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Save Me (2018)

Save Me (2018) poster
Air weekdate: Wednesday
Genre: Drama
Status: Continuing
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Suranne Jones Suranne Jones as Claire
Lennie James Lennie James as Nelson “Nelly” Rowe

Save Me is the story of a most unlikely hero, Nelson Nelly Rowe, and his search for Jody, his missing daughter. A daughter he hasn't seen for thirteen years - more than half her life. Nelly's a charmer, a chancer, a lover, a fighter, a liar. And now an estranged father accused of kidnapping the daughter he's barely ever seen. On his way to finding Jody, Nelly will save lives, find others who have been lost, reunite loved ones, make enemies from friends, risk his life and the lives of others close to him and continually end up back on his feet after finding himself flat on his face. He's a man that faces a stark reality, as hard as it may be to admit, that in losing his daughter he finds himself.

The plot of the drama “Save Me” season 1 focuses on the playboy Nelly (Lennie James). This charming liar is fond of brawl, pubs and lives in the eternal pursuit of a lucky chance. One day, this man still has to “grow up”. The main character is accused of a terrible crime. As a result, he runs away and goes in search of a real criminal. This trip will not only push our playboy face to face with the mistakes of his careless past, but will also give a chance to correct these mistakes. Moreover, Nelly will have the opportunity in the new episodes to make amends for Claire (Suranne Jones), a woman with whom he spent a happy “summer of love” thirteen years ago. Now our irresponsible hero is forced to save not only his life, but also the life of a little girl – daughter in the season 1 Save Me.

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