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The Fairly OddParents season 2

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The Fairly OddParents season 2 poster
29 episodes (366 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:Tara Strong, Daran Norris, Susan Blakeslee, Carlos Alazraqui, Faith Abrahams, Gary Leroi Gray, Grey Delisle, Jason Marsden, Dionne Quan, Frankie Muniz, Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad, Mary Kay Bergman Genre:Animation, Children Channel:NickToons Status:Ended

8.9 (17 votes)

The Fairly OddParents season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Boys In The Band (air date: 2002-03-01)

In the second-season opener, Timmy's having an unhappy birthday because his folks are at a concert with pop star Chip Skylark (voice of 'N Sync's Chris Kirkpatrick), while he's stuck with ""icky"" Vicky.

360p (avi 147.6 MB)
Episode #2: Hex Games (air date: 2002-03-01)

Timmy tries to beat Vicky at a skateboarding contest so he can become queen (eh, king) of the skate park.

360p (avi 111.5 MB)
Episode #3: Boy Toys (air date: 2002-03-08)

Vicky's little sister is at it again! Timmy tries to be nice to her for a change, with help of his Crimson Chin action figure. To save it from being burnt by Vicky, he wishes for the toy not to be ruined, and then gives it to Tootie for a present.

360p (avi 102.5 MB)
Episode #4: Inspection Detection (air date: 2002-03-08)
360p (avi 102.0 MB)
Episode #5: Action Packed (air date: 2002-03-22)

Timmy wishes that his entire life was like an action movie. But then he realizes that it is very hard, and he wishes himself normal again.

360p (avi 102.4 MB)
Episode #6: Smarty Pants (air date: 2002-03-22)

Timmy wishes that he knew everything in the world so he can beat 'A' student AJ at the Brain-A-Thon.

360p (avi 102.5 MB)
Episode #7: Timvisible (air date: 2002-04-26)

Timmy becomes invisible to avoid being beaten by Francis, but then he haunts the school and everybody gets scarred and Crocker finds out that he's the ghost and starts hunting Timmy throughout the school.

360p (avi 101.3 MB)
Episode #8: That Old Black Magic (air date: 2002-04-26)

Timmy goes to an amusement park in Friday the 13th and he figures that something is destroying the park, until Cosmo and Wanda give him special glasses to see the Anti-Fairies who are causing the problem.

360p (avi 103.1 MB)
Episode #9: Super Bike (air date: 2002-05-10)

The father/son bike race is coming up, and Timmy's dad made a bike especially for Timmy to ride. The problem is, it's poorly built and doesn't even work. Despite Cosmo and Wanda's warnings , Timmy wishes for a super bike, and it's defintiely super (It even talks), but it hurts his dad's feelings that he doens't use the homemade bike, and the super bike tries to control Timmy's life.

360p (avi 102.9 MB)
Episode #10: A Mile In My Shoes (air date: 2002-05-10)

Timmy thinks Cosmo and Wanda have it easy being godparents, and vice versa. To prove each other's points, Timmy becomes a fairy and Cosmo and Wanda become normal kids. But Timmy can't control his magic and has to undergo training from Jorgen von Strangle, and Cosmo and Wanda have a tough time dealing with Timmy's parents and school.

360p (avi 111.0 MB)
Episode #11: Foul Balled (air date: 2002-06-07)

Timmy's little league team, The Losers, never win (duh) because of Chester, the worst player on the team. To make Chester happy, Timmy wishes that Chester is the best baseball player ever. Chester then becomes famous and a hero, but Timmy is upset that he never gets to play baseball anymore (Chester plays all positions) and Chester treats him like a pack mule.

360p (avi 94.3 MB)
Episode #12: The Boy Who Would Be Queen (air date: 2002-06-07)

Timmy tells Trixie Tang that he has a great gift for her, so he can be invited to her party. Obviously, he's lying. Later that day, Timmy and Cosmo start making of girls, and Wanda becomes so angry she turns Timmy into a girl. Timmy decides being a girl can help him/her figure out what Trixie would like for her birthday, so he/she goes off to the mall...but not without revenge on his godparents for turning him into a girl...he wishes Cosmo was a woman and Wanda was a man.

360p (avi 102.6 MB)
Episode #13: Totally Spaced Out (air date: 2002-07-12)

Timmy is annoyed when Vicky has to come over so he wishes she could end up millions of miles away. So Cosmo goes to Yugopotamia, on Mark's birthday and tricks him into coming for Vicky. But when Plan B for what to do with Timmy requires sending him to some wierd kindness and happiness (and boringness) place, Timmy must accept Mark's challenge for Vicky.

360p (avi 101.5 MB)
Episode #14: The Switch Glitch (air date: 2002-07-12)

Timmy is angry when Vicky, as the babysitter always gets her way, so he wishes he could be her babysitter so he can get revenge. But he soon realises he feels guilty. And things get worse when Cosmo and Wanda get reassigned to Vicky!

360p (avi 106.3 MB)
Episode #15: Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad (air date: 2002-09-06)

Noticing that his parents have to work all day and are too tired for him when they get home, Timmy wishes that his parents were superheroes. But now his superparents are too busy fighting crime to spend time with him, and he can't wish them back to normal because their powers are too strong for magic to affect them!

360p (avi 98.6 MB)
Episode #16: Knighty Knight (air date: 2002-09-06)

After finding the local Medevil fair very lame, Timmy wishes he coudl go to the real Middle Ages. unfortunately, Cosmo and Wanda bring Timmy's parents, who are dressed in a cow costume, back as well and a real dragon has taken them to it's cave to eat them!

360p (avi 102.6 MB)
Episode #17: Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary (air date: 2002-09-13)

Timmy gets really annoyed when a rich kid comes in showing off his money. He can't get away from him. Not even in a Crimson Chin comic book! How? He has a fairy godparent, that's how. And he's Wanda's ex-boyfriend! Now they are called into a fairy duel of some sort!

360p (avi 102.7 MB)
Episode #18: Nectar of The Odds (air date: 2002-09-13)

Timmy needs to raise money for tickets to see Crash Nebula on Ice, so he starts a lemonade stand. But his lemondate tastes terrible! That's when Cosmo, stupidly, puts his sweaty socks into a glass. Believe it or not, it accually made the lemonate taste alot better! But the lemonate is granting everyone's wishes!

360p (avi 102.6 MB)
Episode #19: Hail to the Chief (air date: 2002-09-27)

When Timmy is tired of being bossed around by the class presidents (AKA - popular kids), he decides to run for class president. He ""competes the old fashioned way"", because wishing yourself to be elected as presiden is against ""Da Rules"". He competes in debates, and wins, by voting one vote for himself (everyone is sick from the horrible lunch served a day before). Everything is going good until Timmy realizes how BAD president can be. His body guards, A.J. and Chester, won't leave him alone, being president is becoming BORING, and his Fairly GodParents aren't helping. The only way out of it is to become impeached by doing something BAD. By pretending to enjoy English and Math, which are considered ""evil"" to the popular kids, Timmy tries to be impeached. Will Timmy end up to be impeached, or will he have to be president for the whole year.

360p (avi 102.5 MB)
Episode #20: Twistory (air date: 2002-09-27)

Timmy is in trouble, as he has one to complete a whole report on American History. So, he opens up a talk show in his treehouse, and by using the time scooter, he gets important American people to appear on the show, such as George Washington, to help Timmy get information for his report. But, when the time scooter runs out of time, Timmy finds himself back in time when the British ruled the American colonies. The only way out is to sign the Decloration of Independance in 1776. But, John Hancock is bitten by George Washington's wooden teeth, when they find out that George Washington was just Benidict Arnold. So, John Hancock can't sign, so Timmy signs for him! He is put on the $1 bill, also. He gets all the information he needs for his report. But can Timmy, A.J., and Chester get a passing grade on their report?

360p (avi 101.8 MB)
Episode #21: Fool's Day Out (air date: 2002-10-11)

Timmy is sick and tired of being pranked on every holiday, so he seeks revenge on April Fool's day. How? By bringing the April Fool down from Fairy World, that's how! But all of his jokes are mean, and they can't stop him!

360p (avi 103.6 MB)
Episode #22: Deju Vu (air date: 2002-10-11)

Timmy is always stressed out at the end of the day, with being beat up by Francis, failing grades, and Vicky! So he decides to have a reset watch so he can turn back time and redo things. But when Vicky gets hold of the watch, who only knows what will happen next!

360p (avi 105.1 MB)
Episode #23: Scary Godparents (air date: 2002-10-29)

Timmy wants to be a jack-obot from the crash nebula episode but the rich kids have the only four made so he goes out with a cheap costume and nobody gives him candy. and when he does get it he has to give it to Vicky. the rich kids have all the candy cause their costumes are real. So he wishes everything was ""real and scary"" but when Mark comes and the jackobots plan to destroy the world. He has to do SOMETHING.

360p (avi 100.3 MB)
Episode #24: Ruled Out (air date: 2002-11-08)

Ruled Out Timmy is tired of eating spinach and watching educational TV because his parents care about him so much, so he wishes for parents ""who couldn't care less."" It's fun at first, but things begin to get out of hand - especially when his godparents ""couldn't care less"" and stop granting wishes. Will Timmy be able to fix this mess without magic? That's Life Timmy's mother is desperately trying to win the annual Dimmesdale Veg-Out, but her garden looks more like a barren desert. To help his mom, Timmy wishes that her garden was ""full of life."" His wish brings all the produce to life, but it also brings his pet gerbil Eddy back from the dead (it was buried in the garden.) Eddy is furious and wants to seek his revenge on his killer. Can Timmy stop Eddy before he hurts anyone?

360p (avi 205.3 MB)
Episode #25: That's Life (air date: 2002-11-08)

Timmy's mother is desperately trying to win the annual Dimmesdale Veg-Out, but her garden looks more like a barren desert. To help his mom, Timmy wishes that her garden was ""full of life."" His wish brings all the produce to life, but it also brings his pet gerbil Eddy back from the dead (it was buried in the garden.) Eddy is furious and wants to seek his revenge on his killer. Can Timmy stop Eddy before he hurts anyone?

360p (avi 215.1 MB)
Episode #26: Shiny Teeth (air date: 2002-11-30)

Chip Skylark is making a new music video for ""My Shiny Teeth and Me,"" and everyone wants bright chompers so they can be in it, even Timmy. But, the evil dentist Doctor Bender, being obsessed with perfect teeth, steals Chip's! As if that isn't bad enough, Chip's rival - Skip Sparkypants - is going to star in the video! Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo go to the tooth fairy for help, and she gives Timmy her most powerful tooth - based weaponry to defeat Doctor Bender. Will it be enough for Timmy to recover Chip's teeth and save the video?

Episode #27: Odd Odd West (air date: 2002-11-30)

The Squirrely Scouts are going on a field trip with Timmy's dad to Dimmesdale flats, the birthplace of Dimmesdale. Timmy's dad is sure excited - it's his most cherished childhood memory. All the scouts are pretty bored, that is, until they find out the town is going to leveled and replaced with a mini-mall. Timmy stands up for his father, but they all end up in jail! So, Timmy goes back in time to find the deed to Dimmesdale Flats,

Episode #28: Cosmo Con (air date: 2003-01-10)

Cosmo is chosen to hold the notoriously short Fairy Convention. But things go haywire when he decides to hold it in Timmy's bathroom, especially while they're having Mr. Crocker over for dinner!

Episode #29: Wanda's Day Off (air date: 2003-01-10)

Wanda's been working so hard, the boys give her a day off. Cosmo promises not to grant any wishes, to keep chaos at a minimum. But when Timmy has trouble doing his animal report, Cosmo messes things up big time! Can the boys save themselves without Wanda's help?

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