the victim's former boyfriend and father of her infant son, had been stalking her for months, leading up to her death. After tracking down two homeless witnesses and finding a piece of crucial evidence, police were able to charge James Bartley with capital murder. The Dallas DA's office was responsible for bringing the case to a close. In order to do that successfully, the prosecutor and her investigator had to keep close tabs on their key homeless witnesses for years, while the cased awaited trial. When Bartley finally stood trial in 2009, the prosecution worried the jury wouldn't believe the testimony of two homeless crack addicts and find the evidence insufficient to prove Bartley guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Episode #6: Off the Tracks (air date: 2010-10-21)

For homicide detectives, the clock starts ticking the moment they are called. Their chance of solving a case is cut in half if they don't get a lead in "The First 48". Each passing hour gives suspects more time to flee, witnesses more time to forget what they saw, and crucial evidence more time to be lost forever. Follow detectives from around the country during these critical hours as they race against time to find the suspect.

Episode #7: After The First 48: Last Fare (air date: 2010-10-21)

In March of 2008, Tucson Detectives Jennifer Whitfield and Mike Carroll were called to investigate the robbery/homicide of 27-year-old cab driver and father-to-be Timothy Royce. In what appeared to be a brutal and random crime with no leads, the case took a turn when detectives got a surprise tip to the whereabouts of their suspects. Within days of the crime, detectives were able to close their case, charging three suspects with first-degree murder and armed robbery. Over the next two years the defendants would face Tim's family in court. With the death penalty on the table, this update special filmed every hearing and trial in which the truth about Tim's final moments was revealed.

Episode #8: Underworld (air date: 2010-10-28)

In Miami, Detective Anthony Reyes and the homicide team are investigating the murder of a man found brutally beaten to death below a major interstate. Reyes must navigate through false leads and dead ends, until an eyewitness comes forward and ignites the case. When detectives discover that their eyewitness is leaving out one major detail in his story, the case is turned on its head.

Episode #9: After The First 48: Innocence Lost (air date: 2010-10-28)

In July of 2006, Miami detectives Rolando Garcia and Orlando Silva responded to the shooting death of nine-year-old Sherdavia Jenkins. After a three-week investigation, detectives were able to close their case, charging two men with second-degree murder. Three years later the two men would face Sherdavia's family in court. When one of the defendants agrees to testify against the other, the outcome is unexpected. Filmed by our cameras, the trial would heat up with contentious moments between the defense and lead detective Garcia.

Episode #10: One of Ours (air date: 2010-11-04)

In Miami, Det. Frank Sanchez responds to the murder of a retired Miami Police captain, shot in broad daylight at a marina on the Miami River. When initial leads run dry, Miami PD launches a massive investigation, tracking the alleged killer all the way to New Jersey.

Episode #11: After The First 48: Gun Play/No-Tell Motel (air date: 2010-11-04)

Tucson, Arizona. Sixteen-year-old Derreck Burruss and his friends were walking home when they were confronted by two men. The older of the two pulled a gun and shot Derreck in the chest. Lead Detective Bill Hanson and his team arrested fifteen-year-old Raymond Godoy and his cousin, eighteen-year-old Anthony Encinas, for the crime. Derrecks mother, Lakia Culver, would have to face both men in court. And she would be shocked by the outcome of Godoy's hearing. Next, Dallas, Texas. At 12:45 a.m. on the south side of Dallas three men were shot in front of a hotel. Two of them were rushed to the E.R. and the third lay dead on the pavement. The victim was 22-year-old Ivan Rangel. Rangel's friends told lead detective Phil Harding they didn't recognize the men who shot Ivan. It was Rangel's sister who gave Harding his first lead. Her family had been drumming up information about the murder and she named two suspects. But will one walk without any solid evidence against him?

Episode #12: Gimme Shelter/Mishap (air date: 2010-11-11)

In Birmingham, lead Detective Mike Allison is working the murder of a man found shot in the basement stairwell of a house. Allison and his team quickly find an eyewitness and then the suspect. The case seems closed, when suddenly it unravels after the eyewitness disappears and Allison is forced to set his suspect free. A year passes, when out of the blue, the case takes a surprising turn. And in Charlotte, Lead Detective Bo McSwain and his team are trying to find the killers of a man shot behind his girlfriend's house. On scene, McSwain gets a break when four men come forward, claiming their innocence. The team believes these men are their suspects, but when they all refuse to talk, the case hits a wall. With nothing to hold them, the suspects start to leave homicide, but then McSwain makes a discovery at the crime scene, stopping one suspect in his tracks.

Episode #13: After The First 48: Drama at The Classic/50G Murder (air date: 2011-08-31)

On October 26, 2008, Birmingham homicide detectives were helping with crowd control at the Magic City Classic--a renowned football game between two of the oldest black colleges in Alabama. After working seventeen hours at the game, they were called out to investigate the shooting death of 21-year-old Kenny Wayne Holmes, shot while driving his car. They would eventually arrest the boyfriend of Kenny';s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his one-year-old daughter. The following year the boyfriend stood trial for capital murder. And, in August of 2006, Dallas homicide detectives were called to an illegal dentist office to investigate the shooting death of 67-year-old Jose Raul Diaz. They arrested Felipe Luna and Roberto Rosales for the murder. During his interrogation, Luna confessed to the murder--and said that Rosales had planned the crime, but backed out at the last moment. If convicted of capital murder, both men faced a sentence of life without parole.

Episode #14: What Lies Beneath/Back for Blood (air date: 2010-11-18)

When a man arrested for a domestic dispute claims his boyfriend killed someone seven months earlier and buried the body in the basement, Louisville Detectives Jon Lesher and Collin King are launched into one of the strangest cases of their career. Detectives are initially skeptical of the man's claim, but after hours of digging in a hot, humid basement, they discover the truth: buried five feet below the dirt floor is a large plastic storage box containing human remains. Detectives must now determine if the man accused of the murder is a cold-blooded killer, or if a vindictive lover is out to frame him. And in Charlotte, a 55-year-old father of three is stabbed to death and left for dead in the middle of a residential street. Det. Susan Sarvis and the homicide team initiate a citywide hunt for the last man seen with the victim to find out if he is a witness or if he's responsible for the homicide.

Episode #15: After The First 48: Return to Sender/Left Behind (air date: 2010-11-19)

In July of 2008, Dallas homicide detectives responded to a shooting on a dark service road on the south side of Dallas. The innocent victim, 19-year old Mikael Hudson, had been killed by a single gunshot fired from a vehicle in pursuit of he and his friends. The two suspects left a trail of evidence that ultimately led to their apprehension and arrest. Prosecutor Andrea Moseley was determined that both defendants would receive equal punishment. In August of 2005, Phoenix homicide detectives discovered the body of pregnant, 20-year old Virginia Rodriguez, who had been murdered, burned and then left to decompose in her apartment for over a week. For over two years detectives pursued her husband, the man they suspected of killing her, who had fled to his native country of Mexico with their two young children. He was finally caught and extradited to the US, but Prosecutor Treena Kay had concerns about getting a conviction.

Episode #16: Left to Burn/Trigger Happy (air date: 2010-12-02)

When fire fighters in Detroit respond to a house fire and discover a 63-year-old woman stabbed and bound, Sergeant Kenny Gardner and Investigator Barbara Simon must investigate the brutal murder. With no witnesses, they have to rely on the local community to help them find her killer. In Charlotte, Detective Phil Rainwater and the homicide team are called out to a restaurant parking lot littered with shell casings, where a 20-year-old father was shot dead. Surveillance video shows their potential suspects fleeing the scene in a white SUV. If they can track down the car, they may find the shooters.

Episode #17: Thicker Than Water (air date: 2010-12-09)

For homicide detectives, the clock starts ticking the moment they are called. Their chance of solving a case is cut in half if they don’t get a lead in “The First 48″. Each passing hour gives suspects more time to flee, witnesses more time to forget what they saw, and crucial evidence more time to be lost forever. Follow detectives from around the country during these critical hours as they race against time to find the suspect.

Episode #18: Rules of the Game/Outgunned (air date: 2010-12-16)

A Louisville celebrity is murdered; and a deadly shootout is investigated in Miami.

Episode #19: Insider/Paradise Lost/Bad Debt (air date: 2011-01-06)

In Charlotte, rookie Detective Norma McKee gets her first double-murder: a young couple shot in their car by a backseat passenger. Inside the vehicle, detectives find what may be a vital clue, a baseball hat that might contain the suspect’s DNA. Meanwhile, seasoned Miami detective, Emiliano Tamayo has two cases in two days. First he responds to a call reporting a foul smell, only to find a family of three found dead in their home; later that night he is called to the scene of a young man killed over a fifty-dollar bet. With four deaths in forty-eight hours, Tamayo calls on his years of experience to solve the cases.

Episode #20: Waterworld (air date: 2011-01-13)

Miami detectives investigate the murder of a man found floating in Biscayne Bay, and a second homicide that may be connected to the first case.

Episode #21: The Slip/Pure Victim (air date: 2011-01-20)

Detroit detectives investigate a double homicide; an elderly woman is murdered while taking groceries out of her car in Harris County, Texas.

Episode #22: Terribly Wrong/Settling the Score (air date: 2011-01-27)

In Charlotte, when a store clerk and father of three young children is shot in a robbery by a masked man, lead Detective David Osorio and his team interview witnesses and find that no one knows the shooter. With little to go on, Osorio must find a way to identify his suspect before he can hope to track him down. And in Miami, lead Detective Kevin Ruggiero and his team head to Overtown to investigate the murder of a young father shot in the street. When Ruggiero learns that the victim’s friends are out to retaliate, he must race to find the shooter before there’s another killing.

Episode #23: Final Call/Fatal Fury (air date: 2011-02-03)

In Charlotte, rookie homicide Det. Brian Whitworth is assigned his first case when a woman is discovered on her bedroom floor, stabbed to death. Hampered by false leads and a lack of eyewitnesses, Whitworth must rely on the physical evidence to bring the killer to justice. Meanwhile, in Louisville, Det. Jon Lesher investigates the homicide of a 43-year-old father, gunned down in front of his house for telling a rowdy group of men next door to quiet down. The case comes to a standstill when an eyewitness steadfastly upholds the street's code of silence. Lesher must use his veteran-interview techniques to break the code and get the witness to talk.

Episode #24: Dying Declaration/One Last Score (air date: 2011-02-10)

After a year with the gang unit, Detective Kevin Ruggiero returns to Miami Homicide, investigating a drive-by shooting that left two men dead. He has little to work with until he learns that one of the victims was a founder of a local gang. Then in Louisville, Detective Kristen Downs responds to the shooting of a 17-year-old boy. When she learns that his friends witnessed the shooting, she has to convince them to overcome their fear of retaliation in order to bring him justice

Episode #25: Street Law/Standing Up (air date: 2011-02-17)

After a year with the gang unit, Detective Kevin Ruggiero returns to Miami Homicide, investigating a drive-by shooting that left two men dead. He has little to work with until he learns that one of the victims was a founder of a local gang. Then in Louisville, Detective Kristen Downs responds to the shooting of a 17-year-old boy. When she learns that his friends witnessed the shooting, she has to convince them to overcome their fear of retaliation in order to bring him justice

Episode #26: Brother's Blood/Trapped (air date: 2011-03-03)

Two men are shot in a motel in Charlotte; and Miami detectives investigate an apparent suicide that they suspect is a murder.

Episode #27: Southwick/Devil's Doorway (air date: 2011-03-17)

When Louisville Detectives Mickey Cohn and Jon Lesher discover that their two murder victims have matching tattoos, they suspect the murders might be related. When they learn the victim's missing friend might be a third victim, they race against the clock to solve the case. Meanwhile, Detective Eric Torrence responds to a scene where a man is gunned down in an apartment doorway. When the suspects come forward, they claim it was self-defense. Torrence and his team work to prove that their victim was shot in cold blood.

Episode #28: Beatdown/Pistol Whipped (air date: 2011-03-24)

In a bloody convenience store shooting, Birmingham Detective Chris Anderson needs an old surveillance system and cooperation from the victim's mother to help solve the case. When a Miami shooting follows a brutal public attack, Det. TC Cepero and his team try to piece together the turn of events to determine if the murder was justified.

Episode #29: Bad Company (air date: 2011-03-31)

In Las Vegas, NV, Detective Jimmy Vaccaro and his team are called out at midnight to an empty desert highway, where a man's been shot dead in the middle of the road. From the victim's cellphone, they quickly get a lead: just minutes before he was killed, he received a call from a friend with whom he worked at a local strip club. But when they track down the co-worker and bring him to the station, the case takes an outrageous turn that exposes the ruthless underside of business in Vegas.

Episode #30: Night Out/One Gram (air date: 2011-04-07)

A bystander is murdered with a brawl turns into a gunfight; a shooting victim's 911 calls may hold the answer to his killer's identity.

Episode #31: After The First 48: Signs of Violence (air date: 2011-04-14)

One man was part of a love triangle, the other a complete stranger--both were murdered a week apart. Little did Louisville Homicide Detectives realize these two brutal homicides were linked, until they met Michael Knights and Jeston Murray. Were they both murderers or was one a witness? Both faced the death penalty but only one would go to trial.<

Episode #32: Fear Factor/Fall Guy (air date: 2011-05-12)

In Birmingham, Detectives Eric Torrence and Henry Lucas investigate the murder of a 31-year-old male found dead in a field. But with a tight-lipped community where street law is paramount, finding someone to talk is the team's biggest challenge. As the clock winds down, will the community pull through and bring the killer to justice? Then, in Charlotte a man is chased down and killed in front of his nine-year-old son. Detective Blair Fitch is shocked to discover the killer was getting even with someone else. The case takes a surprising turn and leads detectives to New York where the suspect turns up in relation to another murder.

Episode #33: Mother and Child (air date: 2011-05-19)

In Miami, ten days before Christmas, a young corrections officer is shot dead with her two-year-old son while sleeping in their bed. Det. Kevin Ruggiero and Sgt. Ervens Ford take the case personally--not only do they consider the victim 24-year-old Ciara Lee as "on our team", but the death of her baby boy hits them emotionally. In this intense manhunt the detectives uncover the intended target, the motive, and the suspected killers, making an arrest two days before Christmas. But a surprise twist at the end leaves them frustrated and determined.

Episode #34: The Ring/Last Drive (air date: 2011-05-26)

In Birmingham, lead Detective Henry Lucas is working the brutal stabbing of a young mother killed in her own bedroom. With no obvious motive, the investigation hits a wall until Lucas discovers the victim is missing a diamond ring. Meanwhile, the Harris County Homicide squad and lead investigator Sgt. James Dousay are hunting the killer of a man found shot to death in his car. With no witnesses, Dousay hopes the last messages on the victim's phone and the victim's family and friends can lead them to their suspect.

Episode #35: Without a Trace/Street Justice (air date: 2011-06-02)

In a remote area 20 miles east of Houston, a man walking in the woods discovers a startling sight--the remains of decomposed body hidden in the foliage. In one of his most challenging cases, Dep. Dennis Wolfford must first identify the body, before he can even begin unraveling the mystery of who to put it there. And in Miami, Sgt. Fernando Bosch investigates the murder of a 24-year-old father of two, gunned down while riding his bike. With no initial leads, detectives embark on an extensive canvass that proves fruitful when a witness comes forward with information that turns the case on its head: What detectives initially thought was the motive, is not. The murder is far more personal.

Episode #36: Cold and Callous (air date: 2011-06-09)

In Harris County, Deputy Jason Brown and the homicide unit investigate the cold-blooded murder of a 15-year-old boy who was stripped down and shot during a home invasion.

Episode #37: Snake Eyes/No Way Out (air date: 2011-06-16)

In Birmingham, AL, an innocent man is shot and killed in crossfire from a shoot out that erupted at a friendly dice game. Detective Jerry Williams and his team must first locate the shooters involved and then decide who and what to believe from the conflicting interviews. And in Harris County, TX, Dep. Jason Brown and the Homicide Unit investigate the murder of a 17-year-old student, gunned down in a flea market parking lot that also left his 14-year-old cousin wounded. The trail heats up when Brown finds another student that was involved in the shooting and in the gang confrontation that precipitated it.

Episode #38: After The First 48: Last Yard (air date: 2011-06-23)

University of Memphis football star Taylor Bradford was killed in his beloved Lincoln Town Car. At first police thought the motive was robbery. Then as they investigated, a love triangle emerged. Finally four men were charged with Bradford's murder. The first to go on trial wasn't even at the crime scene. Could prosecutors convince a jury to find him guilty of murder?

Episode #39: Brother’s Bread/Into the Woods (air date: 2011-06-30)

In Louisville, Det. Kristen Downs responds to the killing of a man shot while answering his door. Before he died he told his fiance who did it, but his declaration leaves more questions than answers. Then in Harris County, TX, neighbors find a teenage girl in the woods, shot dead. The case takes a turn when the trail of clues leads Dep. James Cassidy to one of the victim's friends.

Episode #40: Stolen Lives/Family Bonds (air date: 2011-07-07)

Miami detective, Fabio Sanchez and the homicide team investigate the murder of a man stabbed in the street. After piecing together the victims last moments, they realize they may have a vigilante on their hands. In Dekalb County, Georgia, shots are fired in broad daylight on a residential street, leaving one teenage boy dead and another critically injured. Lead Detective Bruce Brueggeman is shocked to discover that the shooters mother may have been with him when he pulled the trigger. But forcing the family to give up the suspect is not going to be easy.

Episode #41: Burning Rage/Fallen Soldiers (air date: 2011-07-14)

Birmingham Detective Warren Cotton investigates the murder of three family members, including a 12-year-old girl, who were stabbed to death in their home and then burned. In Miami, Detective Ricardo John and his team are working the shooting of a young man who has been a witness in several previous homicide investigations.

Episode #42: After The First 48: Lester Street (air date: 2011-08-11)

In September of 2010, Jessie Dotson went on trial for one of the worst mass murders in Memphis history. He wasn't accused of killing strangers--he was brother, friend and uncle to the six people he'd allegedly murdered and three surviving children he'd allegedly beaten and stabbed. Even seasoned detectives were horrified by the bloody crime scene. Now, all of Memphis wanted an answer to the same question: How could only one man be responsible for such brutal carnage? (2 hours.)

Episode #43: Last Words/Nowhere to Hide (air date: 2011-08-18)

In Birmingham, a 49-year-old man is beaten and shot in the middle of a housing complex in broad daylight. In a community where no one wants to be seen as "snitching," finding someone to come forward with information will be Detective Chris Anderson's biggest challenge. Then, in DeKalb County, lead detective Chris Franklin investigates the murder of an 18-year-old male, gunned down in an apartment complex. The case takes a turn when Franklin learns the killer's intended target was actually the victim's friend.

Episode #44: Hit List/Hand in Hand (air date: 2011-08-25)

In Miami, lead detective TC Cepero investigates the murder of a 20-year-old male, gunned down in the middle of the street in broad daylight. With surveillance video of the suspect and possible witnesses they learn the victim may have been on the killers hit list. Then, in DeKalb County, a 20-year-old man is shot dead while walking his girlfriend home at night. Sergeant Matthew Ferreira and team must work quickly to solve this senseless murder that also left two others injured.

Episode #45: No Return/Dangerous Game (air date: 2011-09-01)

In Harris County, a family man is shot down in his driveway. With no motive or witnesses lead investigator Deputy Juan Viramontes hopes a clue found on the victim's car can lead to the killer. And in Miami, as a family settles in for the night, gunshots erupt in their front yard. A startled mother walks outside and discovers her son shot dead. Rookie homicide Det. Frank Castillo must delve into the vices of the victim in order to track down the person responsible for this brazen act of violence.

Episode #46: Love Her Madly/Off Track (air date: 2011-09-08)

In Miami, the Homicide Unit responds to a scene to find the 911 caller covered in blood and a 35-year-old woman brutally stabbed. And in DeKalb County, Det. Joe Renaud and his team are working the shooting murder of a 22-year-old man.

Episode #47: Blood Alley/Bad Deal (air date: 2011-10-13)

A man is found dead in an alley in a Birmingham suburb; A 24-year-old man is shot to death in his apartment in DeKalb County, Ga.

Episode #48: The Chase/One Shot (air date: 2011-10-20)

In Harris County, Deputy Abraham Alanis is working the homicide of a 69-year-old Navy veteran. When Alanis' first big break, surveillance video of the potential perpetrator, fails to show the suspect's face, investigators take a closer at the footage and notice something big--a small detail in the video, could be a huge break for the case. And in Birmingham, Det. Marcel Walker responds to the city's first homicide since a deadly tornado ravaged the city. Walker needs to determine whether two people seen fleeing the crime scene moments after the shooting are witnesses to the heinous act or responsible for it.

Episode #49: Caught in the Middle (air date: 2011-10-27)

In Miami, two men are found beaten and shot behind an abandoned house. As Det. TC Cepero digs deeper into the case he unearths more than one reason the men could have been killed.

Episode #50: After The First 48: Torn (air date: 2011-11-03)

In February of 2009, 21-year-old James "Jamo" Allen was gunned down outside of a Louisville, Kentucky housing project. After discovering that his ex-girlfriend knows the truth about the crime, detectives work quickly to track down the alleged killer and elicit a confession from him. Nearly two years later, what should have been a straightforward trial goes haywire when a detective stumbles on the stand and the defense calls a surprise witness. Will justice be served or will the confessed murderer go free?

Episode #51: After The First 48: Final Investment (air date: 2011-11-10)

When a robbery goes bad in south Memphis, one man is dead and very little physical evidence is left at the scene. Detectives track down several witnesses, but the one person who saw the shooting was a 10-year-old boy. Fast forward five years to a dramatic murder trial. The witness is now 15 and well aware of the dangers of testifying. Will he do the right thing? Or not...

Episode #52: Pointless/Set Up (air date: 2011-12-08)

In Birmingham, Detective Chris Anderson investigates the gruesome murder of a woman who is shot to death and then set on fire. Anderson hunts down his suspects, but it's the victim's family that reveals a final, disturbing twist in the case. In DeKalb County, Detective Joe Renaud is working the homicide of a father of four, gunned down outside an apartment complex on the east side of town. Without little to go on, Renaud and his team must put the pieces of this puzzle together to track down the killer.

Episode #53: Love Kills/Justified (air date: 2011-12-15)

In Miami, Detectives Anthony Reyes and Manny Castillo investigate a man shot dead on a residential street. The case takes a turn when they learn that the house he was found in front of is where his ex-girlfriend lives. Then in Birmingham, a gunfight at a gas station leaves one man dead. Detective Cynthia Morrow discovers surveillance video that shows who killed the man, but eyewitness testimony calls in to question who is to blame.

Episode #54: After The First 48: Hale Storm (air date: 2011-12-22)

A Louisville, Kentucky family awakes before dawn as a barrage of gunfire rips through their home. When the smoke clears, three teenage boys are bleeding from bullet wounds. One would not survive. The lives of two others would be forever altered. Now, a family friend with violent tendencies stands trial for the shooting, but a lack of eyewitnesses threatens to derail the whole case. Will a jury find him guilty or will the angry suspect walk free?

Episode #55: After The First 48: Bad Company (air date: 2011-12-29)

On a warm, clear night in the desert near Lake Mead, the body of a man--shot dead--was found in the middle of the road. When Las Vegas Metro homicide detectives began investigating the death, they had no idea the case would lead them to a conspiracy that involved five people. Or that it would take six years to bring down the man behind the murder.

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