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Supermansion season 1

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Supermansion season 1 poster
13 episodes (1942 views)

Air weekdate:Thursday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Animation, Comedy Channel:Sony Crackle Status:Continuing

9.5 (2 votes)

It would not have wanted to but the aging process yield not only ordinary people but also the superheroes. In the new animated series Supermansion the history of the team such brave defenders of goodness and justice. The main characters as middle-aged people which are constantly eager to deny this fact in order not to question the effectiveness of their own. But we know that is not always possible to demonstrate reserve of spiritual forces. However typical failures never stopped superheroes of the Freedom League. Acts for the benefit of mankind brought the members of the League of deserved respect. But as time goes on replacing the old superheroes came new idols a strong-willed, brave, courageous and better equipped technically. Now about the participants of the League virtually no mention. But this time superheroes do not intend to compromise so they set to work. Only often they amuse the audience a variety of opportunities occuring. Many who starts to think to dissolve the League since its effectiveness has lost its significance. It is evident that Rex Titanium is not considered with this opinion. Having gathered an emergency meeting he sets a goal to make a heroic act on a global scale. Team members make sense of what should make every effort and to regain their primacy not to be in the dustbin of history.

Supermansion season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Groaner's Wild (air date: 2015-10-08)

After damaging a national monument, the League of Freedom gets called before Congress and investigated by military accountant Sgt. Agony. Black Saturn embarks on a showdown with his nemesis, the Groaner. Robobot investigates his origins while the team struggles to solve its budget crisis.

360p (mp4 152.9 MB)
Episode #2: They Shoot Omega Pets, Don’t They? (air date: 2015-10-08)

When Titanium Rex’s old colleague Omega Ted is found dead, the League of Freedom must care for his orphaned Omega Pets. While Jewbot, Cooch, and Brad cope with pet ownership and a jealous Black Saturn, Rex and American Ranger investigate Ted’s mysterious death.

360p (mp4 145.4 MB)
Episode #3: Let’s Talk About Rex (air date: 2015-10-08)

After an embarrassing encounter with the interstellar super villain Blazar (Ron Perlman, Hellboy), Titanium Rex resolves to salvage his public image. Black Saturn launches an investigation to find out who has been eating his food while Brad tries to take advantage of Cooch being in heat.

360p (mp4 134.0 MB)
Episode #4: A Shop in The Dark (air date: 2015-10-15)

American Ranger’s former sidekick and current Secretary of Defense Kid Victory (Scott Thompson, Kids in the Hall) joins the League for dinner at the mansion. Rex tries to secure more funding while Ranger struggles with Kid Victory’s lifestyle and the rest of the League goes grocery shopping.

360p (avi 218.5 MB)
Episode #5: Puss In Books (air date: 2015-10-22)

When Sgt. Agony discovers that Cooch is illiterate, the League of Freedom bands together to help her study for her GED. American Ranger embarks on a road trip in search of the American dream and Jewbot yearns to be an inspirational influence.

360p (avi 216.4 MB)
Episode #6: Lex (air date: 2015-10-29)

Titanium Rex is stunned when Lex Lightning shows up on his doorstep claiming to be his illegitimate daughter. While Rex grapples with fatherhood the smitten American Ranger, Black Saturn, and Brad start a rock band to impress Lex.

360p (avi 206.3 MB)
Episode #7: A Midsummer Night's Ream (air date: 2015-11-05)

Black Saturn gets into the dating scene after a cat burglar breaks his heart and Rex, Ranger, and Brad try a sadistic new workout regimen with personal trainer Johnny Rabdo. Meanwhile Lex tries to get on Cooch’s good side as Jewbot struggles with gender identity.

360p (avi 213.9 MB)
Episode #8: Brad Medicine (air date: 2015-11-12)

Brad's past catches up with him while the League looks for any escape from Titanium Rex's game night. American Ranger discovers the joys of the Internet.

360p (avi 211.5 MB)
Episode #9: Unfortunate Son (air date: 2015-11-19)

When Black Saturn is cut off financially, he uses Lex in his bid to gain an allowance. Jewbot explores the life of a caregiver and Titanium Rex attempts to cancel his cable subscription. Guest starring Anton Yelchin (Star Trek).

360p (avi 207.3 MB)
Episode #10: Babes in the Wood (air date: 2015-11-26)

Rex and Ranger’s peaceful camping trip does not go as planned when the rest of the League tags along. Rex waits for the perfect time to talk to reveal a dark secret to Ranger while Saturn hides his relationship with Lex. Jewbot goes offline and Cooch learns that she does not do well in nature.

360p (avi 207.5 MB)
Episode #11: The Inconceivable Escape of Dr. Devizo (air date: 2015-12-03)

The League of Freedom prepares for the worst as the resourceful Dr. Devizo plans his escape from the mansion’s underground prison. Rex attempts to match wits with Devizo while Black Saturn goes undercover and American Ranger seeks retribution for Gloria’s betrayal.

360p (mp4 157.1 MB)
Episode #12: Lexanity (air date: 2015-12-10)

Billionaire defense contractor Ivan Whiff tries to lure Lex away from the League. Meanwhile, Jewbot administers routine physicals for the League, causing Ranger to disavow modern medicine and Brad to discover he may be allergic to Cooch.

360p (avi 193.8 MB)
Episode #13: Lex as a Weapon (air date: 2015-12-17)

In the Season 1 finale, Dr. Devizo orchestrates a jailbreak of the League's most dangerous villains.

360p (avi 221.7 MB)

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