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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine poster
Air weekdate:
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Science-Fiction
Channel: Syndicated
Status: Ended
8.7/10(183 votes)
Avery Brooks Avery Brooks as Cmdr./Capt. Benjamin Sisko
Nana Visitor Nana Visitor as Maj./Col. Kira Nerys
Rene Auberjonois Rene Auberjonois as Odo
Alexander Siddig Alexander Siddig as Dr. Julian Bashir
Andrew Robinson Andrew Robinson as Garak
Armin Shimerman Armin Shimerman as Quark
Aron Eisenberg Aron Eisenberg as Nog
Casey Biggs Casey Biggs as Damar
Chase Masterson Chase Masterson as Leeta
Cirroc Lofton Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko

When the Cardassian occupation of Bajor ended in 2369, the mining space-station Terok Nor was left abandoned, its systems ripped out. By invitation of the provisional Bajoran government, Starfleet stepped in to oversee the rebuilding and day-to-day operations of the newly christened Deep Space Nine. DS9 soon became a center of travel and commerce thanks to a newly found stable wormhole leading to the largely unexplored Gamma Quadrant.

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