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The Catch

The Catch poster
Air weekdate: Thursday
Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller
Channel: ABC
Status: Ended
7.9/10(416 votes)
Alimi Ballard Alimi Ballard as Reginald Lennox III
Elvy Yost Elvy Yost as Sophie Novak
Jacky Ido Jacky Ido as Jules Dao
Jay Hayden Jay Hayden as Danny Yoon
John Simm John Simm as Rhys
Mireille Enos Mireille Enos as Alice Vaughan
Mireille Enos Mireille Enos as Alice Martin
Peter Krause Peter Krause as Benjamin Jones
Philippa Coulthard Philippa Coulthard as Tessa Riley
Rose Rollins Rose Rollins as Valerie Anderson

Alice Vaughan is LA's top private investigator - and the one woman you don't want to mess with. But when her fiancé cons her out of millions and disappears, Alice goes on a private mission for payback. No matter where it leads or the secrets she must keep along the way, Alice will stop at nothing to catch her man.

The Catch season 1

The Catch season 1 poster

American producer T. Beers has created a magnificent documentary project called The Catch. In 2005, the airtime was first lit by the first series of description. Society loved the excellent acting team whose members were Jonathan and Andy Hillstrend, Josh and Phil Harris, Keith Colburn, Matt Bradley, Russell Newberry, Sig Hansen and the other actors which have played a great role n the atmosphere of the Bering Sea. If you want to know what exactly is accomplished in the northern part of the largest and the deepest ocean of the Earth, then see playback The Catch and become one of the many fans of this presentation. The plot of the series turned out the most extraordinary through the participation of the famous writer Mike Rowe, who helped in the filming operation. The events of the series take place on the Aleutian Island archipelago, located off the coast of Alaska. It is at this place, goes fishing competition the catch of crabs. Around Islands Unalaska and Amanak there are many royal organisms. Companies of naval ship s from the port of Dutch Harbor, fighting with each other, catch crabs staring into the eyes of great risk. Ice cold, the wind that penetrates to the bone, huge waves await those brave combatants. Watch the series to learn about the features of the Antarctic storm and danger for the participants of the battle.

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The Catch season 2

The Catch season 2 poster

We bring you the story about a young but very promising employee a private investigative department of a large company which protects the interests rights and property of successful international business executives. From the very beginning of work the main character Alice Vaughan focused on the work in the front line. She works together with a colleague named Valerie engaged in the work with documents. The organization is focused on catching cheaters and their exposure even before committing dark deeds. Now nobody will be surprised by the fact that a very successful company always has its enemies. Alice also has a personal foe who at the first opportunity arises on the path of justice trying to put an indestructible blow. Life of Alice seemingly well-developed. Ahead of planned marriage with her beloved man named Christopher. Alice did not even expect that her lover would be another speculator who grab her condition inherited overwork. What surprises await woman in the second season you will find out March 27, 2017.

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