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Strike Back

Strike Back poster
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, War
Channel: Cinemax
Status: Ended
8.6/10(2039 votes)
Alin Sumarwata Alin Sumarwata as Gracie Novin
Amanda Mealing Amanda Mealing as Col. Eleanor Grant
Andrew Lincoln Andrew Lincoln as Hugh Collinson
Colin Salmon Colin Salmon as James Middleton
Daniel MacPherson Daniel MacPherson as Sgt. Samuel Wyatt
Jodhi May Jodhi May as Layla Thompson
Lyne Renee Lyne Renee as Rebecca
Michelle Lukes Michelle Lukes as Sgt. Julia Richmond
Nina Sosanya Nina Sosanya as Col. Adeena Donovan
Phil Dunster Phil Dunster as LCpl. Will Jensen

Strike Back is a British/American action and military television series, based on a novel of the same name by novelist and former Special Air Service (SAS) soldier Chris Ryan. The series follows the actions of Section 20, a secretive branch of the British Defence Intelligence service (DI), who operate several high risk, priority missions throughout the globe.

Strike Back season 1

Strike Back season 1 poster

The events of the first season of Strike Back series develop in 2003 just before the introduction of troops in Iraq. John Porter is an experienced leader of such special-forces raids and was conferred an award on distinguished service. Now he is assigned to release one of the hostages who was abducted in Iraq by terrorists. According to intelligence data he is somewhere in the center of Bastra town. But eventually the whole operation results in a huge fiasco, since the hostage is transferred into another location and one of the soldiers of the special detachment dies. John decides to return back to the United States with his team and a load on his mind. After a while he is assigned another mission, where he has to recall the past and correct that fatal mistake. The meeting with Collinson will also take place here. This action-packed series is watched in one breath, where the protagonists are real invincible heroes, conquering their enemies in a stiff battle.

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Strike Back season 2

Strike Back season 2 poster

Pakistani terrorist, Latif, kidnaps John Porter. Section 20 head Colonel Eleanor Grant assigns Sgt Michael Stonebridge to find him. When Scott comes to London, he finds some tragic news. Scott and Stonebridge soon arrive in India, where terrorists demand a person named Mahmood from them. Who is it and what is his significance? What mystery does this name conceal? Then we’ll see Scott’s mistrust to Section 20, he believes that it is involved in plots with Latif and consequently in his discharge. So, Scott and Stonebridge intend to investigate the possible venal practices. Later altogether with Section 20 they base in Cape Town, South Africa to pursuit the former dangerous IRA terrorist Daniel Connelly, who has strong connections with Latif. How will his mission finish? Connelly and his gang rob an armored truck, and duplicate a Kenneth Bratton's hard drive, containing information on chemical weapons. Bratton asks Captain Kate Marshall for help in his family's protection. Don’t miss this season for more action-packed sequence!

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Strike Back season 3

Strike Back season 3 poster

Let’s see the continuation of the story about the work of British intelligence officials in the Middle East. The principal developments unfold around the sergeant Michael Stonebridge notwithstanding the fact that his wife became pregnant and he decided to retire from service in the end of previous season. Here the main protagonists appear in Nairobi, where British diplomat Patrick Burton, his attaché Rachel Dalton and their servant Kamali were kidnapped. Damian Scott departs for their rescue and finds out that Kamali bears relations with Gaddafi regime and intends to bargain for his freedom. In the meantime Michael Stonebridge gets accustomed of his new job – he trains the recruits from the section 20. In the course of field training exercise one of the recruits suffering from posttraumatic syndrome after Afghanistan attacks one of his colleagues and forces Stonebridge to kill him. Then Michael comes to know about Scott’s troubles and goes as recruit to help him. Strike Back season 3 includes 10 episodes. Keep track of the varieties of fortune of our main characters.

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Strike Back season 4

Strike Back season 4 poster

Season 4 begins with a disaster in the Bakka Valley during the section 20 operation while Stonebridge and Scott enjoy their well-earned vacation. Returned to work, they join hands with Kim Martinez to trace and take by force the murderer in Colombia. In order to catch escaped Kamali section 20 breaks into his safety deposit box in a Bogota bank. In Beirut Rachel Dalton hunts down those who betrayed her. Leatherby captivates Kamali's daughter Ester whom section 20 attempts to rescue. The runaway trick that Kamali and Dalton utilize has unexpected consequences. McKenna’s tracing leads Section 20 to Budapest. Richmond learns some intriguing information about Dalton’s private life. The IRA and Al-Zuhari join forces. Find out if Scott and Stonebridge keep their promise; if Kamali is alive or not; with whom Locke makes deal and many other things with the Strike Back season 4.

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Strike Back season 5

Strike Back season 5 poster

Chloe Foster, English ambassador’s daughter, is in trouble, and Section 20 starts for Bangkok to save her. The group finds the location of her presence, but still it is very challenging to find and rescue Chloe. Her hijacker appears to be an emigrant hitman, Ray McQueen. The protagonists manage to bug him in his preferred nightclub. The kidnapper soon understands that he is being tracked and finds miscellaneous ways to fling off the pursuers. And the kicker is that he wants Chloe to smuggle explosives to the Embassy during his negotiations with the North Korean representatives. Will Scott and Stonebridge have enough time to find McQueen and fulfill their mission on demilitarizing the bomb and rescuing the ambassador’s daughter? There will be also some stunning facts about Li. Then we’ll see the base Section 20 being attacked by the Yakuza, who strongly and recklessly believe that their chief is murdered by this team. Finn and Scott escape them in jungle. Keep abreast with the developments of the thrilling fifth season of the Strike Back series.

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Strike Back season 6

Strike Back season 6 poster

Strike Back season 6 is a continuation of the popular tv series from the channels Sky 1 and Cinemax, telling about the employees of British intelligence.As in the previous 5 seasons, there are 10 episodes in 6th season. Section 20 is recovering after severe tests in the season 6 to finish the case and strike back to the enemy. New season – new team – new mission. The brave team will once again have a long journey to the countries of the Middle East, where they will open the world terrorist conspiracy and discover a terrible danger for the whole modern civilization… in the new episodes of season 6 Strike Back.

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Strike Back season 7

Strike Back season 7 poster

Strike Back season 7 got a subtitle Revolution. The audience is waiting for a new meeting with Section 20, which will certainly be slightly updated. We will get acquainted with the new commander Colonel Alexander Coltrane (Jamie Bamber). In addition, the brave Russian agent Katrina Zarkova (Yasemin Kay Allen) will join the squad. Our team will go to Southeast Asia this time to resolve the looming conflict between Russia and China. Special squad will investigate the fall of the Russian bomber in the South China Sea. The matter is complicated by the fact that the nuclear warhead disappeared from the scene of the accident.

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Strike Back season 8

Strike Back season 8 poster

In the eighth season of the action-packed series, a team consisting of brave British intelligence special forces will go to one eastern country to track down and neutralize a dangerous terrorist there ...

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