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Royal Pains

Royal Pains poster
Air weekdate: Wednesday
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Family
Channel: USA Network
Status: Ended
8.4/10(73 votes)
Mark Feuerstein Mark Feuerstein as Hank Lawson
Paulo Costanzo Paulo Costanzo as Evan Lawson
Brooke D'Orsay Brooke D'Orsay as Paige Collins
Campbell Scott Campbell Scott as Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz
Reshma Shetty Reshma Shetty as Divya
Ben Shenkman Ben Shenkman as Jeremiah Sacani
Henry Winkler Henry Winkler as Eddie R. Lawson
Jill Flint Jill Flint as Jill Casey
Kyle Howard Kyle Howard as Paul Van Dyke
Mark Ivanir Mark Ivanir as Dmitry Vasilyev

Royal Pains centers on young doctor Hank Lawson who seems to have it all... thriving career, beautiful girlfriend, and swank NYC apartment. With one fateful and principled decision in the ER, Hank loses it all. Months later, single and blackballed from the medical community, Hank goes for a weekend in the Hamptons with his best friend. Crashing a party at a mega-mansion on the beach, Hank jumps into action when a guest requires medical attention that only he is able to diagnose. The next morning, Hank is summoned to another mansion. And then another. Hank's career is revived, but in a way he's not exactly happy about, as he becomes the on-call doctor for the rich, famous and infamous. Anyone who's anyone in the Hamptons has a lawyer on retainer. Now meet the newest accessory - the concierge doctor.

Royal Pains season 1

Royal Pains season 1 poster

Talented Dr. Hank Lawson once made ​​a medical error and was severely punished for it: he lost a brilliant career, and the bride ran away, leaving a bunch of debt for frustrated wedding. Together with his brother Evan, Hank is sent to distract the resort where serendipitously saves model’s life. Since then, he has become well received in circle of rich and famous people. The motto of the “doctor on call” – “The patient is always right”. But Lawson don’t like this slogan...

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Royal Pains season 2

Royal Pains season 2 poster

The second season continues the story of the young doctor who, after being wrongly blamed for an important patient’s death, moves to The Hamptons and becomes a reluctant concierge doctor to the rich and famous. In this season Hank and Evan come face-to-face with their father for the first time in years...

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Royal Pains season 3

Royal Pains season 3 poster

This is a continuation of the adventures of Evan R. Lawson – a talented doctor who is in the right place at the right time and saves the life of Model at the private party. From now Dr. Hank has no end of rich and famous people who asked to help solve their problems. A new stage begins in Lawson’s life. But if he wants to be a “doctor on call”? Can he find himself in the world of money and power?

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Royal Pains season 4

Royal Pains season 4 poster

Dr. Hank Lawson comes back and ready to treat people Hamptons again. What challenges will face Hank this time? The answer to this and other questions we receive in the new season Royal Pains...

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Royal Pains season 5

Royal Pains season 5 poster

Dr. Hank Lawson and his younger brother Evan are back … The sun is out, the fun is on, and the doctor is in. Deep. Summer’s coming and we’re headed back to the Hamptons. Has Hank finally met a patient he can’t save?

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Royal Pains season 6

Royal Pains season 6 poster

Season six promises to bring more fun and sun and a host of celebrity guest stars to the Hamptons. This season, Hank, will return from his world travels with Boris to find that his HankMed family has moved on without him during his 9-month absence. No longer in the comfortable dynamics he left behind, Hank forges ahead to figure out how he fits into this new normal.

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Royal Pains season 7

Royal Pains season 7 poster

Hank is a professional doctor. He has everything that one can dream of: the beautiful bride, successful career. But one day he is expelled from work due to medical error assumptions. When he starts to interview with other hospitals of New York, he understands that he can not find a job, because falls into the “black list”. Bride leave him afraid of such a life. It remains only a pile of unpaid bills for the upcoming wedding. The brother of Hank tries his best to back Hank for life again and suggest to go to Hampton (elite area) for the season of parties. He goes there and accidentally save a young girl from the death. It serves as an impetus to his new and carefree life. Millionaire Boris takes him under the wing. Wealthy patients willing to pay any money for what is happening to remain strictly confidential.

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