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The Fairly OddParents season 8

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The Fairly OddParents season 8 poster
18 episodes (292 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:Tara Strong, Daran Norris, Susan Blakeslee, Carlos Alazraqui, Faith Abrahams, Gary Leroi Gray, Grey Delisle, Jason Marsden, Dionne Quan, Frankie Muniz, Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad, Mary Kay Bergman Genre:Animation, Children Channel:NickToons Status:Ended

8.9 (17 votes)

The Fairly OddParents season 8 episodes list:

Episode #1: Love Triangle (air date: 2011-02-12)

Poof is upset his parents want him to take the lead role in the school play, but he quickly changes his mind after his new crush, Goldie Goldenglow gets the female lead role, but to get the role, he has to beat his archnemesis Foop, who also fell for Goldie.[2]

360p (avi 175.4 MB)
Episode #2: Spellementery School (air date: 2011-02-26)

With Poof's first day in Spellementary School, he and Foop compete to be the most popular student there, but Foop takes it to extremes when his classmates don't accept him, and its up to Poof to stop his anti-fairy counterpart from tearing apart the school!

360p (avi 350.1 MB)
Episode #3: Operation Dinkelberg (air date: 2011-02-26)

Timmy's Dad becomes obsessed with proving his neighbor, Mr. Dinkleberg is evil. He enlists Timmy to help him spy on Dinkleberg by dressing up like a girl scout!

360p (avi 175.2 MB)
Episode #4: Invasion of the Dads (air date: 2011-06-18)

Timmy's previous wish for a Planet of the Dads backfires when the Dads realize the one thing missing from their lives is Mom, and they come to steal her away from Dad and Timmy! It's up to Timmy, Cosmo (in a magnify glass disguise), Wanda (in ice cube disguise, who was forced to remain in a freezer to prevent from melting), Poof (in a bee disguise), Mark Chang and a rather bumbling "Real Dad" to thwart the Dads and rescue Mom!

360p (avi 176.4 MB)
Episode #5: Take and Fake (air date: 2011-07-11)

Timmy borrows Mark Chang's fake-a-fier in order to attend Trixie's costume party.

360p (avi 175.8 MB)
Episode #6: Cosmo Rules (air date: 2011-07-11)

When Jorgen von Strangle gets the trick-ups (bouts of fairy hiccups that cause bouts of cheesy magician-like parlor magic) he isn't able to enforce Da Rules, so he must pass it on to his closest available relative until he gets better. Unfortunately, his closest available relative is his long-lost cousin Cosmo as his Nana Boom Boom was playing Explosive Bingo and his cousin Leonard Von Strangle was on a trip in the Bahamas.

Episode #7: Farm Pit (air date: 2011-07-11)

Mr. Turner has been fired from his job, so he tries to start up a farm instead. Unfortunately, he has no luck at growing anything, so Timmy wishes his father's crops would grow huge. But now Timmy's father has so much success that he wants his family to stay on the farm forever!

Episode #8: Crock Talk (air date: 2011-07-11)

After mysterious monster appearences of monsters on Dimmsdale, Crocker starts a webshow to comment it, and asks for viewers to call if they see a monster. Unfortunately, Timmy wishes for them, Dad calls Crocker everynight and he gets a freepass to film the fairies.

Episode #9: Food Fight (air date: 2011-07-12)

Tired of his mom's nasty food, Timmy wishes that his mom was the best cook in the world, but when she enters to a cooking competition, the magic wont work and she has to face the challenge alone.

Episode #10: Please Don't Feed The Turners (air date: 2011-07-12)

Doug Dimmadome selects the Turners to go on a space mission, but it turns out it was really Dark Laser in disguise with an elaborate plan to take revenge on Timmy and trap the Turners in a space zoo on his Death Ball.

Episode #11: Lights Out (air date: 2011-07-13)

After Timmy tells Poof a scary story, the baby's' crying keeps him up all night, so Timmy wishes for no light for twelve hours of day. Little does Timmy know, that when his godparents are kept in the dark for longer than eight hours, they become "Scary Fairies" and turn on their godchild.

Episode #12: Dad Overboard (air date: 2011-07-13)

After Mr. Turner gets lost while looking for their hotel and land on a deserted island, he struggles to make a boat to save his family, and to prove his masculinity he doesn't let anyone help him. Timmy wishes for relaxation items, (hammock,Ipod,Club sandwiches,etc).Meanwhile, Poof finds a nuclear bomb in the sand and Cosmo activates it, putting the Turners' life at risk.

Episode #13: Old Man And The C- (air date: 2011-07-14)

When Mr. Turner reveals he dropped off school at 5th grade, he attempts to graduate from Dimmsdale Elementary School to make his son proud.

Episode #14: Balance of Flour (air date: 2011-07-14)

Centuries ago, the Anti-Fairies and Fairies started an annual bake-off to determine which species gets godchildren, this year, Jorgen von Strangle's recipe is at risk, and Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda are determined to make sure they make Timmy their godchild by stealing the recipe and cheating the fairies out of the competition.

Episode #15: Poltergeeks (air date: 2011-08-15)

Timmy has Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof pose as ghosts so that his parents can re-live their glory days as ghostbusters.

Episode #16: Beach Blanket Bozos (air date: 2011-08-15)

During a trip to Hawaii, Timmy wishes that his parents were the best surfers ever, but that wish starts a wish limbo, in which they won't stop fighting until only one prevails as best surfer ever in Hawaii.

Episode #17: When Losers Attack (air date: 2011-10-15)

Timmy Turner’s enemies collaborate to form the League of Super Evil Revenge Seekers (L.O.S.E.R.S.) in order to annihilate him. When the Fairy-clipse, a rare astronomical event that happens every million years, prevents Cosmo and Wanda from using their magic to save him, Timmy is forced to outwit the L.O.S.E.R.S. himself.

Episode #18: Meet the OddParents (air date: 2011-12-29)

Mom and Dad have finally realize that Timmy has fairy godparents! The question now is: How long can they all keep Jorgen Von Strangle in the dark so that he won't take Wanda, Cosmo and Poof away forever?

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