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Star Trek: Voyager season 7

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Star Trek: Voyager season 7 poster
26 episodes (2964 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Kate Mulgrew, Robert Picardo, Robert Beltran, Ethan Phillips, Roxann Dawson, Jennifer Lien, Tim Russ, Robert Duncan McNeill, Garrett Wang, Jeri Ryan Genre:Action, Adventure, Drama, Science-Fiction Channel:UPN Status:Ended

8.8 (239 votes)

Star Trek: Voyager season 7 episodes list:

Episode #1: Unimatrix Zero (2) (air date: 2000-10-04)

Stardate: 54014.4 - The away team must infiltrate the Borg Collective and execute their plan to undermine them, even though it may destroy Unimatirix Zero forever.

360p (mkv 235.5 MB)
Episode #2: Imperfection (air date: 2000-10-11)

Stardate: 54129.4 - Rebi and Azan are reunited with their home worlds, and leave the crew of Voyager. Mezoti is offered the chance to stay with Rebi and Azan, and accepts their invitations to live with them. Seven of Nine is placed in a life-threatening situation when her Borg implants begin to malfunction. The only way she can survive is if they can find replacement parts from a living drone. With Icheb now the last of the remaining Borg children on the ship, he volunteers to offer his implants through a risky procedure that may cost both of their lives.

360p (mkv 236.6 MB)
Episode #3: Drive (air date: 2000-10-18)

Stardate: 54058.6 - Paris and Kim volunteer to enter a race that symbolises a peace treaty between four warring races. However, the race's peaceful intentions are undermined with plans of sabotage and murder. Torres feels she is nearing the end of her relationship with Paris. However, they work things out with surprising results.

360p (mkv 238.3 MB)
Episode #4: Repression (air date: 2000-10-25)

Stardate: 54090.4 - Former members of the Maquis fall victim to a spate of mysterious attacks on board Voyager. Tuvok is placed in charge of the investigations, and soon makes some remarkable discoveries.

360p (mkv 236.8 MB)
Episode #5: Critical Care (air date: 2000-11-01)

The Doctor is abducted from Voyager and forced to work in a hospital where patients are treated based on their social status.

360p (mkv 238.4 MB)
Episode #6: Inside Man (air date: 2000-11-08)

Stardate: 54208.3 - A hologram of Reginald Barclay is sent to Voyager bringing news that the ship can be returned home in a matter of hours through a 'geodesic fold.' However, the crew becomes suspicious of the holographic Barclay's intentions after seeing him exhibit strange behaviour.

360p (mkv 239.2 MB)
Episode #7: Body and Soul (air date: 2000-11-15)

Stardate: 54283.3 - While in the Delta Flyer, the Doctor, Harry Kim and Seven of Nine come under attack for transporting a hologram through Lokirrim space - an act which is strictly forbidden. To hide the doctor, Seven of Nine downloads him into her cybernetic implants shortly before they are taken to a Lokirrim holding cell. On board Voyager, Tuvok enters Pon Farr.

360p (mkv 238.1 MB)
Episode #8: Nightingale (air date: 2000-11-22)

Stardate: 54274.7 - While Voyager stops for maintenance, Harry Kim, Seven and Neelix use the Delta Flyer to search for dilithium, when they come across a war between two alien races. After receiving a distress call from a damaged ship claiming to be on a humanitarian mission, Harry is offered his first chance at commanding a vessel of his own.

360p (mkv 238.4 MB)
Episode #9:
Episode #10: Flesh and Blood (2) (air date: 2000-11-29)

Stardate: 54337.5 - Voyager secretly trails two Hirogen ships in pursuit of the renegade hologram ship. Iden, the band's self-appointed leader, begins showing signs of delusional behaviour when he considers himself as the 'saviour of his people', and believes that his people will worship him as a God in their new settlement. With Voyager and the Hirogen ships trailing close behind, the Doctor and Torres must find a way to disable the ships and the holograms before they come under attack from the Hirogen, and before Iden can execute his plan.

Episode #11: Shattered (air date: 2001-01-17)

After Voyager passes near a spatial rift, Chakotay is injured in Engineering, leaving his body in a state of temporal flux. After receiving treatment in sickbay, he inadvertently gains the ability to pass through rifts in time that are scattered throughout the ship, enabling him to walk into different stages of Voyager's history over the past seven years.

360p (mkv 238.1 MB)
Episode #12: Lineage (air date: 2001-01-24)

Stardate: 54452.6 - After receiving the news that she is pregnant with Tom Paris' child, and after learning that the child will have dominant Klingon features, B'Elanna has flashbacks to when she was a child, remembering how difficult her life was because of her Klingon heritage.

360p (mkv 237.9 MB)
Episode #13: Repentance (air date: 2001-01-31)

Voyager is placed in an ethical dilemma when they encounter a damaged transport ship carrying prisoners. It is revealed that some of the prisoners are being jailed because of their species, and the social misconceptions surrounding them.

360p (mkv 236.8 MB)
Episode #14: Prophecy (air date: 2001-02-07)

Stardate: 54518.2 - Voyager encounters a generational Klingon ship. When the crew of the ship beam over to Voyager after a warp core explosion, they believe that either B'Elanna, or her child is their saviour, as foreseen by their religious scrolls and prophecies.

360p (mkv 237.2 MB)
Episode #15: The Void (air date: 2001-02-14)

Stardate: 54553.4 - Voyager is pulled into an empty layer of subspace where ships are forced to attack each other and steal supplies for survival. Voyager's only hope for survival lies in forming alliances with other ships who wish to escape 'the Void'.

360p (mkv 237.7 MB)
Episode #16: Workforce (1) (air date: 2001-02-21)

Stardate: 54584.3 - The crew of Voyager carry out their normal lives as workers on an industrial planet called Quarra, totally unaware of their time on Voyager or their situation in the Delta Quadrant. Chakotay, Kim and Neelix, return from their trading mission on the Delta Flyer to find the ship abandoned and adrift in a nebula, with only the Doctor on board. The Doctor informs them that the ship fell into a trap which forced them to abandon ship in the escape pods, allowing them to be captured. The Doctor has heard nothing from them since. After going undercover on the planet, Chakotay, Kim, Neelix and the Doctor must now find a way to return the crew and restore their memories, while evading local authorities who have uncovered their plan.

360p (mkv 237.2 MB)
Episode #17: Workforce (2) (air date: 2001-02-28)

Stardate: 54622.4 - Chakotay must convince Janeway and the other crew members of their past lives on Voyager. Matters are complicated when Chakotay is exposed and taken for interrogation.

360p (mkv 236.8 MB)
Episode #18: Human Error (air date: 2001-03-07)

When Seven tries to perfect her social skills on the holodeck, her hobby quickly becomes an obsession, which leads her to neglect her duties, placing Voyager in great danger.

360p (mkv 237.1 MB)
Episode #19: Q² (air date: 2001-04-11)

Stardate: 54704.5 - Q places his son in the care of Captain Janeway for a week, hoping that she will be able to teach him a sense of discipline. However, his powers and his recklessness endanger the crew and test Janeway's patience.

360p (mkv 238.4 MB)
Episode #20: Author, Author (air date: 2001-04-18)

Stardate: 54732.3 - A means of direct communication is established with Voyager allowing each crew member to speak with family and friends. The Doctor sends a holo-novel for publication based on a lost starship with a doctor who is treated like a slave, which causes controversy among the members of the ship.

360p (mkv 239.6 MB)
Episode #21: Friendship One (air date: 2001-04-25)

Stardate: 54775.4 - With regular communications to the Alpha Quadrant established, Starfleet send a mission to Voyager: retrieve a 21st Century probe sent from Earth called 'Friendship One.' However, the probe has been modified by a Delta Quadrant species, and the changes may not have been for the better.

360p (mkv 237.0 MB)
Episode #22: Natural Law (air date: 2001-05-02)

Stardate: 54817.5 - Chakotay and Seven Of Nine are left stranded on an alien planet when they crash into a planet inhabited by primitive tribes. Voyager is prevented from finding them by a mysterious energy barrier surrounding them.

360p (mkv 235.2 MB)
Episode #23: Homestead (air date: 2001-05-09)

Stardate: 54868.6 - When Voyager discovers a settlement of Talaxians on an asteroid caught in an industrial conflict, the crew manage find a new home for the population. When an armed conflict between the mining operations and the re-settled Talaxians erupts, Neelix is offered a chance of a new life away from Voyager within the colony.

360p (mkv 236.7 MB)
Episode #24: Renaissance Man (air date: 2001-05-16)

The Doctor must impersonate various crew members when Captain Janeway is abducted and held hostage for Voyager's warp core.

360p (mkv 237.4 MB)
Episode #25:
Episode #26: Endgame (2) (air date: 2001-05-23)

After a decades-long journey to reach the Alpha Quadrant, Admiral Kathryn Janeway makes a bold decision to change the past in an attempt to undo the toll taken on the crew during their arduous journey home. This is the final episode of the series.

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