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Sons of Liberty season 1

Sons of Liberty season 1 poster
3 episodes (1876 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Michael Raymond-James, Ben Barnes, Dean Norris, Jason O'Mara, Ryan Eggold, Rafe Spall, Kevin Ryan, Emily Berrington, Henry Thomas, Marton Csokas Genre:Drama, Mini-Series Channel:History Status:Ended

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The second half of the XVIII century is characterized by significant changes in relation to the historical development of North America. At that time, the United States has not yet constituted a separate state. The Indians in spite of all the difficulties of this period continue to own a part of their native land while the colonialists could not come to a consensus on the issue of the division of America. Army France and Britain do not give each other rest. During regular attacks Britain was able to win the important battles that brought to France a significant loss of territories. We can not say that the life of the winner of the country has improved. The British saw the inevitability of a financial and food crisis and want to stay afloat at the expense of Collons including America. Local residents just like the Indians acutely aware of all the burden inflicted by the authorities overseas government. The need to take decisive action for the entire multi-ethnic population comes to the fore. It is time for decisions has come. In Boston a group of progressive-minded patriots was created radical organization later dubbed "Sons of Liberty". Preparation for the mass uprising that would change the course of history conducted in secrecy. Determined people from different walks of life ranging from youth and ending inteligentsiey continue to join this group. Active preparation for the struggle for independence began.

Sons of Liberty season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: A Dangerous Game (air date: 2015-01-25)

In Boston, Sam Adams--brilliant but deeply in debt--incites the anger of the British crown after accidentally provoking the destruction of the royal governor's mansion. With the British authorities on his tail, Sam is forced to turn to a wealthy socialite--John Hancock--for help. But when their association ruins Hancock's British business connections, together, Sam and Hancock establish an ingenious black market smuggling operation only to have it swiftly shut down by the royal governor. Once again, riots consume the streets of Boston. Sam engineers a protest of loyalist businesses, but when a young boy is murdered by a British supporter, the conflict with the British goes from a dispute about money and taxation to a fight for freedom.

360p (mp4 510.3 MB)
Episode #2: The Uprising (air date: 2015-01-26)

The British Crown responds to the colonists' destruction of 600,000 pounds of tea by sending the ruthless General Thomas Gage to Boston to snuff out the rebellion. The general's tumultuous relationship with his wife, Margaret, leaves her vulnerable and soon, she engages in an affair with Sam Adams's close friend, Dr. Joseph Warren. To combat the growing British threat, Sam, John Hancock and John Adams meet with the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia. But when the other colonists refuse to aid Boston, Sam and Hancock take George Washington's advice and begin training their own army. When Margaret divulges Gage's plan to capture Sam and Hancock, Paul Revere sets off on his legendary ride to warn the colonists. Revere arrives in the nick of time, but while Sam and Hancock flee from their safe house, they hear "The Shot Heard Round The World" as the British face off with the colonial militia.

360p (mp4 653.2 MB)
Episode #3: Independence (air date: 2015-01-27)

As Sam Adams and John Hancock barely manage to escape, the superior British Royal Army massacres the rest of colonial militia at the famed Battle of Lexington. The two forces clash again at Concord, forcing the British to retreat back to Boston. While both sides prepare for an inevitable war, Sam and Hancock work with Ben Franklin to desperately convince the rest of the colonial representatives in Congress to support their cause--independence. When General Thomas Gage learns of his wife Margaret's affair with Sam's friend, Dr. Joseph Warren, Gage launches a full-out assault on the colonists at Bunker Hill. Sam uses the news of the battle to persuade the rest of the colonies to vote for independence. As British warships fire on Manhattan, The Revolutionary War begins, but the rebels will now face their enemy not as individual colonies, but as a single, united country.

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