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Stan Lee's Lucky Man

Stan Lee's Lucky Man poster
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Fantasy
Channel: Sky 1
Status: Ended
7.6/10(520 votes)
Amara Karan Amara Karan as DS Suri Chohan
Arthur Lee Arthur Lee as Rui Hirota
Darren Boyd Darren Boyd as DI Steve Orwell
Dragos Bucur Dragos Bucur as Viktor Mirchev
Eve Best Eve Best as Anna Clayton
James Nesbitt James Nesbitt as DI Harry Clayton
James Nesbitt James Nesbitt as DI Harry Clayton
Jing Lusi Jing Lusi as Lily-Anne Lau
Jonathan Aris Jonathan Aris as Ralph
Leilah de Meza Leilah de Meza as Daisy Clayton

James Nesbitt stars as down on his luck cop DI Harry Clayton whose chance encounter with a mysterious woman and an ancient bracelet changes everything. Based on an original idea by Stan Lee.

The life of the hero Harry Caton of the series Stan Lee has certain similarities with the lives of other characters of the series. He is an employee of the police. For all the time he learned a good understanding in his deeds. However, the challenges with which he faces at home do not allow him to find the right solution, as a result even the most favorable cases investigated for a long time. It is difficult to say how long would it still continued, if the girl had not intervened in this story. It did not concern any love triangle, it was a gift which tremendously changed the life of the protagonist. The same bracelet that apparently did not represented anything special actually had the unreal force. The owner of such decoration could count on a specific outcome of any case, no matter what happens, the victory will always belong to the owner. Harry Clayton, the first time in his life understood the meaning of his own life and employment. He did not know who is the girl and where she went. In addition, he also had no idea about what lies ahead he will have to pay very heavy load. When it becomes clear then will be extremely difficult to give up from the former steps of the former desires. What do you think, Caton will be able to find the strength to offset the price which can deprive him of his life?

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Detective Inspector Harry Clayton returns in Stan Lee’s Lucky Man season 2. The world is full of bad people. DI Clayton continues to investigate the most mysterious murders with the help of his partner, Detective Sergeant Suri Chohan. In addition, he skillfully uses the ancient bracelet that gives him superpowers. However, a chance encounter with an enigmatic Isabella can change a lot in his life. Insidious temptress has own ancient bracelet. Woman tells Harry about the bracelet and then everything turned upside down …

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Stan Lee’s Lucky Man season 3 continues to focus on Harry Clayton, who works as a detective in the London slaughter department. He becomes the luckiest man in the world after a strange acquaintance with the bearer of luck. However, it soon turns out that luck has the opposite side… Harry is defeated and depressed at the beginning of season 3, because he lost his lucky talisman in the finale of the previous season and now he does not know what to do next. But the appearance of a new antagonist Samuel Blake (Rupert Penry-Jones) aggravates everything. This villain has the only mission of his existence. This is a hunt for lucky bracelets to use them for his atrocities. As a result, the former Lucky Man becomes the number one target for the new villain. Clayton is forced to go to Hong Kong to uncover the mystery of a strange relic and understand the nature of luck itself. Because now they will confront the forces of evil on their own, relying only on themselves and their luck, in the upcoming episodes of season 3 of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

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