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Salvation poster
Air weekdate: Monday
Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction, Thriller
Channel: CBS
Status: Ended
8.3/10(372 votes)
Charlie Rowe Charlie Rowe as Liam Cole
Charlie Rowe Charlie Rowe as Liam Cole
Ian Anthony Dale Ian Anthony Dale as Harris Edwards
Jacqueline Byers Jacqueline Byers as Jillian
Jennifer Finnigan Jennifer Finnigan as Grace
Santiago Cabrera Santiago Cabrera as Darius Tanz
Aaron Poole Aaron Poole as Lazlo
Autumn Reeser Autumn Reeser as Tess
Charlie Rowe Charlie Rowe as Liam
Dennis Boutsikaris Dennis Boutsikaris as Dr. Malcom Croft

Salvation centers on an MIT grad student and a tech superstar who bring a low-level Pentagon official a staggering discovery--that an asteroid is just six months away from colliding with Earth.

Salvation season 1

Salvation season 1 poster

TV series Salvation is a thriller from CBS about approaching the Apocalypse. The protagonist of the TV show is a brilliant graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology named Liam, who learns about the imminent collision of an asteroid with the Earth. Liam reports about an impending catastrophe to a Pentagon’s low-level employee named Grace Darrow. Now the press secretary and the single mother has to figure out how to stop this misfortune. Deputy Minister of Defense Harris Edwards will not remain aloof too. He will help to develop a top-secret plan for salvation of the Earth. In addition, of course, we can not do without a pretty young girl. The novice sci-fi writer Jillian will be recruited to work in the analytical center of the secret team trying to prevent this catastrophe. Here such a team will fight for the salvation of the Earth for 13 episodes.

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Salvation season 2

Salvation season 2 poster

Salvation season 2 will give us a new meeting with Pentagon press secretary Grace Barrows, a graduate student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Liam and the technical genius Darius. However, if the mission of Earth salvation was in total secrecy in season 1, then everything changes drastically in season 2. Information about the oncoming asteroid and the imminent apocalypse becomes known to the whole world. There is chaos and panic. And now our main characters should not only save the planet, but also adapt to the new extreme conditions in the upcoming episodes of Salvation TV series.

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